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  • Automatic 2 Suction Modes Vacuum Penis Pump LCD
  • Automatic 2 Suction Modes Vacuum Penis Pump LCD
  • Automatic 2 Suction Modes Vacuum Penis Pump LCD
  • Automatic 2 Suction Modes Vacuum Penis Pump LCD
  • Automatic 2 Suction Modes Vacuum Penis Pump LCD
  • Automatic 2 Suction Modes Vacuum Penis Pump LCD
  • Automatic 2 Suction Modes Vacuum Penis Pump LCD

Automatic 2 Suction Modes Vacuum Penis Pump LCD

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  • Automatic penis pump with transparent cylinder and LCD display to track your progress
  • Electric motor for super suction power to improve your erections and boost your sexual stamina while maximizing your pleasure
  • 2 control modes and 4 pressure levels for a choice of sensations
  • USB rechargeable for use anywhere
  • Easy to clean and detachable




Looking for a workout that could give you impressive results almost instantly? The electric penis pump with high-quality electric motor has a greatly increased suction power. The electric motor supports the vacuum pumping, with the help of the safety valve the quick release valve releases the vacuum at any time and the precise manometer regulates the vacuum suction. One-button automatic suction, easy to use and more convenient than manual. 2 control modes of this penis pump for you to choose: intelligent constant pressure mode and manual pressure mode. You can choose mode 1 to keep a constant pressure value or mode 2 to experience an intelligent cycle of 4 different pressures. Unlike other electric penis, the automatic suction electric pump is super quiet and offers you intense pleasure. The Penis pump is equipped with an LCD display that shows the corresponding air pressure. This makes it easy to use and helps you to understand each other even better!

Please note:  Using the lube for the best experience.



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    Product Name:

    Automatic 2 Suction Modes Vacuum Penis Pump LCD

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  • Features: 

    Super Sution, 2 control modes, 4 pressure levels, LCD, Super Quiet

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  • Function: 

    Super Sution, 2 control modes, 4 pressure levels, LCD

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  • Waterproof: 

    Life waterproof

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    Product x1; Cable x1; Instruction x1

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    Detachable For Cleaning

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Recent Reviews ( 16 )
ByDavid MyersFriday, 11 March 2022
I received this gift about 5 days ago and I wanted to wait and use it a few times to give a through review. In truth it really it amazing. I've tried a manual penis pump before that I feel wasn't horrible but wasn't exactly what I thought it would be, about 3.5 stars. This one however, took the cake from the beginning. When you use it for enlargement you have to treat it like a workout in order to get the most out of it, no pun intended. I wouldn't recommend doing it for that more than 20 minutes a few days out the week if that. The male masturbater/pussy pump part of it will blow you away. Again, no pun intended. You can use it with or without the vibrating egg, with or without the main engine, either way it will bring you satisfaction.
ByCharlotte RichardsonThursday, 10 March 2022
Nice suction!!!Really feels good especially after. Seems like a nice workout gets good circulation.It’s seems healthy but who knows? I am very critical about a lot of sex toys. This one I think is worth the money.
ByJay PurdyWednesday, 09 March 2022
All I can say is amazing. I was amazed at how well this product worked. It’s definitely becoming one of my favorites. The suction on this male masturbator was incredible and almost felt like the real thing. So many possibilities and options with the 2 control modes and 4 pressure levels. The orgasm button could be a little stronger but never the less still amazing. It is detachable, easy to clean. Easy to use and more convenient than manual.The Penis pump is equipped with an LCD display that shows the corresponding air pressure. Looking for a workout that could give you impressive results almost instantly? Buy it, believe.
Byanthony arellanTuesday, 08 March 2022
All I can say. Is wow. I never really understood the need or want for one of these, but after receiving this as a gift I figured. Why not give it a try? Fellas. Using the pump. Imagine a wine bottle. Yeah. A wine bottle. I suggest doubling up and using a cock ring with this device to really take advantage of the “GAINS”. But nonetheless. Expect to be impressed. Using the included “pocket friend”, I don’t think I could ever go back to Classic Coke. It’s Wild Cherry Pepsi for me from now on. Combining these is a recipe for… I’ll leave that one for you to discover. There’s a detachable vibrating piece, the little white egg inside the pump. I’m just gonna say this. Get yourself a pack of smokes, some Barry White, and nice bottle of Sherry. You’re welcome in advance.
BySpencer YasteMonday, 07 March 2022
The product came in a plain discreet box - so shipping is discreet. After you open the box as you can see in my photos. The instructions could be more detailed in the setup and functions of the pump itself but pretty easy to figure it out for yourself. I do recommend you use a small amount of lubricant while using the pump. I tried the first - it worked perfectly. It literally felt pretty damn good and I wasn’t expecting it to at all (never tried one of these either though). 100% worth the money for me.
ByDustin HolmesSunday, 06 March 2022
I have tried a few pumps and the truth is I loved it! The screen shows the pressure, time and force. 100% recommended product!
Byoleg lusherSaturday, 05 March 2022
This item was much more fun than I anticipated. The suction strength is able to be adjusted to be super strong or it can just go firm; the firm setting is fun to stroke with. I thought I was going to last longer but busted after 5 minutes of use, luckily it is easy to clean. You can use this as a pump or as a stroker and it is great at both.
ByJosh DeRosaSaturday, 05 March 2022
Great product, I had one before, not only it was way too short, after about six months, it couldn’t hold charges anymore; I had to trash it. I ordered this pump, this time, I made sure hand free means, not compromising length. I have been using this pump for almost a year, it’s still working as new. I am glad I picked it. I would definitely order this pump again. I like the fact you can set it up to different pressure points. Great pump!
ByDustin HolmesFriday, 04 March 2022
I honestly love this pump. I’ve never had a better pump and have used several. I already hit the top however I still will use till I can’t anymore. If you’re looking a really good pump this is the best one in my opinion. It does pulse pumping ensuring the penis is being pumped in a very safe manner. Everyday pumping is extremely good and healthy for your penis to perform at it best and will absolutely grow your penis in length but mostly girth if used consistently over time. There are no downsides to this pump except maybe the instructions could be a little more clear.
Byvincent FalconeFriday, 04 March 2022
What I like most about this pump is the high/low fluctuation. It's actually so considerate NOT to have the pressure constantly high, but allow it to gradually lower and re-peak. This is a great way to build your tolerance to the pump without risking over doing it for too long, because the pressure will always go down after the peak. Suction - I honestly felt Level 1 was a tad light, especially once at the lower end; it wasn't enough to keep it really fastened to the pubic area as the blood can already flow out. However, I recommend starting there first for sure to see if it suits you best. Level 2 suction was pretty much perfect for me as I'd already had experience pumping. I don't think many people would ever need to go beyond 2, its peak is very strong and will surprise you the first time. Don't go to Level 3 and up until you've toughened up your banana or you could risk blistering your delicate head piece and be out of commission for a couple weeks. You aren't just drawing up blood, but also affecting other fluids (lymph system), which CAN break through a weakened part of your dermis if you go too hard too fast. Ease of use - Pretty simple assembly and function. Taking it off is very easy even after a lengthy session. This may be more related to the suction too, but I wish I could control the speed of suction towards the peak. It happens in about 2-3 seconds, and there's a big difference between the low of Level 2 and its peak so again, it can be a bit much if you're not expecting it. Overall a great product so far for my use. I can go upwards of half an hour with no residual issues after, and I've already noticed my tool can hold more blood. Definitely a must try if you've done manual pumping and want an automated experience.
ByNorman NormanThursday, 03 March 2022
This product is fabulous. It does what they said. Very easy to use for your member. I would recon this product who wanna change BIG in their life. Keep it up the good work mates. Two thumbs up!!!
ByJoseph GuinotteThursday, 03 March 2022
this product is so good but it is a vacuum, so it will have strong suction, it’s hella easy to clean with soap Nd water, it does actually help to grow the penis about an inch.
By Lucas MinnemaWednesday, 02 March 2022
Wow wouldn’t expecting this Product to be as awesome as it is . First of all super discreet packaging, no one would know what’s inside. This is the best BJ toy I have ever seen.No need to push, just put your head in front of the hole and you will be sucked in. It is not difficult to fix it in place; it does all the work for you. The toy is well-made, sturdy in structure, and high-quality control buttons. I hope it can withstand multiple uses. The battery is large enough that the toy has never run out of power before me. It has 2 control modes and 4 pressure levels not that you can tell by looking at it but the was a good surprise!The suction is amazing and the vibration just shoots you over the edge. Fun to use on my own or with a few of my closest friends!!!! Definitely a must have. . If you hesitate to pay $80 for a single sex toy, then you should continue to buy it. This toy is much better than the cheaper one, you should save money to buy this. Do buy, do enjoy and over all have a relaxing time all by yourself!!!!
ByMeghan DunbarTuesday, 01 March 2022
So, I was always curious about getting one of these and never knew the benefits of one until I did some research. I found some good articles on pumps and how they can help intensify things in the bedroom let alone add a little size. This works amazing. It takes some getting use to for sure and definitely use lube around the rubber sleeve. Be sure to use the proper sleeve, or your testicles may end up in the tube. Do some research on pumps and how to use them before buying and follow instructions and precautions. This product has great suction and I recommend starting low and working your way up. Doing "workouts" like some articles say. If I have one issue, it's the lack of information Bestvibe offers in regards to the pump itself. They give basic instructions but know precautions or recommend length of use or really any detailed info on proper use. Read some articles on pumps and don't be shy to buying one. My fiancee was actually intrigued about it and likes the little but of extra size. More girth than anything. All on all, good product.
ByLonny MettyMonday, 28 February 2022
It's a lot of fun, better than I expected. Very easy to use and the quality is really good in relation with the price. Would totally recommend.
ByJared OConnorSunday, 27 February 2022
Wow! This pump is great! Very powerful pump. The realistic insert is fun for sure. The controls are easy to use. You can dial in the exact suction you want with the buttons and lcd screen. I would say this is the best pump I've used. The price is also great! You can pump and have a little fun at same time!