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Top 5 Best Plus Sex Toys For Bigger Bodies 2020

Top 5 Best Plus Sex Toys For Bigger Bodies 2020

  • Wednesday, 25 March 2020
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Sex toys are for everyone! Designed for pleasure, there are thousands of sex toys out there - each uniquely designed to pleasure one of your erogenous zones. While all pleasure is created equal, what toys you might need to recreate that pleasure may not be. Every body has its own unique erogenous zones - and its own unique needs. That being said, there's a sex toy out there for everyone - and we're here to make sure you get one

What's Important in a Sex Toy for Plus-Size Bodies?

As you can imagine, a toy's length is a vital thing to look at when looking for a sex toy for a plus-sized body. Some people of size may not be comfortable scrunching into the tight positions required to use smaller sex toys - and who wants to be uncomfortable during sexual pleasure? Looking for sex toys for bigger bodies that have longer handles, longer lengths, and easier-to-grasp designs can definitely make a large difference with finding a sex toy that's comfortable and pleasurable to use.

Top 5 Best Plus Sex Toys for Bigger Bodies 2020

New 10 Speeds Magic Wand Massager

Wand massagers can be a lovely place to start. Not only are these vibrators extremely powerful, but by their design, they have fantastic handles to easily direct the vibrations to the place where you need it! With this vibrator's long size, you can easily grasp the middle - or the end - of the handle for a very-comfortable vibrating experience.


Pocket Pussy Male Masturbation Cup

Perfect for those who want to comfortably sit back and enjoy pleasure, this male masturbation sleeve slides over the penis with an "easy grasp" handle at the end of the long handle. Hold the sleeve in place and enjoy as this gorgeous penis sleeve vibrates you all the way to an intense climax.


HWOK Realistic Skin Huge Dildo

Making it easy to use due to its extra-long length, this flexible toy makes it simple to get pleasure in the spots where you need it most. The toy's flexible design ensures every inch of this dildo is extremely orgasmic while the flared base functions as a great suction cup - or an easy-to-hold handle! The real skin design offers a pleasurably textured experience alongside a realistic-feeling toy.


Adult Diary Silicone Anal Plug Jewelry Set

Butt plugs can be a wonderful toy for pleasure because they offer an enjoyable "set it and forget it" experience. While inserting the plug might take added flexibility compared to other toys on this list, once the plug is inserted, you can get yourself comfortable and just enjoy the sensation of being filled. The Adult Diary Silicone Anal Plug Jewelry set makes this easy. With three plugs in graduated sizes and a bonus vibrator, you can find a plug that fits you best for your sensual experience.

Heating Powerful Magic Wand Vibrator

Another amazing wand massager, this wand massager is sure to please with its double-ended design! Use the wand massager head for powerful vibrations, or turn the wand massager around and use the textured "handle" as your own personal dildo! The dildo end is fully bendable to allow you to fully customize your penetration angle and experience. Plus, this massager is self-heating to ensure you jump right into the warm pleasure of a welcoming sex toy anytime you're wanting to play.


As you can see, there are a ton of amazing sex toys out there - just waiting to play with you! Depending on your personal level of flexibility, you might want to seek out toys with longer handles and lengths for easier access, but otherwise, larger bodies have all of the same pleasure spots that smaller bodies do! It's just a matter of finding sex toys that feel comfortable for you.

As a person of size, what toy features are you important to you? Are there certain things you seek out when looking for new sex toys to purchase?

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