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Ultimate Guide to the Best Realistic Inflatable Dildos -Inflate it in!

Ultimate Guide to the Best Realistic Inflatable Dildos -Inflate it in!

  • Friday, 29 July 2022
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Do you wish to spice up your sex life? Then you are at the right place. Suporadultproduct is here to help you choose the best inflatable dildo to suit your preference. There are delightful and extraordinary dildos. The main advantage of an inflating dildo is it offers women value for their money.

We understand it can be terrifying as a beginner looking to explore options of the best sex toys on the market. Luckily, the intriguing inflatable dildos are authentic and versatile. It allows users to adjust the dildo’s size based on their experience. 

The Realistic inflatable dildos also make your solo play riveting. The sex toy has a remote control and natural pump. You don’t have to spend more cash buying bigger dildos. Utilize the inbuilt pump of the toy to enlarge the length and girth. 

Overview of the Best Inflatable Dildos

  • Best Beginner-Friendly Inflatable Dildo: Cock Locker

  • Best inflatable dildo for Experts: Inflatable huge dildo

  • Best Selling Inflatable Dildo: LovingJoy

  • Most affordable inflating dildo: Inflatable Stud Dildo

  • Best Suction Cup Inflatable Dildo: Suction Cup Dildo

  • Best G-Spot Stimulating Dildo: Vibrating G-Spot inflatable dildo

  • Best Prostate Massager Inflating Dildo: Silicone Anal Plug

  • Best Inflatable Anal Beads: Rolling Penis Butt Plug

  • BDSM Inflatable Dildo: Booty Call

  •  Best Inflatable love seat-Fetish: Fantasy Inflatable Seat

  1. Cock Locker-Beginner-Friendly Inflating Dildo

The 6-inch cock locker is a medium-sized inflatable dildo best for beginner’s. The slender inflating dildo is made from super elastic sturdy latex. You can use the gadget for anal or vaginal penetration. Its profuse inflation swells inside you slowly.

The sensational tiny toy circumference rests at 3.5 inches and stretches to 6.5 inches. Its actual length is 4.5 and fully expands to a whopping 5.5 inches. If you have a latex allergy, avoid buying this Cock Locker inflating dildo.


  • Material: Latex

  • Usage: Operates manually

  • Girth: 3.5 to 6.5 inches

  • Length: 4.5 to 5.5 inches

  • Waterproof: Splashproof

  • Allergens: Phthalate-Free

  • Allergen Warning: Made of Latex


  • Beginner Friendly dildo

  • User-friendly hand pump

  • Easy to use the safety valve


  • Small girth unsuitable for experienced toy users

  • Cock locker Locker 6 has a latex allergy

  • At times it's challenging to use the pump

  1. Huge Cock Locker:-Best Experts Inflating Dildo

The enormous Cock Locker 11-inch inflatable dildo is idyllic for expert play. Its realistic phallic shape provides a powerful performance. This superb meaty inflatable dildo has a soft feel and authentic veins. A euphoric ride is guaranteed to all latex lovers. The Flexible soft toy has a rich melanin dark color.

Cock Locker inflatable huge realistic dildo's natural girth is 23cm and its fullness measures 12 inches (30.5cm). However, its non-inflated length is 23cm and voluptuously stretches to 11 inches (28cm). Deflate the dildo by turning its valve from its bulb. The dildo is perfect for a couple's play.  Additionally, you can test your limits during a solo play. 


  • Material: Latex

  • Usage: Operate manually

  • Circumference: Maximum size 9 inches

  • Allergens: Phthalate-Free 

  • Length: Maximum size 9 inches

  • Waterproof: Splashproof


  • Easy to clean

  • Excellent delivery speed

  • Easily inflatable and deflatable

  • Enormous length and circumference

  • Realistic penis inflatable dildo

  • Quick release valve

  • Efficient hand pump


  • Caution it has latex allergy

  • Hard to insert when floppy

  • For Expert play only, unsuitable for beginners. 

  • Some users report cervix pain

  • Partially waterproof

  1. LovingJoy 6 Inch- Best Selling Inflating Dildo

LovingJoy turns you on with every thrust and growth as you gradually pump its size. The flexible sex toy will quench your dry spell thirst with its sensational stretch. This silicon inflating dildo is perfect for users with latex allergies. Additionally, the moderately curved rod and realistic head, spark the female's G-spot or stimulate the male’s prostate.  

The LovingJoy inflating dildo circumference expands from 4.75 inches to a wailing 11 inches. On the other hand, the gadget is able to arouse all the right corners by stretching its length from 6 inches to 8 inches. You can deflate the dildo using its release valve. Use the dildo with a rich water-based lubricant for a smooth ride. 


  • Material: Inflatable silicone dildo

  • Usage: Operate manually

  • Waterproof: Submersible

  • Girth: 4.75 to 11 inch

  • Length: 6 to 8 inch


  • Enormous maximum girth 

  • Flexible since it doesn’t have an internal core

  • Made from quality safe silicone material


  • Unsuitable for beginners

  • A bit hard using the valve

  1. Inflatable Stud Dildo-Most affordable inflating dildo

Size does matter when buying an inflating dildo. The manufacturer of the Inflatable stud Dildo designed the toy to achieve a riveting orgasm. If you are looking for a deep thrust with a cheap price tag, go for this gigantic inflatable dildo.

The authentic 7-inch girth extends to 9.5 inches for your preferable volume. Use your palm to pump the huge sex toy. It has an intimidating black color with a realistic design. 


  • Material: Latex

  • Usage: Operate manually

  • Girth: 7 inches

  • Length: 9.5 inches

  • Waterproof: Submersible 


  • Realistic dildo with lifelike penis vein and head

  • Quick-release valve

  • Enormous insertable inflating dildo 

  • Easy to use

  • Versatile usage 

  •  Best inflatable dildo for foreplay

  • Submersible and waterproof


  • Unsuitable for beginners

  • Balloons outside the butt

  • Latex allergy

  1. Best 2022 Suction Cup Dildo-Inflatable Suction Cup Dildo

The lifelike Inflatable Suction Cup Dildo fills your erogenous spots when it swells up. At a press of a button, the silken silicone shaft takes you to the top of the world. Despite the petite size of the realistic auto-inflatable dildo, it gives authentic pleasure. The remote control allows you to moderate the sex toy’s vibration and size. 

Moreover, the vibrating suction cup inflatable dildo has raised veins, balls, and a realistic penis head. The toy is perfect for magical pleasure with your partner. Both beginners and intermediate sex toy lovers can easily use the dildo. 


  • Material: Silicon

  • Usage: Remote Control

  • Vibration Speed: Patterns and Speed

  • Allergens: Latex-Free/Phthalate-Free

  • Girth: 7 inches

  • Length: 5 inch

  • Speed: 10 vibration functions

  • Waterproof: Splashproof


  • Best for beginner toy lovers

  • Easy to use

  • Phallic shape

  • Smooth and flexible

  • Couple toy and for solo masturbation 

  • Handy inflatable suction cup dildo


  • Small girth and height

  • Unsuitable for expert toy users

  1. Best Inflatable Vibrating G-Spots stimulating Dildo: G-Spot Inflatable Dildo

The sensational G-spot Inflating Dildo is the best inflatable vibrating dildo. The toy has a pleasant stretch and a quick release valve. The battery-powered vibrator comes with remote control giving you total dominance. Achieve electrifying arousal by testing various speeds. As the dildo grows inside your blissful internal hotspot, your G-spot will vibrate in delight. 

The inflating dildo enkindles teeming arousal in your vaginal nerve endings. Additionally, this Inflatable G-spot vibrator dildo is designed with a realistic penis structure. It has veins and a curved shape. Its graceful hand pump inflates the dildo to a breathtaking length.  


  • Material: Soft Plastic

  • Girth: 6- 8 inch

  • Length: 7-7.5 inch

  • Battery Type: 2XAA batteries

  • Waterproof: No


  • The inflatable vibrating dildo inflates and deflates in seconds

  • Curvy structure for G-spot stimulation

  • Easy to adjust

  • Remote control that moderates the rhythm

  • Easy to control the Inflatable Vibrating G-spot pleaser 

  • Realistic G-spot inflating dildo 


  • Latex allergy

  • Some reviewers claim the dildo is too rigid. 

  • Not USB Rechargeable

  1. Best Inflating Prostate Massager Dildo: Booty Call

The Booty Call Inflatable Butt Plug is the best inflatable prostate massager dildo. It is a good start for toy lovers that want to explore anal play. The gadget makes you a butt-loving fanatic. Additionally, this booty call dildo is perfect for prostate massage. 

The silicone inflatable suction cup dildo girth increases to a vast 8.5-inch anal monster. You can easily use the dildo and enjoy a smooth ride. We recommend using anal lube for smooth penetration. The butt monster plug gives you an ecstasy anal nerve-ending sensation. 


  • Material: Silicon

  • Usage: Operate manually

  • Allergens: Phthalate-Free/ Latex-Free

  • Girth: 4.5-8.5 inches

  • Length: 4.5-6.5 inch

  • Flexibility: Firm

  • Waterproof: Submersible


  • Made from silicone material

  • The suction cup is easily attachable to a smooth surface

  • Stretches easily to 8.5 inches


  • The hose is not at the base but on the stem

  1. Best Inflatable Anal Beads: Rolling Ball Inflatable Butt Plug

The silicone Double Rolling Ball Inflatable Anal vibrator plug expands to 10cm diameter. The huge inflatable butt plug is suitable for couples and solo play. It can deliver sensational frenzy orgasms. 

You can also increase the speed of the vibrating anal inflatable beads using its 10 speed vibration. Tremble as you climax simultaneously from the stretching inflating dildo beads and being stuffed in your vagina. 


  • Material: Silicone

  • Usage:  Remote control

  • Speed: 10 strong vibration

  • Battery: 2XAAA batteries

  • Waterproof: No


  • Easy to inflate and deflate the inflatable anal beads

  • Play with 10 speedy, powerful vibrations

  • Easy to use


  •  Only has two balls

  1. Best BDSM Inflatable Dildo: Bondage Boutique Inflatable Dildo Gag

The elegant Bondage Boutique Inflatable Dildo Gag elevates your bondage sex play. Your partner will fully be at your mercy. It escalates the visual arousal. You dominate the erotic moment by dominating your partner to only speak at your command.

The BDSM inflatable dildo has a buckle strap, leather muffle, hand pump, and customizable mouth section. The bondage inflatable dildo's natural length is 3 inches and expands to 5.5 inches. 


  • Material: Rubber and Leather

  • Usage: Operate manually

  • Girth: 5.5 inches

  • Insertable length: 3 inches

  • Waterproof: Submersible


  • Quick Release safety valve

  • BDSM Intermediate-friendly

  • Best bondage inflatable dildo gag for submission 

  • Smooth texture 3 inches long

  • Stretches to 5.5 inches girth

  • Suitable for blow-up fetish


  • It may be difficult for users who haven’t tried a normal gag before

  • Experienced players may want huge inflating gag

  1.  Best Inflatable Love Seat-Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat

The Fetish Fantasy inflatable seat is a cozy soft seat. It takes you on a euphoric ride. Sit down, wiggle, and bounce on the vibrating rubber dong pole. Discover the best inflatable love seat dildos orgasm's ability.

The tip of the fetish inflatable dildo has a powerful multispeed bullet. The dildo comes with free seam glue and an eye mask. The climaxing glory of the fetish seat is pure bliss.


Material: Soft plastic

Allergens: Phthalate-Free/ Latex-Free

Power Type: Batteries

Speed: Multiple vibration speeds

Length: 5.25 inches

Girth: 6 inches

Waterproof: Splashproof


  • Mind Blowing space hopping bounce

  • Holds up to 300lbs weights

  • Great value for your money

  • Versatile inflatable love seat

  • 6-inch speedy inflatable love seat vibration


  • Exhausting to inflate and deflate

  • Some expert users prefer huge inflatable vibrating seats

  • The dildo can’t be removed

Some of the factors we have considered in our unbiased buyer's guide are the best material of the inflatable dildo, length, the best model, Suporadultproduct best selling inflatable dildo, girth, and how easy it is to clean the toy. Get one of the best 2022 inflatable dildos today. 


What is an inflatable dildo?

It is a euphoric dildo you pump in the air using the toy's hand pump. You control the size, circumference, and speed of the stretch. 

How to use the inflating dildo?

Set the mood and relax your muscles. Also, apply water-based lube generously for smooth penetration. Pump in, slowly flowing with the vibe. Once you have achieved the orgasm, deflate the dildo before removing it from your erogenous zones. If you use the BDSM inflating dildo, establish a safe word and let your partner know your limits. 

How to choose the best inflatable dildo?

When buying an inflatable dildo, you need to consider various factors like; material, size, design, a quick-release valve, vibration mode, does the toy stimulate the G-spot or works manually. 

Why use an inflating dildo?

Inflatable dildos have taken the market by the boom. The toys are popular with couples looking for ways to spice up their relationships, beginner toy users, and BDSM lovers.

How to clean the inflatable dildo?

Ensure you keenly read the manual to avoid spoiling your inflating dildo. Additionally, before and after use, clean the dildo to prevent getting an infection. 

How to buy inflatable dildos online?

You need to shop with authentic sex toy dealers. Go through the user reviews to get first-hand experience before buying an inflatable dildo. 

How to fix a faulty inflatable dildo?

We recommend getting a new durable inflatable dildo if the old piece is damaged. Otherwise, you can harm your genitals. Ensure you buy a quality body-safe dildo and compatible repair kit. 

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