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  • Hand-Free Male Masturbation Cup Automatic Flexible
  • Hand-Free Male Masturbation Cup Automatic Flexible
  • Hand-Free Male Masturbation Cup Automatic Flexible
  • Hand-Free Male Masturbation Cup Automatic Flexible
  • Hand-Free Male Masturbation Cup Automatic Flexible
  • Hand-Free Male Masturbation Cup Automatic Flexible
  • Hand-Free Male Masturbation Cup Automatic Flexible

Hand-Free Male Masturbation Cup Automatic Flexible

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It is a male automatic hand-free masturbator cup, electric penis pump vibrator, pocket pussy which support usb charging. It can be adjustable, takes you to experience variety sex positions, release your hands, to fulfill your deepest sexual fantasies. The suction cup sticks very good where you need and stays for the ride. Use lube and relax without having to do all the work.


1.Hands-free-strong adjustable suction cup,more sex positions,more places.

2.Professional medical silicone and ABS material-safe,non-toxic,odourless and skin-friendly.

3.Super strong vibration, 10 speeds-spinning+thrusting, enjoy sex pleasure.

4.Advanced fabrication technique-380 times per minute,bring high-speed thrust.


Net weight: 600G

Dimension: 84*268mm

Charging time: 2.5h

Using time: 2h

Material:  Medical silicone+non-toxic ABS

Charging way: USB

Noise: 35db

Vibration mode: 10 speeds, adjustable

Package including

1*automatic masturbator cup

1*usb charging cable

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1. Quality ---- Strict quality control process for each of our products is a prerequisite for the health and comfort feeling.

2. Package ---- Everything is shipped in neutral secret packaging to protect privacy.

automatic thrusting



how to use


1. Use suitable water-based lubricant to the Masturbator Cup and your peniss.

2. Insert your cock in the automatic masturbation cup.

3. Turn on the vibrate button,the Electric Masturbation Cup will give you a refreshing thrust.

4. Take a shower for her after happy. Prepare for the next use.

how clean


1. Easily remove the liner from the Masturbator body

2. Rinse Inner liner with clean water

3. Dry the water with a clean towel

4. Put the liner back into the fuselage against the grooves on both sides



1. Screw the screw into the bottom of the masturbator cup.

2. Place the suction cup on any smooth surface and press the valve down.

3. The masturbator cup can be used within 145 ° by adjusting the wrench. After use, tear off the suction cup by hand.



We will have a dedicated sealed bag, unmarked packaging, confidential delivery, express orders without leaving any sensitive words.


Note:Masturbator Body with motor can't be wet.

Recent Reviews ( 19 )
ByJohn CoffeySaturday, 17 July 2021
Item works as described and then some. Comes with everything you need to get started.
ByJohnny BealFriday, 16 July 2021
Great product for the money, good value. Stronger than I thought it would be! A little tight if you happen to be well endowed, so use lots of water based lube for best results.
By RockyFriday, 16 July 2021
Such a sleek design. The packaging was beautiful and the glossy look of the product with elegant light . I cannot say enough great things about this product. Really feels like I should have paid alot more than I did for this product. The soft insert feels great and is easily turned inside out for cleaning. Definitely a product you need for your collection.
ByJames BuscainoWednesday, 14 July 2021
This product came on time and after charging, I put it to the test. It was amazing experience. Felt real and got me where I needed to be. A little noisy, but that is to be expected. I would recommend this product.
ByJay AugstMonday, 12 July 2021
Wow! The motor reaction during climax is amazing! I like the closed sleeve design for it’s suction and cleanliness my only dislike is the suction cup as it tends to release. One person found this helpful
ByAndrey OtdelnovMonday, 12 July 2021
Electric masturbator with the glossy black finish and soft glowing lights it looks and feels like a very high tech piece of equipment. But at the same time the controls are very simple to use.
ByDavid ForrerFriday, 09 July 2021
ive bought alot of different types of these and this one is the best! One person found this helpful
By Kyle JohnsonThursday, 08 July 2021
This was surprisingly a very good product. The suction felt amazing, though it is quite loud. You'll need a little extra privacy when you use it. If you're using it in your hand, it's a little cumbersome, but it's not heavy so it's not too difficult. Cleaning it is a cinch, as the sleeve itself can be easily removed and turned inside out.
By David GibsonThursday, 08 July 2021
This is one of the best masturbators I've ever used. Was too intense after finishing.
ByGregory BennettThursday, 08 July 2021
The automatic masturbator is the best toy I've bought, by far. The quality is far above the price. Electric masturbator with the glossy black finish and soft glowing lights it looks and feels like a very high tech piece of equipment. But at the same time the controls are very simple to use. The masturbator stroker is a very soft and smooth silicone, which also has a very unique and pleasurable texture on the interior. This cup is also removable for cleaning, eliminating the risk of water damage to the electrical components. Has a cap to cover the silicone in storage. The suction cup base should adhere to any smooth surface. It has a sticky coating to help with adhesion so cleaning the surface before use will help preserve its lifespan. Keep the plastic film that covers it for use in storage. The attachment screw threads nicely and has a nut to secure it. The arm articulates to whatever angle you need and will lock to that angle. It has several different modes, each thrust in different patterns. Although picking isn't necessary. Once it's turned on, contact is made with the opening, the machine will start. The voice is quite alluring, erotic without being obscene. Doesn't seem to take long to charge, and the charge it has will last far longer than needed. Comes masturbator cup with some lube and a set of headphones"
ByReno RichardsonWednesday, 07 July 2021
I like it's easy to use and there is different setting for you to choice. It's soft has a good suction and it's really easy to clean. It would be great if it spin while it sucks. One person found this helpful
ByLuke TornbergWednesday, 07 July 2021
12/01/2019 is amazing! omg, is a great toy, the delivery is excellent thaks
By Sean tomasinMonday, 05 July 2021
Very nice product, not only including the toy itself but the packaging and the rest of its contents. The packaging is very well done, and a few unexpected extras were included such as headphones, lube, and a bag. The toy itself feels very well made and performs very well. There won’t be a need for another toy after this one
ByErin FreemanMonday, 05 July 2021
This is so worth the money!! It arrived quick, charged quick, and was really easy to use. One thing I noticed immediately was how sturdy it felt and how well everything I was put together. Even the bag to store it in feels pretty luxurious. When I tried it out, I was blown away (pun intended)… this thing is incredibly efficient and feels incredible. The suction is amazing and the thrusting speeds were perfect. Needless to say, it gets the job done! I would 100% recommend this product!
ByAnthony PloughSaturday, 03 July 2021
What an amazing feeling. This is the best I have ever used. Close your eyes and it’s the real thing. So soft and warm the multiple speeds and the sounds were great. WOW I’d buy two if I had to. Incredible experience.
By Dylan raihlThursday, 01 July 2021
I cannot get enough of this product! BETTER THAN SEX... when it's not easily available! I have so much fun with my new toy! I literally cannot put it down, especially when I need to get off! It feels like the real thing and I hardly have to do any work! Jut make sure this baby is fully charged! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!
By Parker GillsThursday, 01 July 2021
This is a great product. It really works well. So far have had no issues with it. The product itself has a decently suction so it feels great. Clean up is easy when you take it apart, I haven't used the sound stuff so not sure about that. Recommend giving it a try at the very least
By Marcille BrionWednesday, 30 June 2021
I freaking love this product !!! I was super Skeptical since I never used a toy but WOW!!!! This product is AMAZING. I recommend to first time users and experienced users also comes with a lubricant sample that works really well with it
ByJames JacksonTuesday, 29 June 2021
Amazing Toys 🔥 Got my toys fast when I order and the quality of the toy is great. Had an amazing time using them for my Onlyfans videos ✔️ My Fans Love It. you need to try it !!! It’s a MUST!