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5 Easy Tips To Clean Your Sex Toys

5 Easy Tips To Clean Your Sex Toys

  • Friday, 06 March 2020
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You’ve got your new vibrator and you’re ready to roll — but hang on a second! Before you become better acquainted with your new toy, check out these tips to keep them (and you) clean, happy, and healthy.

Don’t worry, cleaning your sex toys isn’t more complicated than washing your hands with soap and water. As long as you know a few things about your product, you can easily keep them clean for years to come.

1. Clean your new toy before using it the first time.

For any product that you purchase—particularly anything that touches your body like clothing, cooking products, and sex toys—clean it before using them the first time. Especially for products made in a factory (locally or overseas), they more than likely have passed through several hands and machinery before arriving to your home.

Kitty bath

2. Check if it is waterproof or water resistant.

Before you submerge your new toys in water, make sure you know whether they are water-resistant. The last thing you want is to have a sex toy DOA (dead on arrival) because you didn’t realize that water would make it go ka-put.

Fortunately many sex toys are waterproof or water resistant these days (including the Supor Wave Vibrator we make), but not all of them are. The ones that are not water-resistant tend to be the ones that require external batteries (there might be an opening where water could seep through) or have dial controls that require some openings to operate.

If your toy is water-resistant or waterproof, they’re good to go for a good cleaning in the sink or tub. If not, you can still use soap and water, but be careful with how you clean it and make sure it doesn’t seep into the electronics.

hand and soap

3. Soap and water is A-OK. Toy cleaner is optional.

    Some folks ask if there’s anything special you need to clean sex toys. Not necessarily — just like your hands, soap and water does the job. But for the folks who can’t go without their hand sanitizers, there are dedicated sex toy cleaners out there that can add an extra peace of mind. Pleasure Chest has a nice selection of cleaners you can check out here … but between you and me, it’s team soap and water all the way.


    4. If your toy is fully encased in silicone, or made of glass or stainless steel, you can boil it in hot water.

      Or yes, even place in the dishwasher if you want (I won’t tell). But don’t do this if you suspect the toy is not made of pure silicone or if there are plastic components on the outside of the toy because those may melt from the heat.

      Broad City

      If your toy is made of a material that melts/warps at lower temperatures... you'll get this moment at Broad City and end up with a broken toy. 😢

      For instance, because the Supor Wave Vibrator has a plastic component on the handle, it wouldn’t be able to survive being fully submerged in boiling water because it would overheat/warp the plastic on the handle and expose all of the sensors and components to boiling water. You can, however, dip everything but the handle and that would work if you wanted to clean Lioness via boiling.
      One more thing — if your toy is made of glass or stainless steel, let it cool off before handling it — you don’t want to burn yourself!

      5. Place your toy(s) in storage bags or pouches to keep clean in-between use.

        Simply put, if you stuff your toys in a drawer or under a bed somewhere, it can collect dust and random stuff from the environment in-between use. To reduce that, you can use dedicated pouches or containers to keep your toys cleaner. Many toys, We included, come with a storage pouch, but they’re relatively easy to get if you need some. 

        You may have to give them a quick wash before use if you’re like me and picky, but it won’t be as much as just chucking your toy somewhere random in your room.

        If you want to level up your clean and storage game at the same time, there are products like the UVee storage system that keep your toys stored, away from dust, and also use UV to further clean your sex toys. You can check that out at Babeland.

        That's it!

        With this knowledge, you’re ready to roll with your new toy. Happy exploring!

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