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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Sex Toys On Amazon

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Sex Toys On Amazon

  • Friday, 27 December 2019
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You're looking for a new sex toy - and you're already buying some clothes on Amazon, so why not add a couple adult toys? Do you know much about buying sex toys on Amazon? (Don't know much about sex toys in general? If this is your first toy, make sure you read about what you need to know!   After that, read the points below - and make sure you're making an informed decision when you hit that "Add to Cart" button on Amazon:

It Might Be Counterfeit

Some sketchy sellers depend upon a sex toy's unreturnable nature and people's shame surrounding sex. This means they can easily ship you one toy - when you thought you bought a different one. It's not rare on Amazon, and most people are uncomfortable posting public reviews to complain. Along with obvious counterfeits, the toy you buy might look exactly the same as the toy you intended to buy - only it's made with subpar parts and not made by the stated manufacturer at all! Counterfeiting is rampant on Amazon.

Where's the Information?

Along with that, Amazon's product pages are wholly lacking in information compared to what you can get on a dedicated sex toy website. Sometimes, this is intentional - Amazon's policy on selling "adult items" is a gray area, and leaving out details helps ensure the listing isn't removed. Sometimes, it's just a lack of effort on a seller's part. The product page may not have full material information, phthalate information, feature info, or measurements. Either way, less information about the toy you're buying isn't a good thing; it's just going to make it harder to shop.

It Hurts Sex Toy Stores

And you know who doesn't sell counterfeit versions and takes the time to ensure you have all of the information about your sex toy before you purchase it? That's right: an actual sex toy store. Not only do most stores take their time to provide you as much up-to-date info as possible (including toy measurements!), but many stores have helpful online customer service that can help you select your next toy. Amazon certainly doesn't offer that.

Plus, many sex toy stores have in-person brick and mortar stores as well - stores that provide in-person sexual education and help the communities they're in. When you shop on Amazon, you deprive that store of further funding to help improve their local communities - and ensure sex education and safety is accessible for all. Since when has Amazon tried to offer educational resources to help people improve their sex lives?

In addition, most sex toy stores are aware of how important discreet shipping is to their customers. After all, they wouldn't be in business for long if all of their customers were uncomfortable shopping! If you're worried about discreet shipping, all sex toy stores post a public "Shipping Policy" on their website - usually within the footer of the website. Check it out if you're unsure about the company's shipping policy. All companies are happy to clarify their shipping policies if you're unsure.

Know Amazon Has Its Downsides

If you're going to order your next sex toy off Amazon, keep these things in mind. We're not saying you should never order toys off Amazon, but you should be aware of the downsides when you do. You might get a counterfeit toys, you aren't helping sex-positive communities, and you might not receive all of the information on potential toys while shopping.

What information do you look for while shopping for sex toys? Is supporting sex-positive communities important to you when buying toys?

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