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  • Tuesday, 13 October 2020
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At one time, people considered any type of anal sexual activity to be for gay males only but that has changed nowadays.

Both straight men and women of all sexual orientations are enjoying anal sex as never before; in fact, some people prefer this type of sex over other types.

If you’re going to participate in anal sex, you’re smart to purchase a butt plug because this one device can make the entire process a lot easier and less painful for you.


If you are an “anal virgin” but wish to participate in anal sex, the most important thing to do is get those anal muscles stretched out a bit. The muscles in the anus are naturally tight and anal sex will be painful if they aren’t stretched out somewhat.

A butt plug is one of the best sex toys to purchase for this purpose because you can stretch out the muscles a little at a time, making it more comfortable all the way around.

Butt plugs are usually tapered with the smaller end being the end that you’ll insert first. This means that you have some control over how much your muscles will stretch each time that you use it.

You can insert the smaller end first and then build your way up to the larger end whenever you’re ready; you can do this as slowly as you like.

Butt plugs also have one very important feature and that is a flared base, which means that it will never accidentally get stuck or get inserted all the way into the anus.

The base or, in some cases, the stopper stops the plug from doing that so no matter how aggressive you get while you’re playing with the plug, you can rest assured that it will never get stuck where it’s not supposed to.

Choosing the right butt plug also means choosing the right material and it will be up to you to decide which material is right for you.

Butt plugs can be glass, stainless steel, or some type of silicone or plastic but all of them are very smooth and soft, ensuring that they will be very comfortable as long as you insert them only as far as you are comfortable with.

Always wash your butt plug before and after each use. You can do this with some mild soap and warm water.

There are cleaners made for sex toys that can be used but these are not necessary to get them as clean as they need to be. It’s just important that the butt plug get a thorough cleaning before you use it and you have to do this every single time.

When preparing to insert your butt plug, there is one word for you to keep in mind: LUBRICATION. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate so using lube -- and a lot of it -- is a must.

If you use a water-based lube, you may have to reapply it regularly throughout your play time because water-based lube is easily absorbed. If you use the thicker silicone-based lube, you’ll be able to go for longer periods of time without reapplying it.

As soon as you’re ready, get into a comfortable position, have the lube nearby at all times, and proceed to the next step, which is insertion of the butt plug.


Here is another word that you need to remember when inserting a butt plug: SLOW. Even if you’re well lubed, you can’t just shove the butt plug into your anus.

It always has to be inserted slowly and a little at a time. You have to get used to inserting it this way because if you go too quickly, it will be painful and you’ll be tempted to stop and not go any further.

Once you’re in a comfortable position and relaxed, put some lube on your anus, making sure that you get inside the anus really well, and also on the toy. Once you’re sure that you have enough lube applied, place the tip of the butt plug into the anus slowly and cautiously.

You’ll be able to tell for yourself when it’s time to stop pushing the plug in because you’ll feel a little discomfort and maybe some pain.

Again, make sure that you’re inserting the butt plug very slowly and, if it starts to feel dry or irritated at any point, try adding some additional lube. You should insert it no more than half an inch at first and remember to breathe normally the entire time.

If you don’t breathe normally, your muscles will tense up and it will be even more difficult to insert the butt plug any further.

Once you’ve gone in as far as you feel you are comfortable with, you should stop. Remember that this is not an “all-or-nothing” activity. You can take your time with your anal play and go a little further with it every time that you have your playtime.

You don’t have to do it all at once. Just go as far as you feel comfortable with every time you play and it won’t be long before the butt plug will be able to be inserted all the way in without causing any pain.


Once your butt plug is in, you can do a lot of things with it, depending on how comfortable you are and how long you’ve been playing with it.

You can push it in and out, move it all around the inside of the anus, and even use it to stimulate your prostate gland, which is really a more advanced technique but one that is definitely worth the wait.

The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland that is often compared to the G-spot in a woman and both gay and straight men enjoy having it massaged.

Depending on the type of butt plug that you own, you may be able to rub that gland to get the unique and pleasurable sensation that always comes with prostate stimulation.

Some butt plugs are even curved slightly at the tip, which makes prostate stimulation much easier for you.

Of course, women also enjoy anal stimulation so after it’s inserted, you can explore your anal erogenous zones and discover what is really down there waiting for you to make it happy.

Anal play with a butt plug allows you to discover how that part of your body really feels and how much enjoyment you can get out of its stimulation. Because you’re encouraged to go slowly, this can make it an even more titillating sexual activity.

Exploring those anal muscles also allows you to stretch them out a little at a time and this stretching always brings you one step further to being totally prepared for anal sex.

Even if anal sex isn’t your ultimate goal, butt play can still be a lot of fun because stimulating the anal muscles is yet another erotic activity that many people are still unaware of but is always worth it once you learn what you’re doing.

Indeed, if you’re using the butt plug to stretch your muscles out and you’ve gotten to the point where the activity feels comfortable for you, you can even choose to leave the butt plug in for a while and stretch them out even more.

Leave it in as you go about your business during the day, as you clean house, or as you do laundry because the longer the butt plug stays inside of you, the more those anal muscles will stretch, making anal sex a lot easier for you.

This may sound a little strange and you likely won’t wear it while you’re out in public but leaving the butt plug in as long as possible each day really does work and it won’t take long for you to get yourself one step closer to having comfortable anal sex.


Removing your butt plug, much as with the rest of this type of activity, should be done slowly every time. This is especially important if you’ve gotten to the point where you can insert your butt plug several inches inside the anus.

Hopefully, at this point you’ve added lots of lube throughout the activity; if you’ve done this, removing the plug should be a lot easier.

Once again, take your time when removing your butt plug. Grab the stopper or base with your hand and remove the plug very slowly and very gently.

If you’ve gotten to this point and you find it difficult to remove the butt plug, it could be because you’ve let it dry out too much. If this is the case, you can place some additional lube inside the anus before you begin removing the plug.

As you can tell, using a lot of lube throughout any type of anal activity is crucial. Even when you get to the end and you’re ready to remove the plug, there still needs to be a lot of lubrication in the anus in order for it to work.

You just have to get used to the fact that you’re going to use a lot of lube regardless of where you are when using a butt plug. Always have a lot of lube on hand and never be hesitant or feel awkward about applying more of it whenever you need to.


After you remove your butt plug, it needs to be cleaned with soap and water once again. In the best-case scenario, you would have a towel underneath you to catch fluids, which you can then simply discard.

Nevertheless, your butt plug is likely going to need a good cleaning so wash and rinse it thoroughly once again before you store it away somewhere.

Another point to remember is that if you decide to switch from anal activity to having vaginal sex afterwards, you should wash your hands after your butt plug is removed and make sure that your butt plug is placed away from your bed.

This is because it is very easy to unintentionally transfer bacteria from the anus to the vagina, which makes it easy to get infections later on.

In fact, anal activity and vaginal sex should always be considered two separate activities. If you choose to participate in both of them on the same day, just remember to clean up, change your condom, and do whatever else it takes so that no bacteria can be transferred.

Butt plugs also need to be stored away properly, which includes storing them separately from other sex toys and making sure that they are stored in a cool, dry place.

This way, they will be ready for the next time you’re ready to play and they’ll be safe and comfortable the next time you use them.


If you’re still unsure about how to proceed with a butt plug, there are a few things that you can do to make it a little less intimidating. These things will help make the activity a lot less difficult and they include:

  • Make sure that you go to the bathroom and empty your bowels before you begin any type of anal play, including inserting a butt plug.
  • Always start with smaller butt plugs and work your way up to larger ones. This makes it much more comfortable on your part.
  • Decide on the right materials. Many people choose to start with a silicone plug while others prefer the stainless steel type. Both are comfortable if you use them right so it’s up to you which one you’d like to start with.
  • Set the mood. Dim the lights, play some soft music, have a glass of wine. Getting prepared for anal play is very similar to foreplay so consider it just that important.
  • Wash your hands both before and after you play with your butt plug. This is especially important if you’re planning to switch from anal to vaginal activity later on.

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