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Sex Toys for Couples

7 Best Sex Toys For Couples 2020

7 Best Sex Toys For Couples 2020

  • Sunday, 30 August 2020
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Looking to experiment with sex toys with your loved one? While you can definitely pick and choose sex toys that will work solo (then choose to use them together as a couple!), you can also choose to explore sex toys especially made for couple's play! While you can certainly explore our large selection on your own, we wanted to help you get a jump start on finding great couples sex toys for your pleasure. Here are the 7 best sex toys for couples 2020!

Devil's Rechargeable Couples Clitoral Vibrator with Remote

This vibrator features a unique, U-shaped design that is slid into the vagina before sex. One side of the vibrator stays outside of the body (for clitoral stimulation) while the other side slides inside of the body (for g-spot stimulation and her partner's stimulation). Since these vibrators are designed to be slim, a penis can fit in alongside the vibrator for seamless integration during intercourse for hands-free pleasure for both partners! The Devil's Rechargeable Couple's Clitoral Vibrator with Remote also happens to have a wireless remote, so you can easily change the vibrations on-the-fly for constant pleasure in the way you and your partner need it.

Vibrating Penis Delay Ejaculation Ring

Of course, your couple's sex toy can be placed on the penis-owning partner as well. Couple's cock rings allow for stronger erection, prolonged pleasure, and vibrations that can pleasure both people during intercourse! If your sole goal is increasing his erection and stamina, the Vibrating Penis Delay Ejaculation Ring is a great place to start. While it doesn't offer as much clitoral pleasure during intercourse, this cock ring focuses on the wearer's erection. With its rechargeable design and waterproof capabilities, this Vibrating Penis Delay Ejaculation Ring can always be ready when you are.

PHANXY Cock Ring for Penis Vibration

However, if you're looking for pleasure for both of you during intercourse, the PHANXY Cock Ring is a much-better choice. It offers a large, thick vibrator off of its cock ring that can be perfectly positioned to hit the clitoris during intercourse. It offers 9 patterns of vibrations to provide the perfect level of pleasure, and with the wireless remote control, you can make easy adjustments without needing to readjust your bodies to reach the toy. It's a win-win!

Vibrating Penis Ring Sex Toy for Couples

Can't choose between self-pleasure or partner-pleasure with a cock ring? Why not have the flexibility to do both? That's exactly what the Vibrating Penis Ring Sex Toy for Couples offers. It's super-soft, very-bendable design offers multiple options when using it. Wear the cock ring with the vibrator nubs facing outwards to pleasure your partner, and turn the cock ring around to make those same vibrators stimulate the testicles during use.

Stealth Remote Control Vibrator

If you're looking for an easy way to play in public with a discreet toy that no one will know about, the Stealth Remote Control Vibrator is the perfect fit. The adjustable vibrator will fit onto any pair of panties and provide instead clitoral stimulation. Hand the included remote over to your partner, hit the town, and enjoy all the sensations that this orgasmic vibrator can provide!

Telescopic Dildo Vibrator Sex Toy

Are you looking to play with public, remote-controlled play but want something that goes beyond just the clitoris? That's where the Telescopic Dildo Vibrator Sex Toy comes in. Also remote controlled, this vibrator provides three points of orgasmic contact in a slim sex toy that fits inside of the panties. It offers anal stimulation, vaginal stimulation, and clitoral stimulation - all in one! Use the included remote to control the vibrations and pleasure without interrupting sex!

10 Mode Panties Wireless Remote Control Panty Vibrator

If you're heading out in public to somewhere quiet, those previous two toys might be too loud. With that in mind, going for a fully-insertable vibrator will make the least noise and will keep your public pleasure as discreet as possible. Since the vibrator is entirely insertable, you can use the remote control to scroll through the 10 modes while the body muffles most of the vibration sound. Even in quiet areas, the 10 Mode Panties Wireless Remote Control Panty Vibrator can still be a good choice!

Select One of the Best Couple's Vibrators 2020

As you can see, there are a lot of couple's vibrators to choose from. Public play vibrators, cock rings, and couple's intercourse vibrators have brought up the year 2020 with a ton of great options to choose from. Decide what you'd like to experience with your couple's vibrator and give it a try!

What do you look for in a couples sex toy?

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