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FAQs About Sex and Sex Toys – Answered!

FAQs About Sex and Sex Toys – Answered!

  • Wednesday, 11 March 2020
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Here at Suor’s, our Guest Services team fields many of your questions about sex, sex toys and using adult products like dildos and vibrators. We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions from our customers here on our blog so we can best serve your intimate needs. Have a question that we haven’t answered? You can contact our in-house sex expert by doing a live chat with Ask David now!

How can I tell whether a sex toy is a dildo or a vibrator?

The biggest difference between dildos and vibrators is that dildos don’t vibrate, and vibrators do vibrate, powered either by an electrical source or batteries. Vibrators come in both small sizes, such as bullet vibrators, as well as larger ones. Some vibrators are only for external use, while others are for external or internal use.

A dildo can be used for penetration, controlled by hand. Most dildos come in a phallic shape, and vary in terms of length and girth, as well as texture.

I’ve come across both silicone lube and water-based lube. How do they differ?

Aside from having different main ingredients, water-based and silicone lubricants have different purposes and uses. The most common types of lube are those that are water-based. They’re popular because they won’t stain your bedding or clothing and are easy to wash off. They may have an appealing, sweet scent or flavor, which many people enjoy using during oral sex. It’s worth noting that water-based lubes wear off more quickly than other types of lubricants, so you might have to reapply them.

Silicone-based lubes are generally thicker than water-based lubricants, and last longer than most other types, making them an excellent choice for anal sex or anal toys. They’re also waterproof, so can be used underwater without wearing off quickly. Like water-based lube, silicone lubricants won’t leave stains and also make cleanup easy. However, silicone lube cannot be used with silicone sex toys, as it will break down the material. Always check the instructions on your sex toys or ask Spencer’s to determine the best type of lube to pair with your toys.

Are there beginner sex toys you can recommend? I’ve never used one before.

We understand that there are a seemingly infinite number of options when selecting your first adult toy. If you’re curious about sex toys but don’t know where to start, one way to approach the subject is to look at what our guests have said in their reviews to see which types of adult items might be right for you. Remember, everyone’s body is different, so some people may like a super intense toy and some might prefer a more gentle vibration. Be sure to check out our Power and Noise Ratings, located on the product detail pages for vibrators and vibrating dildos.

Much of the decision depends on the type of stimulation you’re looking for—external or internal—as well as the type of toy you want (single speed or multi speed, portable or plug-in). Then there are items like rabbit vibrators, which offer both clitoral and vaginal stimulation at varying speeds and intensities.

For women, we recommend starting with the Beginner Vibrators section of our website to get a feel for the types of toys we offer. For external stimulation, some good suggestions are egg or bullet vibrators, which are small, portable and powerful. They can give you a sense of what clitoral vibration feels like, and can be used on their own or in combination with sex with a partner. If you prefer penetration, dildos are great options so you can get used to the sensation. We recommend trying out one of the smaller sizes to see what it’s like before moving on to larger ones (you can sort by size on the left-hand side). Using a water-based lubricant can also make the experience even more pleasurable.

For men, our strokers are a popular choice if you’re looking for more stimulation during your solo sex session. These male masturbators are easy to use, come in various models, including many based on your favorite porn stars, and are designed to feel just like the real thing. They’re part of our wide array of men’s sex toy options.

For couple’s sex toys, we recommend a vibrating cock ring, which offers his and her pleasure, or a finger massager, which anyone can use to apply stimulation wherever you’d like along the body, during foreplay or sex. Couples can browse their options together, discussing which ones pique their interest, then test them out one at a time. Or if you want to try a few options at once, a sex toy kit with multiple items is a perfect way to test out several and discover your favorites.

How do I know which type of lubricant to use with my sex toys?

The best way to find out whether you should use water-based, silicone or hybrid lube is to read the product information that comes with your sex toy. Water-based lubricants work well with all sex toys so are a versatile option. The main thing you need to remember is that silicone lubricant should never be used with silicone sex toys, as that can lead to breakdown of the toy’s substance.

Toys made of the following materials should only be used with water-based lubricants: Silicone and UR3.

Toys made of the following materials can be used with either silicone- or water-based lubricants or hybrid lubes: TPE/TPR (thermoplastic elastomer/thermoplastic rubber), Sil-A-Gel, Rubber, Polyurethane, ABS Plastic, PP (polypropylene), Jelly Rubber and PVC.

Toys made of the following materials can be used with oil-, silicone- or water-based lubricants: Pyrex (borosilicate) glass and Cyberglass (E-glass).

What materials does Spencer’s use in the sex toys it sells?

TPE/TPR (thermoplastic elastomer/thermoplastic rubber), Sil-A-Gel, Silicone, UR3, Rubber, Polyurethane, ABS Plastic, PP (polypropylene), Jelly Rubber, PVC, Pyrex Glass and Cyberglass. 

How can I protect and clean my sex toys?

Each sex toy will come with care instructions included in the package. Make sure to follow them and clean your toy before and after each use, which will help extend its life. Below is more detail about how to care for toys made of the materials listed above.

TPE/TPR: Clean with warm water and toy cleaner or mild soap. Never use boiling water to disinfect.

Sil-A-Gel: Clean with warm water and toy cleaner or mild soap. Store on its own in plastic bag to further protect it from dust and debris.

Silicone: Can be cleaned in top rack of dishwasher or by boiling for 3 minutes.

UR3: Clean with warm water and toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. Dust with cornstarch or UR3 powder and store on its own in a plastic bag in a cool, dark space.

Rubber: Clean with warm water and toy cleaner or mild soap. Use a condom on rubber toys for added protection from bacteria.

Polyurethane: Clean with warm water and toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. Do not expose to light. Store in a cool, dark space.

ABS Plastic: Clean with warm water and toy cleaner or mild soap.

PP (polypropylene): Clean with warm water and toy cleaner or mild soap.

Jelly Rubber: Clean with toy cleaner only. Never use dishwashing liquid soap or alcohol since they will damage your toy. Use a condom on rubber toys for added protection from bacteria.

PVC: Clean with warm water and antibacterial soap or universal solution toy cleaner.

Pyrex (borosilicate) Glass and Cyberglass (E-glass): Clean with water and toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. Make sure to closely look at toy before each use. If you notice any cracks, stop using.

I want my sex toys to last as long as possible. How can I make sure I’m giving the battery the longest life possible?

The most important thing you can do to ensure your battery’s life is to make sure the battery pack stays dry. Don’t run the sex toy under water; instead, clean it with a damp cloth. You can also take out the batteries when the toy isn’t in use, which will help the batteries last longer and ward off corrosion.

If there’s a wire that connects the main part of your toy to a battery pack, be very gentle with the wire. Don’t tug on it, which could make it less effective. For insertable toys, using a condom over them will protect them, and makes cleanup much easier.

As part of our commitment to quality, all of our naughty products come with a 1-year replacement warranty. You can learn more about our sex toys and other intimate items, including size guides, care instructions, battery guide and return policy .

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