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6 Best Sex Positions To Hit The G Spot

6 Best Sex Positions To Hit The G Spot

  • Sunday, 10 July 2022
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Ahhh, the G-spot. The holy grail of female orgasms. It’s a dreamy little place that can drive a woman mad with pleasure when stimulated just right.

But, that illustrious sweet spot isn’t always easy to find. Especially during penetrative sex. A man’s penis is just not that dexterous to hit the G-spot every time during sex.

Luckily, a little creativity, and a few tweaks, in the bedroom can help with that! Here are our tips for the 6 best sex positions to hit the G-spot, and start having some of the best orgasms of your life.

What is the G Spot?

For many decades doctors and researchers were skeptical that the G-spot was a real thing. Even though women for centuries tell a different story. Still, Google “G-spot not real” and you get a whole slew of hits.

However, we are here to tell you not to believe everything you read on the internet (present article excluded). The G-spot is a very real and a very necessary part of female sexuality.

The G-spot is located roughly 2 inches on the anterior of the wall of the vagina. Or simply put – if you stick two fingers inside your vagina push up and feel for a spongy or ridged area. That’s your G-spot.

g spot location

The more aroused you are, the easier it will be to find it. The area starts to swell, not too dissimilar to an erection.

The G-spot is also connected to those ever-famous clitoral nerves, so you’re actually activating a whole network when stimulating the G-spot – psst… this is where that similarity to a hard cock ends.

Let’s take a moment here to recognize the beauty and awesomeness that is the vagina. There are numerous erogenous zones and thousand upon thousand nerve endings that allow women to have multiple orgasms. So, between the clitoris and G-spot, female anatomy has got you covered.

But, as with anything good in life, it needs a little elbow grease.

Pro-Tip: experiment with yourself to find your erogenous zones. Not everyone is built the same, so naturally, bodies will be different. Your G-spot could be more to the left, or the right – it could be 3 inches in instead of 2. Use your fingers or a toy to explore sensations; we promise you won’t regret it.

G-spot Orgasms

The G-spot is known to respond best when given constant and firm pressure. This can produce one of the most powerful, and all-consuming orgasms. It can truly become a full-body experience.

And G-spot stimulation can lead to the famed and often misunderstood female ejaculation, also known as squirting. If the G-spot is the holy grail of orgasms, then squirting is the Hope Diamond.

While, all orgasms are created equally, the G-spot is a tsunami of pleasure that builds and builds and renders you completely powerless.

6 Best Sex Positions For G-spot Stimulation

You don’t have to be a Cirque du Soleil contortionist to get into these sex positions to hit G-spot paradise. Experimenting is fun, and quite pleasurable.

And remember, sex doesn’t have to be a serious thing – a little bit of humor goes a long way in G-spot sex positions!

We will use the male pronoun here, but any of these positions can be done with a female partner using a strap-on.

Legs Up Missionary

legs up missionary sex position
How to achieve it: Just as in missionary, lie on your back with your partner in between your legs. Place your legs up on his shoulders, and put a pillow underneath your butt for a boost and comfort.

Why it feels so good: With your pelvis elevated, when he enters you his penis will hit that front wall easily. This provides easy thrusting on his end and legs up missionary gives full access for him or you to play with your nipples and clit.

Level of difficulty: Easy-Peasy

Doggy Style

doggy style sex position
How to achieve it: Doggy is often a couple’s favorite for a variety of reasons. Maybe because of the name and the animalistic nature of it, but this is one of the best sex positions to stimulate the G-spot. With you on all fours, he enters from behind.

It’s best to experiment with this position. You may feel more pleasure with your chest resting down on the bed, and backside arched up higher. Or with your legs wider apart, with you resting down on your forearms. Or you may find that your legs tightly closed feels best. There are many variations on this position – so test it out!

Why it feels so good: With this position, your partner’s penis is poised to stimulate the heck out of that G-spot. Many women love how intense the feeling is and playing around with this position can provide toe-curling results.

Level of Difficulty: Easy to Medium – the pleasure is intense, you have been warned!


cowgirl sex position
How to achieve it: Who doesn’t love a woman in control? Straddle your partner’s penis and go! Whether you’re sitting on a cock or a dildo, the upward curve of each can work to your G-spot advantage. Gyrate, rock or move up and down – experiment with what feels good.

And if that doesn’t work, you can always spin around for reverse cowgirl.

Why it feels so good: When you are in control of your pleasure, it’s easier to achieve your target. Just as in masturbation, you are in charge of your satisfaction. When you are on top you can move your body in ways that really rev your engine.

Level of difficulty: Easy – unless you’re prone to leg cramps! In that case, spend a few minutes in down dog before you hop on for a ride.


spooning sex position
How to achieve it: With you as a little spoon, and your partner as a big spoon, bring your knees up into a half-bent position and let him enter you from behind.

Why it feels so good: His penis upon entry is right at the G-spot. You can lean forward and push yourself more into him to help him stay the course at that spot. You may also want to open your legs to take him deeper. A little clit action wouldn’t hurt as well.

Level of difficulty: Medium – it may take a few minutes to get the position right.

Table Top

table top sex position
How to achieve it: Scooch down to the end of the bed, with your partner standing. First, allow your partner to enter you, then stick your legs up in the air and cross your ankles, and keep your legs close together.

If your bed isn’t high enough, then use a counter or table top (just make sure it’s sturdy!).

Why it feels so good: The pressure from the closed legs, and the height in which your partner enters you can easily rub along the G-spot. The intense thrusting should have you seeing stars.

Level of difficulty: Medium to hard – the pleasure produced might take some getting used to.

Scissor Straddle

scissor straddle sex position
How to achieve it: You lay on the left side with your left leg slightly bent. Lift your right leg to allow your partner to enter you, and then wrap your right leg around his waist while he thrusts into you.

Why it feels so good: His penis is in prime location to stimulate the tender walls of your vagina. He can also penetrate deep and keep a steady thrust. Get ready for the ride (and orgasm) of your life!

Level of difficulty: Hard – this is for the adventurous couple who is ready to kick it up a notch.

Other Sexy G-Spot Stimulators

Sex positions for G-spot stimulation are a great couple activity. Honestly, there are so many great positions that cater to women’s needs.

But, we get it, sometimes you just want to be serviced. And truly there are very few things greater than sitting back, while someone else does the work for you, while you reap all the benefits.

Tongue and Digits

Having your clit tongued while your partner manually fingers your G-spot is like having your dessert for dinner. The combined stimulation will have you begging for more.

When you get fingered, your partner should be using the “come here” method. Two fingers pressed to roof of the vagina massaging continuously, keeping the pressure steady.


Vibrators and dildos  are a fantastic option to lavish attention all over your G-spot. They have endurance and stamina that sometimes a real-life partner just doesn’t have.

They are a staple for same-sex couples, and often many women can only orgasm when a toy is involved – or at least is the preferred mode of operation.

Play by yourself or with a friend, exploration is the spice of life.

Not everyone orgasms from the G-spot…and that’s OK

Some women just can’t cum from G-spot stim alone. And that’s totally cool. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

That’s why it’s important to masturbate and enjoy yourself before letting someone in. Like we said above, self-exploration is the best way to get to know yourself and what you like.

Maybe you’re someone who needs clit and G-spot stimulation together. Awesome! Because that feels amazing. Maybe you will just enjoy the G-spot sensations without an orgasm. That’s wonderful too! Because feeling good is not only about the end result.

Women are often made to feel ashamed because of lack of orgasm. But, the reality is it takes a woman significantly longer to “get in the mood” than it does a man. To be clear, women need anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes to get to full arousal.

So, don’t be shy! Take the G-spot for a ride. We hope this has given you some food for thought and perhaps a little inspiration for the bedroom tonight. Happy G-spotting everyone!

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