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7 Sex Podcasts You Should Definitely Tune Into

7 Sex Podcasts You Should Definitely Tune Into

  • Sunday, 16 June 2024
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Podcasts about sex cover a wide range of topics from education and relationships to personal stories and exploration. Here are seven engaging and informative sex podcasts that are worth adding to your playlist:

  1. "Sex with Emily"
    Hosted by Dr. Emily Morse, this podcast covers everything related to sex and relationships, offering practical advice, expert interviews, and discussions on intimacy and pleasure.

  2. "The Savage Lovecast"
    Hosted by Dan Savage, this long-running podcast delves into diverse topics of sex and relationships, featuring candid conversations, listener questions, and Savage's trademark wit and wisdom.

  3. "Guys We Fucked"
    Hosted by comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, this podcast explores sex, relationships, and taboo topics with humor and frankness, often featuring guest interviews and personal anecdotes.

  4. "Sex Nerd Sandra"
    Sandra Daugherty hosts this podcast, where she discusses all things related to sex, relationships, and intimacy with experts and enthusiasts. Topics range from sexual health to kink and everything in between.

  5. "The Heart"
    This narrative-style podcast explores love, intimacy, and desire through personal stories, soundscapes, and intimate conversations. It delves into complex emotional and sexual experiences with sensitivity and depth.

  6. "Dipsea"
    Dipsea offers audio stories designed to spark desire and enhance intimacy. With a focus on storytelling and audio erotica, this podcast explores different fantasies and sensual experiences.

  7. "Loving BDSM"
    Hosted by Kayla Lords and John Brownstone, this podcast is dedicated to the world of BDSM and power exchange relationships. It provides educational content, advice, and personal insights into the BDSM lifestyle.

Why Listen?

  • Education and Exploration: These podcasts offer valuable insights into sexuality, relationships, and personal empowerment.

  • Diverse Perspectives: They cover a wide range of topics and viewpoints, catering to various interests and preferences.

  • Community and Connection: Listening can foster a sense of community and understanding, helping listeners feel less alone in their sexual journeys.

Whether you're looking for educational content, personal stories, or expert advice, these seven sex podcasts provide engaging and informative perspectives on sexuality and relationships. Tune in to explore new ideas, learn about diverse experiences, and enhance your understanding of intimacy and pleasure.

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