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What Is The Female G-Spot – How To Find Her G-Spot

What Is The Female G-Spot – How To Find Her G-Spot

  • Thursday, 13 February 2020
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What is the Female G-Spot?

Welcome to a new erogenous zone! The g-spot (a shortened version of the title "Grafenberg spot") is a small area inside the vagina. Located about an inch or so inside of the vagina towards the top of the canal (and its exact location varies by different body!), it's an area full of pleasurable nerve endings. Located towards the belly button side of the body, in a woman who's aroused, the area can feel bumpy or ribbed to the touch.

It's worth noting that some women love g-spot stimulation - while other women don't. It's a very intense, different feeling than clitoral stimulation, and it can be overwhelming to some people - and just plain uncomfortable or boring to others. If your partner isn't into g-spot pleasure, make sure to respect their wishes. Just like any erogenous zone, pleasure and playing with that spot isn't going to appeal to every body out there.

How Do I Find Her G-Spot?

Now that you know what the g-spot is, it's time to learn how to pleasure this sexy bundle of nerves. Luckily, it isn't too hard! Follow these three steps to have your partner wriggling in pleasure in no time:

Step 1: Arouse Her

Like all erogenous zones on the human body, it's easier to access those spots (and make them feel deliciously pleasurable!) when the body is turned on! That's why the first step includes turning your partner on. We're not talking about a quick job either. Expect to spend at least 45 minutes to an hour on foreplay alone - before you even start to think about trying to find the g-spot. You want to ensure your partner is nicely aroused from all of the hot foreplay you've been doing. Then it's time to move onto Step 2.

Step 2: Slow Penetration with Fingers

Now that your partner is turned on, it's time to move onto the second step: penetration. Start with a single finger and slide it into the vagina. Let her get accustomed to the single sensation before slipping a second finger into the vagina. If she needs a bit of extra lube, feel free to use some! You won't detract from the experience from added slickness. With the fingers inside the vagina, we recommend a "come here" motion with your fingers. Exactly how you would beckon someone to come to you, you repeat that motion within the vagina with your fingers pointing towards the belly button. This will help you make contact with the g-spot.

If you're having issues finding the spot, we recommend an exploratory focus. Slide your fingers within the vagina until you find the spots that most-pleasure your partner - or the spots that have a unique texture under your fingertips.

Step 3: Try Sex Toys

Whether your fingers are the magical solution or not, you might consider g-spot sex toys. Hitting the g-spot with enough firmness and long enough to pleasure your partner might get taxing to your fingers - or you might just find that you'd like to try adding vibrations to your partner's pleasure. That's exactly where these g-spot vibrators come in! Designed to hit the g-spot, g-spot vibrators are specially crafted to take a lot of the strenuous effort out of finding that pleasurable spot. Why don't you give one a try?

G-Spot Play Can Be Fun

As you can see, finding and hitting the g-spot isn't that hard! Focus on foreplay, explore your partner's body, and be ready to enlist the help of some sex toys to ensure everyone stays focused on the moments instead of their exhausted hands. Once you've found that erogenous spot with your fingers and toys, maybe you'll want to try 6 sex positions designed to hit the g-spot. 

Do you own a g-spot sex toy? Do you or your partner prefer fingers or a g-spot sex toy for their pleasurable g-spot sensations?

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