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Top 5 Best Sex Toys For Seniors 2020

Top 5 Best Sex Toys For Seniors 2020

  • Wednesday, 25 March 2020
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Whether this is your 42nd sex toy or your first sex toy, sex toys can be an amazing purchase for seniors. Not only can toys provide amazing pleasure and ensure sex stays hot and erotic, but toys can be seamlessly integrated into sex to ensure you're still able to enjoy pleasure - even if your muscles are sore or tired. For anyone of any age, that's an amazing feature!

What's Important in a Sex Toy for Seniors?

Every sex toy has different built-in features, and sex toys, especially as you age, may not be "one sized fits most" anymore. What's important to one elderly person may not be important to another person. That being said, we see some pretty common needs for a lot of seniors buying sex toys:

Length: Toys with a longer reach can help hit those pleasure areas easier. Look for toys with longer handles, longer designs, or hands-free designs that don't require holding to still experience the pleasure.

Straight-Forward Design: A straight-forward design can be a perfect addition to a sex toy for someone who doesn't want to bother with a lot of the complicated set-up processes. As some sex toys are moving forward with advanced connectivity and cell phone compatibility, you might want to look for a toy that's designed for straight-forward use. Depending on your comfort and outlet situation, you may choose to look for toys that are battery-operated instead of equipped with a rechargeable design.

Easy-to-Press Buttons:

The amount of force that's required to press a button can vary between sex toys. Some toys might require quite a bit of force - while others might just require a flick of the finger. For those who might have concerns with finger strength, seeking out a sex toy with easy-press buttons is a great way to ensure seamless integration into your sex life.

Weight: Sex toys can vary widely in weight. Some toys are measured in ounces - while other handheld toys might weigh as much as four or five pounds! If wrist strength or forearm strength is a concern, looking for toys that are on the lighter side can be a fantastic solution.

Top 5 Best Sex Toys for Seniors 2020

2019 Powerful Oral Clit AV Vibrator

Lightweight and powerful with a long handle, this 2019 vibrator was designed for powerful external vibrations. Whether used on a vagina or penis (or any other pleasure spot!), this toy offers a simple recharging system with a waterproof design to allow for very easy cleaning.

Double Shock Rechargeable G-Spot Clit Vibe

While marketed as a double-ended dildo, this creative vibrating toy can easily become a vibrator with an extremely long handle! This allows you to hit all of those pleasure spots with ease. If you're feeling it, you can always bend the Double Shock in half and enjoy its double-penetration design too!


Heating Telescopic Rabbit Vibrator

Let the vibrator do all the work for you! With this self-thrusting vibrator, you can enjoy a sex toy that moves itself! While designed for vagina-owning individuals, this could use by anyone with anyone who enjoys penetration. Just prepare to enjoy the pleasure!


IKOKY Vibration Cock Ring Penis Ring

As bodies age, the penis may not get as hard - or hard as quickly! - as it used to. A cock ring can be an amazingly simple solution to that. Just a small, stretchy ring, this ring can be looped around the base of the penis to "trap" blood within the penis. This entrapment causes the penis to feel harder and firmer than erections without a ring. (Curious about cock rings? Learn how it feels to wear a cock ring )

Luvkis Male Masturbator Cup 10 Vibration Mode Silicon Pussy

Is erection not a priority for you at this point in life? That's a-okay! While some male sex toys will require an erection, a lot of penis vibrators feel just as pleasurable while flaccid! This powerful vibrator can be rested on the penis (while erect or flaccid) to provide orgasmically enjoyable vibrations.

As you can see, sex toys can be amazing for seniors! Not only does it allow you to connect with your body at your own terms and within your own limitations, but it allows you to continue to explore and enjoy your sexuality - which studies have shown to be a positive factor for a healthy mindset! Allow sex toys to help you meet your pleasure and intimacy needs.

What features are important to you in a sex toy?

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