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5 Ways To Get A Woman Off With Your Hand

5 Ways To Get A Woman Off With Your Hand

  • Thursday, 19 September 2019
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Here at SuporAdultProduct, we’re definitely into sex toys – but you certainly don’t have to use them every time! In fact, there are plenty of ways to help pleasure a woman and get her to orgasm with just your hands. Don’t be afraid to use sex toys, but if you’re not in the mood for sex toys that night, consider some of these fun ways to get a woman off with your hands:

Arouse Her Beforehand

Like everything sexual, you're much more-likely to have success if the woman you're playing with is turned on. It makes all of the nerve endings much more sensitive – and makes her body much easier to pleasure. Before you even begin to touch a woman between the legs, consider other types of foreplay including making out, gentle touches along the body, and anything else the two of you already enjoy.

Touch the Clitoris

The pleasure center of almost every woman, the clitoris contains an astronomical amount of nerve-endings - and can be the largest erogenous zone for a lot of bodies. Focus most of your finger attentions on this pleasurable nub. Make sure you start very, very gently. For a lot of women, direct touch to the clitoris may be too intense - especially at first. Some women enjoy rubbing through the hood of the clitoris and others may enjoy more direct touch. See what your partner reacts to with pleasure or grimacing, and quickly learn which one of the touches she'd love more.

Slip Fingers Inside

In addition to clitoral stimulation, some women absolutely love vaginal stimulation - especially at the same time as clitoral stimulation. Ensuring your fingernails are extremely short, trimmed, and unsharp, you can slide your fingers into the vagina for added pleasure. Start with one finger and go slowly and see what your partner enjoys. Most women have the most nerve endings within the first inch of the vagina, so consider some gentler thrusts that press along that area. If you're going for extra sensations, some people are able to hit the g-spot with their fingers as well! If your partner likes that, don't forget to give it a try!

Ask Her

Of course, when it doubt or having issues with the other four methods, consider asking the person you're with directly! If that person regularly masturbates, they'll be able to point you in the right direction of what to do. A lot of women have particular methods they enjoy for masturbation - and copying what she asks you to do will help you hit that special spot.

Use Toys

Finally, if the other methods aren't working, don't feel like there's a reason you can't use sex toys! There's a reason that vibrators and other sex toys exist - and that's to introduce even more pleasure into your sex life. If the woman you're with is unable to orgasm from hand stimulation alone, that's a-okay! A lot of women are like that. Consider bringing some toys into the bedroom to ensure that everyone involved in your sex leaves the bedroom happy and satisfied. There's no reason to stick with just fingers if just fingers isn't providing the pleasure the other person would like. 

As you can see, there are a lot of fun ways to use your hands in the bedroom to get a woman off. That being said, don’t be scared to turn to sex toys and other bedroom options to help someone get off. As long as everyone’s enjoying themselves, there’s no reason not to bring in toys to make everything easier! (And sometimes you just wanna have a crazy orgasm really fast! )

Do you have any tips for using your hands on a woman? As a woman, is there any sensation in particular you love when someone is using their hands on you?

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