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What Are The Benefits Of Prostate Massaging?

What Are The Benefits Of Prostate Massaging?

  • Monday, 30 December 2019
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Is it possible for health and pleasure to go hand in hand? That’s certainly the case with prostate stimulation through massage. The size of a walnut, the prostate is an essential component to male health. When the prostate is stimulated properly, men often experience powerful, long lasting orgasms.

Unfortunately fear and societal pressure often stop many men from exploring the joys of stimulating their prostate. As a result, they are missing out on the numerous benefits of prostate massage.

What is a Prostate? 

The prostate is an inconspicuous, semen-storing gland based at the root of the penis. When the prostate is massaged, stagnant semen is released.This clears out the prostatic duct (a pipeline that connects your prostate to the rest of your urinary system). It’s important to clear out any built up semen because bacteria can form over time, which in turn can lead to swelling.

What conditions can prostate massages help?

Not only does a prostate massage improve seminal circulation, but it can help with a wide range of conditions that plague men.

Urine flow

Because your urethra is surrounded by your prostate, inflammation and swelling could cause urine flow complications. Prostate massages can help reduce some the worst of the swelling, thus allowing you to maintain a strong urine flow.

Painful ejaculation

Due to the potential storage of stagnant semen, you may experience a fluid blockage in your reproductive system. This can lead to pain while ejaculating. A prostate massage can potentially clear out any blockages you may have. This would eliminate the possibility of painful ejaculations.


Prostatitis is when your prostate swells. Nowadays,medicine, such as antibiotics, are used to battle prostatitis. However, before these treatments were available, massage therapy was the primary treatment option for men who dealt with this complication. Today, prostate massages are still a viable option for coping with the complications of prostatitis.

Erectile dysfunction

While there are plenty of options for men who deal with erectile dysfunction (ED), stimulation of the prostate has proven to be an effective treatment option. Some men go as far to forego any modern treatment options (such as medication) in favor of a prostate massage to treat their ED.

Does prostate massaging hurt?

One fear many men experience when considering a prostate massage is whether or not it will hurt. On the contrary, prostate massages can be very pleasurable. In fact, a prostate massage can lead to intense, long-lasting orgasmswhen performed properly.

Is it possible for a prostate massage to hurt? Yes, but that’s only if the person performing the massagehas no clue what they are doing. Practice makes perfect, so don’t give up if you initially feel pain. You just need to perfect your technique until you get it just right.

How to prepare for a prostate massage

Preparation can mean the difference between complete relaxation or tense nervousness during a prostate massage. It doesn’t take much to get prepared. Begin by washing the external area of your anus with warm soap and water.

Because prostate massaging requires insertion, you should also clean the inside of your anus. You can do this by giving yourself an enema. Disposable bulb enemas are often the quickest option. Simply fill the bulb with warm water and clean your anus until the water is clear.

The giver should also wash their hands and trim their fingernails.

Giving yourself a prostate massage

There’s a couple of ways you can go about giving yourself a prostate massage. One way is to use a finger or two to probe around until you find your prostate. Simply move your finger back and forth in the “come hither” motion to perform the massage. You should feel pleasure as you do so.

Before you begin, consider wearing vinyl or latex gloves. These are the best options for sensitive skin because of how smooth and soft they are. Also, take the time to hunt down gloves that fit well. You’ll enjoy the experience that much more when the glove is completely taut against the skin.

For a truly pleasurable experience, don’t forget to bring along some lube. That’ll ensure your finger will be able to slide in and out with little to no effort.When performed correctly, prostate massages aren’t painful.

If you do experience pain, however, take a break and come back to it later. You may need to ease into the process. Don’t force yourself to endure anything that you’re not completely comfortable with.

While using your finger is certainly a viable method, there’s an even better and more pleasurable option you can try. Consider using a prostate massager. These are sex toys specifically designed to stimulate your prostate in the most pleasurable way possible.

Whether you choose the uniquely designed Desire Luxury Remote Control Vibrating Prostate Massager or the Malesation Love Rider Remote Control Prostate Vibrator, we can assure you that you’ll open yourself to a whole new world of pleasurable sensations when you introduce sex toys to the mix!

Final thoughts

As you can see, prostate massages have a number of benefits. Not only can they give you the best orgasm of your life, but they can relieve a number of medical conditions such as painful ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Don’t let societal pressures and self pride stop you from exploring the joys of prostate massage. The next time you’re in the mood, give it a try and reap in the benefits!

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