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7 Best Anal Dildos To Try If Size Matters To You

7 Best Anal Dildos To Try If Size Matters To You

  • Saturday, 20 July 2019
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Whether this is your tenth sex toy or your first sex toy, dildos tend to be one of the first items that most people buy. (And if this is your first sex toy, check out what you need to know about buying your first sex toy! . Not only are they fantastic if you love penetration, but they tend to be less expensive than their vibrating counterparts - and can provide intense feelings of fullness and pleasure that our own hands might not be able to provide.

While dildos can be crafted with other features for you to love and enjoy, when size matters, narrow down first by size and then worry about picking other features. After all, it doesn't matter if your dildo is waterproof or has the newest technology if it's the wrong size - and you can't use it! To get you started, here's a list of the 7 best anal dildos to try if size matters to you:

The Boy in Blue 4.7" Dildo with Suction Cup: Looking for a short and slender dildo for your pleasure? That's what The Boy in Blue offers. Equipped with a suction cup at the base, this realistic toy is crafted with a pleasurable upward curve for g-spot or p-spot pleasure. Fully waterproof, this toy offers lots of fun within a single anal dildo.

Lifelike Lover Basic Slimline Realistic Anal Dildo: Designed as an "average" size, this dildo offers a total length of 7" with a diameter of 1.55". With a super-flexible design, this anal dildo has realistic testicles and lifelike veining. Plus, this uncircumcised dildo is fully strap-on harness compatible for even more fun!


Lifelike Lover Luxe Realistic Silicone Dildo: If you're into a tapered thickness, this is the dildo for you! While the dildo starts off at a smaller diameter at the tip, it reaches its full thickness potential (at 1.77" in width!) at the base. This allows you a nice, slow stretching along the anal dildo's 7.8" length. With its equipped suction cup, you can enjoy every one of those inches entirely hands-free - and focus on your pleasure!


Basics Mini Double Penetration Dildo: If you're into long and thin, this is the dildo for you! With its double-ended design, this C-shaped dildo offers two separate thicknesses to mix things up. One end of the dildo has a thickness of 1.25" while the opposing head has a thickness of 2". Of course, both ends are on the same length of this 14" long toy!


Lifelike Lover Basic Slimline Realistic Anal Dildo: For those who want a very long, extended experience, that's what this dildo is about! At 10 insertable inches with a decently-thick 2" diameter, this realistic dildo offers a very long ride. With the equipped suction cup at the base, unlike our double-ended toys, this toy can stay in place for hands-free fun with your anal dildo!


Sweet N Hard Dong with Suction Cup: When you're craving something huge, that's what this anal dildo can provide! With its 2.7" diameter, this is one of the biggest dildos we sell! With a realistic design and a strong suction cup that keeps this thick toy in place, you can choose your favorite color for your Sweet N Hard dildo - and have a field day once it comes in the mail!


King Cock Chubby Realistic Suction Cup Dildo:  Competition for the size of the Sweet N Hard Dong, this is the largest dildo we sell! At 2.75" in thickness with a 7.5" length, this anal dildo is designed for a very intense stretch! The realistic design ensures you feel every inch of the pleasurable vein texturing while the powerful suction cup at the base helps this big anal toy stay put!


As you can see, with a bit of digging, you can find fantastic anal dildos if size matters to you. Whether you just found your dream dildo on this list or found some inspiration to start experimenting on your own, finding a great anal dildo can really enhance your sex life - and we hope we've helped!

What do you want in your anal dildos? Especially when size matters, are there other things that tend to make your anal dildo better as well?

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