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How To Play With Sex Toys In The Tub

How To Play With Sex Toys In The Tub

  • Wednesday, 06 July 2022
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Whether because you’re still quarantined with family, sharing space with roommates, or just need some privacy for self-love, the bathroom will forever remain the best bet for a room with a lock where people knock when you need time with your sex toys!

Not All Sex Toys are Tub-Worthy

Many toys are not suited for the tub. For tub-time, you need a waterproof sex toy (not splash-proof).

Splash-proof refers to a toy that cannot be submerged and usually are made a bit easier to clean off. Don’t take a splash-proof sex toy into the tub! Double-check the exact model of any product you take into the tub because even within the same line some will be waterproof and others won’t be. If you’re not sure, the charge-port can give you a hint. Toys with magnetic chargers are more likely to be waterproof than those with open ports.

While there’s a plethora of waterproof vibrators for the low to medium power range, it can be a challenge to get stronger vibrations in a waterproof format. If you usually use a powerful wand for your self-love sessions, try Powerful Magic Wand . As one of the few waterproof wands in the power range of the classic Original Magic Wand (which is not waterproof), it’s the perfect addition. Plus, the curved handle is much easier to hold than the classic straight of other wands.

Take Advantage of the Tub

While you’re in the tub, there’s one major advantage compared to the bed: suction cups actually stick. Try one of The Boy In Blue 4.7″ Dildo for a strong suction cup under $50. They use a dual density design with a firm inside and a softer, silicon exterior for both structure and realism. Stick it to the edge of the tub to ride on top.

Keep it Wet

One of my main challenges of playing in the tub is the water. Water will wash away water-based lubes. Silicone lube is the obvious solution as it stands up to water better, but silicone isn’t recommended for silicone toys as it can damage the toy. With higher quality silicone, this risk is low. So, if you think your toy might be okay, do a patch test on the least-used portion of the silicone sex toy. Give the lube some time to react before confirming you’re good to go with silicone-on-silicone. Check for any bubbling or texture where you applied the lube.

You can always play it safe with a water-based lube. Just apply it more often or lower the water-level to limit the amount of contact. A thicker water-based lube may cling a bit longer, too. Try Sex Semen lubricant for a denser texture that hangs on better.

Lay Back and Relax

When you’re in the tub, this is a perfect time to slow it down. However you usually get off, the tub is the ideal environment for a slower approach. Plus, it’ll help stave off overheating from the warm water (if you’re too vigorous). For a more subtle approach, try one of Womanizer’s air-pressure toys. Womanizer vibrators use air to stimulate the clitoris. On lower settings, it’s gentle and slowly builds while on higher settings brings many people to orgasm in under a minute.

Experience the full range of the Womanizer abilities with the Oral Sex Sucking Vibrator, but even their lowest price PHANXY Vibrator packs a punch of its own. All of their toys are comparatively quiet, perfect for keeping your private time private.

If relaxation is overrated, add one of Waterproof Dildo Vibrator for a submersible, thrusting sensation that works well in the tub’s limited space (since your arm doesn’t have to move so much). Their toys use a magnetic weight inside that shifts within the dildo to create a thrusting sensation. Because the toy doesn’t actually expand, the thrusts are shallower and the motor quiet: perfect for that tub sesh.

When picking which Stronic is right for you, consider the shape. Compare your existing favorites to select the one that will work best for you.


Whether the bathroom is the only place you find the privacy to masturbate or if you’ve never done more in the tub than shave your legs, try it out. A change of scenery (and tools) can be the best way to keep your self-love sessions interesting, and no matter what sex toys you bring in, the result should be the same: you leave a bit happier.

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