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  • YWZAO G78 Ass Anal Plug
  • YWZAO G78 Ass Anal Plug
  • YWZAO G78 Ass Anal Plug
  • YWZAO G78 Ass Anal Plug
  • YWZAO G78 Ass Anal Plug
  • YWZAO G78 Ass Anal Plug

YWZAO G78 Ass Anal Plug

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This product is produced by perfusion process. The position of the feed inlet is shown in the picture. Every product has it. It is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use.

Anal hook butt plug

Size pictures are below the introduction

You need to pay attention to the direction when using this anal plug. The protruding position of the anal plug is toward the front of you, and the end with a round hole in the bottom of the plug is at the perineum position after being worn correctly.

After being worn correctly, the protruding position of the anal plug is just within the range of the prostate, which can be stimulated for the prostate.

This anal plug is for men and women. Although girls do not have a prostate, they can also use it.

The peach shape is a common shape of anal plugs, and it has a good feeling when used, and it is easier to enter the design of small first and then large.

The overall TPE material has good softness, and the surface of the anal plug is relatively smooth. It can have a good lubrication effect by adding a small amount of lubricant when using it.

In daily use, because of the posture, the position where the anal plug is connected to the base is bent most of the time. This time the connection is designed to be bent, so it will fit the body shape better when used.

The diameter of the connecting position between the anal plug and the base has been redesigned. It is smaller than other designs in our shop, and it is more compact and not easy to fall off when used daily, and it will not feel tired if you use the anus for a long time.

The size of the lower base is smaller than other designs, so the anal plug is more concealed after being worn, and it is less likely to be found when going out daily.

There is a round hole at one end of the lower base, and this round hole can be used in connection with anal plug underwear.

If you need anal plug underwear, you can buy them separately in our shop.

This anal plug has 3 sizes to choose from, satisfying players of different professional levels.

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