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How To Stimulate Prostate From Outside

How To Stimulate Prostate From Outside

  • Thursday, 28 November 2019
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Interested in prostate stimulation without penetration? You've come to the right place! Stimulating the prostate from outside of the body is possible in some people. If your anatomy supports it, it can be a very pleasurable way to experience low-key prostate stimulation without penetration. It may not provide the exact same sensations that prostate play can provide, but involving the prostate into your play can add more sensations to your enjoyment.

Can Everyone Stimulate the Prostate from Outside?

Be aware that this is a pretty rare experience. Most people require internal stimulation in the butt to pleasure their prostate. There's a reason that internal toys (like prostate massagers! are the first step in trying to enjoy prostate stimulation. That's because it's the most reliable way to pleasure the prostate. You can certainly try the following steps to enjoy stimulating the prostate from the outside, but it's not going to work for everyone.

Step 1: Make Sure You're Thoroughly Aroused

Want to make your job easier? Make sure you're thoroughly aroused before you begin. When the body is turned on, the tissues engorge with blood and become much more sensitive. That's especially true with the prostate! Making sure you're really turned on will make it easier to stimulate this sensitive area - plus, it's just more pleasurable that way! It's hard to complain about getting to enjoy an even-longer play session!

Step 2: Find the External Spot

If you're looking to enjoy similar sensations to prostate stimulation through the outside of the body, you'll need to experiment and find where that spot is for you. For some people, targeted pressure on the perineum can produce similar sensations. For others, touch around the entrance to the butt is the best way to experience prostate-like enjoyment. Either way, you'll need to experiment on your body and find out what spots seem to work best for you; it may be somewhere else entirely!

Step 3: Try Targeted Stimulation

Once you've found the best spots, the first step is to try stimulating that spot. Using your fingers is a good first step. With a focus on providing pressure to the spot with your fingers, try a heavy massage. Does a specific type of stroking feel best for you? Maybe it's a constant, circular pressure that you enjoy. If fingers aren't doing it, you might consider using a clitoral or bullet vibrator on the area to see if your erogenous spot better responds to vibrations.

Step 4: Try Diffuse Stimulation

Are you finding that a targeted approach isn't working? Consider a larger-area approach. A powerful wand massager vibrator can be so powerful that it vibrates more areas than just the area that it's currently touching. This can be the key to enjoying your prostate stimulation from the outside. Pressing a powerful wand massager against the perineum on its highest setting may allow the toy to stimulate some of your internal erogenous zones as well. That's just how amazing powerful wand massagers can be!

If you're looking to experience prostate stimulation from the outside, it's definitely possible - but not necessarily for everyone. If it's something you can enjoy, making sure you're thoroughly aroused, find the best spots to pleasure, try using your fingers and a small vibrator, and if that doesn't work, move on to a powerful wand massager to see if that works better! With a bit of trial and error, you might find that you don't need to insert something into the body to enjoy the pleasures that prostate stimulation can provide.

Have you been able to enjoy prostate stimulation from the outside? What tips do you recommend?

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