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  • Hand-Free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup
  • Hand-Free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup
  • Hand-Free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup
  • Hand-Free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup
  • Hand-Free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup
  • Hand-Free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup

Hand-Free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup

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Thrusting & Rotating with 10 modes gives you a series of progressive stimuli

Adjust the angle of the suction cup from 0-145° to help you find the best sex position

Detachable sleeve, easy to clean

Body-safe & skin-friendly TPE and ABS to use without any worries

USB rechargeable & IPX4 waterproof


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  • Product Name: 

    Hand-Free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup

  • Material: 

    ABS, TPE

  • Color: 


  • Waterproof: 


  • Features: 

    Thrusting Distance25mm

  • Type: 


  • Function: 


  • Frequency: 


  • Charging Time: 


  • Run Time: 


  • Power Type: 

    USB Rechargeable

  • Size: 


  • Insertable Length: 


  • Weight: 


  • Packing List: 

    Product x1; USB Cable x1, Suction Cup x1; Instruction x1

  • Notice: 

    The main engine isn't waterproof.

  • Mute: 




Hand-Free Male Masturbation Cup Automatic Rotate


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Hand-Free Male Masturbation Cup Automatic Rotate

Thrusting & Rotating With 10 Modes :

ALLOVERS masturbator do all the work! It features 10 speeds of swirling rotating sensations, with an up and down stroking action, all in one! 10 modes provide, change the thrusting speed and direction of rotation with one button, enjoy with 10 frequencies, and get rid of the boring single mode.

Wonderful Crystal Clear Vaginal

The inner sleeve spins dozens of soft protrusions around your penis while stroking you up and down. Densely packed protrusions brush along as they entangle you.

A stream of smoothly formed ribs gently tickles your tip.

Ribs aligned in a circle shape amplify the stimulation.

Strong Adjustable Suction Cup :

A suction cup attaches your masturbator to a smooth surface. Angle adjusts to simulate multiple sex positions from 0-145°. This convenient mount screws onto the bottom of your masturbator. The other side’s super-strong suction cup attaches to any smooth surface or shower wall. The best part? You can adjust the angle to simulate multiple positions for hands-free fun.

Recent Reviews ( 31 )
By Abby HosierWednesday, 18 August 2021
This is an amazing machine it's made well cleans up fast and it made to give you quick mind blowing orgasms!!! ☆☆☆☆☆●○¡! It carries well in your bag so if your on a BUISNESS trip or vacation the vibration settings and circlor motion and up and down motion will blow you away with the Wright lube !!!!!!!!!!!+
By Benjamin LundgrenTuesday, 17 August 2021
This equipment is absolutely amazing! Felt better than a bj from nearly everyone I've ever gotten one from! I really like the 10 different settings, that it charges with a USB, and the whole soft feel of it. Also it pulls apart like a james bond flashlight thus making it super sanitizable so you can use it with multiple shooters (if you so desire).
By Michael SmithSaturday, 14 August 2021
This product rotates and thrusts very smoothly, I was not expecting there to be much movement from such a small motor but it really does put out! I did not find myself able to dig out the container to clean it (it looked screwed in) but a simple mens toy brush was an easy fix for that. This product also came with a; nice pair of head phones, generous amount of lube, suction cup, and charging cord which makes this a great value for the price.
ByWilliam BowenThursday, 12 August 2021
This is an awesome product. Easy to clean, and amazing
By Avraham WeitzTuesday, 10 August 2021
I love all the different patterns it moves at, it felt amazing.
By Jeremy Campbell 6Tuesday, 10 August 2021
The suction is great and helps those with ED to finally get the stimulation you need
ByHeather DeckerThursday, 05 August 2021
It has a variety of settings with a wide range of speed, stroke, clock and counter clockwise rotational variants.
ByReuben MayWednesday, 09 June 2021
The inside of the toy is quite ribbed and it provides plenty of stimulation.Excellent shape and excellent grip,so you can practice your stamina. Speaking of which, the entrance of the toy is so beautiful. It’s like a real pussy. So, for the orally shy guys out there, you can try practicing your tongue work on it . I’ve used the toy for a while now and it shows barely any wear. Cheaper, low-quality toys usually become disfigured after such a period. But this won't. It’s also easy to clean with warm water and soap
ByTripp DanielsWednesday, 09 June 2021
I was actually super surprised on how quiet this toy is for being a electronic one. I have a few that can wake up the whole house if your not careful, but this hardly makes a peep. Intructions were clear and easy to follow. It holds a decent charge too! My favorite aspect of this is that it fits in your hands nicely and it doesn't weigh that much. If you don't feel like holding it, just use the mount that's included. I know the rotating toys may seem a bit more intimidating compared to others, but I had a real easy time learning to use it. Definitely a different kind of sensation!
ByFinlay DayTuesday, 08 June 2021
I LOVE the spinning feature! This thing is intense. It is very powerful and has lots of settings which is awesome. The suction cup holds very strong to surfaces and doesn't move around once it's in place. Cleanup is super easy. The insert pops out so it can be cleaned under a faucet. I have no complaints except that I didn't get one sooner.
ByjoeTuesday, 08 June 2021
The battery life is pretty amazing and you have the option of several motions and listen to voice with the earbuds they provide! You do need lube for it otherwise it might be rough if you have sensitive skin, overall very happy.
ByTommyMonday, 07 June 2021
Could not wait to try this one out. It arrived fully charged and ready to go. Used plenty of lubes as directed and hit the power button and off it goes. Pure ecstasy. All the different modes makes it very enjoyable. I was worried I would be to big as I got the 4.3 model, I am 5.75 girth. But it worked just fine. It will bog down if you push to far in but you just adjust to that. Great product, very satisfied
ByAllenMonday, 07 June 2021
I recommend this toy!This is great it has 10 different functions.It has a soft jel like material which also makes it easy to clean.Get you one
ByJaydenSunday, 06 June 2021
My son was so excited to receive this for his birthday!! he said it was the best thing ever It was so realistic feeling And the extra 10 modesWhere a bonus. He did say he wished he could change the voice of the sex person to different sex people Voices highly recommend this one. Plenty of power and variations to make a guy happy.
ByGaigeFriday, 04 June 2021
Very easy to use and clean. Simple instructions to follow for initial setup. I have not used all 10 settings, I have found a couple that are really nice and haven't tried any others... The construction is well built too. I am very happy with the purchase overall.
ByKamdenFriday, 04 June 2021
This unit takes a bit of a different approach with its twisting motion plus an up and down motion so it kind of covers the bases. It's pretty intense to have so much going on but that's mostly good. It's almost too much when it comes time to cum. But pretty impressive. I had trouble with the first unit with the activation button and I tried to send along a video showing the problem but we couldn't figure it out via Amazon. Without much fuss, they sent a new unit out which is working fine -- very fine usually!
ByDevin OchoaFriday, 04 June 2021
Having ordered this product and upon receiving it. I immediately decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed, with a generous application of lube, I found the sensation of inserting a pleasurable one. Once on the toy it was amazing, the stop-start mode is wonderful. This is a cheap pleasurable toy that feels as close to oral as you can get for this price. I would recommend this toy to anyone who wants a change from the flesh light and being in the same price bracket it's a cheap addition to your solo play.
ByLeviFriday, 04 June 2021
The shipping was on time .And the product is fantastic.I asure you this thing works. Everything fits the way its supposed to, deffinitly getting my moneys worth!
ByCaleb BakerThursday, 03 June 2021
This was even more intense than I expected. It comes with several different suction, stroke, and rotation modes to toggle between and is a whole different experience than other toys. The quality of the plastic was very high and the motor even automatically stops if you go a bit too far in and bottom out which is great for safety. Cleaning is very easy since you can remove the main chamber and clean it out before clicking it back into place. It even comes with some pretty decent headphones to use with the voice-features, though personally I don't care much for the voices. My only real complaint is that the opening is a bit snug for those with above average girth, but its nothing a lot of lube cannot fix. Definitely recommended.
ByMichael HarrisonThursday, 03 June 2021
Before I begin, I should tell you that this is a top tier device. I would place it right above anything else in its price range. Even if you are just cross shopping and happened to come upon this toy; I implore you to stop and look no further. You have found the one you've been looking for. Okay, so this is a hands-free automatic masturbator cup. That means that you get a high tech device that moves and spins while powered on. This is a not a simple feature to add, but with this toy you know they got it right. It has several different modes to it that involve a combination of spinning and thrusting. The vibration is subtle and not overwhelming. The motion has somewhat of a grace to it. It's never too fast, and certainly not too slow. Everything moves at just the right speed you would want it to. There are a plethora of modes, so you can always change to the next one if you were so inclined. Some move up and down, while others twist in different directions. There's never a dull moment with this toy as the modes are mode so distinct from one another. This is easily one of the toy's strengths. The sleeve itself offers quite something different from the rest. Typically, cheaper devices will go for a silicon sleeve that is too short and not varied enough. These other toys really get away with cheaping out on mediocre sleeves, and that can ruin your experience in time. An average sleeve is fine, but there's no fun to it like there is with this toy. It gives you such a unique experience by opting for a two-piece vag/sleeve chamber. I've never seen a device with this design before, and it's amazing how much better this one is than the competition. Other toy manufactures often have to make a sacrifice between compatibility and quality when designing their sleeves. They can make a sleeve that works really well with powered motion, but they often are more rough and hard for durability. Other companies can opt for higher quality sleeves, but they don't work very well with motors or pistons, and they are more difficult to use and get boring fast. This toy has all the pros and none of the cons. You get a superior experience with only one compromise: the suction. The sleeve is just perfect for this kind of device. The length, the width, and the feel are all just right. The different modes feel so natural, and you can tell this is such a well designed product. This toy doesn't have a dedicated pump in it though, which honestly is just fine by me; the sleeve offers a little suction already. Because of this design choice, the device is dead simple to clean. The cleanup for this toy is terrific. So easy to do, and so little work required! This aspect is overlooked on other automatic devices, but not on this one. You can have it clean in under 5 minutes no problem! Other toys are going to need pieces removed and there are steps to go through to do that in proper order; some may have vibrating eggs connected to wires, or locks in place to prevent the sleeve from moving, and that can be a headache. Personal pleasure should be fun, right? Going through the whole rigmarole takes the excitement out of it and turns it into a chore. Thankfully, the good people at Allovers have solves this problem with an ingenious design that makes maintenance easy. These are the little details of product that people don't pay that much attention to, but when they do you know they did it right. The sleeve is clear and of much higher quality than competitors in this segment, as I have mentioned earlier. There are three levels to the sleeve, not including the opening. It has an area of small nubs sticking out, then there is the ribbed chamber, and after that there's the large protrusions at the bottom. They are distinct, but they feel good sequentially. The implementation of it is great. Variation like this is always a plus because nobody likes a boring sleeve. The motor is whisper quiet; not even a buzz, more like a smooth hum. It is strong, so I would use a lot of lube (which comes provided). There is a suction stand to screw onto if you want to just set it and forget it. The battery life is good lasting over an hour and a half. The device also plays moaning sounds if you plug into the headphone jack. This toy does what other can't all while looking great and doing it 10x better. Don't spend more than you have to and pick up this excellent device immediately. If you're in the market for a top-tier cup, then you've just found it. It's the best, so give it a try. You'll love it!