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Where To Buy Sex Toy ? Check Out This Awesome List

Where To Buy Sex Toy ? Check Out This Awesome List

  • Friday, 28 June 2019
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Welcome to the world of sex toys! Luckily for us, as the world has slowly become more sex-positive, the places where you can buy sex toys has continued to grow. In fact, we're now at a point where figuring out where to buy sex toy can be difficult to figure out - where in the world do you get the toys you want at a price that you're happy with?

Also luckily for us, the world of online shopping has only continued to get bigger and bigger - and your next sex toy will likely be one that you buy on the internet. As online commerce has gotten more popular, lots of sex toy shops have popped up around the globe.

If you think about it, sex toys are the perfect thing to sell online. Not only can you easily compare and choose between hundreds of toys while sitting down, you get to do it from the privacy of your own home. Since sex toys are still a very personal thing for a lot of people, that's definitely a plus! Not only that, but you can order a sex toy at the click of a button - perfect for when you're browsing at night and find a sex toy that could fulfill your latest cravings. 

Of course, all of those sex toy retailer options means you have to figure out which stores are best for you. Where to buy sex toy? Every adult toy retailer is a little bit different - and has different shipping prices, different sex toy stock, different sales, and different search functions. This means you might want to shop around for a bit until you find a sex toy retailer that really fits your needs - one that offers a seamless shopping experience and prices that work for what you need.

Just to get you started, though, check out this awesome list of sex toy retailers. If it's a question of "Where to buy sex toy?", this list should give a few retailers to start off your journey:

Supor Adult Toy

Shipping: Free shipping on all orders over $59

Pros: Cheapest everyday prices, Wide variety of sex toy types, Helpful information on their blog

Cons: Only carry their own brands



Shipping: Free shipping on all orders over $50

Pros: Regular heavily-discounted sales on toys, Tons of user reviews on sex toys

Cons: Very limited product selection



Shipping: Free shipping on all orders over $68 in the United States

Pros: Helpful customer service, Extremely descriptive and detailed sex toy pages

Cons: Rarely offer store-wide coupons


Adam & Eve:

Shipping: Free shipping on all orders over $59 in the contiguous United States.

Pros: Very liberal return program, Extensive adult DVD selection

Cons: Limited brand choices, Pornographic photos on various listings



Shipping: Free DHL shipping with $60 purchase in the United States.

Pros: US and UK sites, Huge product selection, Large base of user reviews on toys, Student discount

Cons: So many options can feel overwhelming



Shipping: Free standard shipping on orders over $69.

Pros: Curated only body-safe items for purchase, Fun and playful website design

Cons: Higher everyday prices


Jack and Jill:

Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $50.

Pros: Large variety of toys to choose from, Lots of pictures of each individual product

Cons: Customer reviews are usually very short, Search function is cluttered

As you can see, you have tons of options for buying sex toys! Where to buy sex toys doesn't have to be hard to figure out anymore. Each site has its own individual pros, cons, shipping fees, and sales, though, so it can usually pay off to visit multiple sites and see which one best fits your shopping style - and offers the toys you want to buy. Don't forget that you can sign up for a retailer's email newsletter to be notified of upcoming sales, too! That can always help you get that new sex toy for even cheaper!

Where do you like to shop for adult sex toys? Do you have a favorite - or least favorite - store?

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