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The Case For Men’s Sex Toys – Why You Should Be Using Them

The Case For Men’s Sex Toys – Why You Should Be Using Them

  • Thursday, 09 January 2020
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While women's sex toys are slowly becoming normalized through mainstream media, men's sex toys still have a way to go. Mainstream media still views men's sex toy's as the funny "punchline" of their jokes. Fortunately for all of us, men's sex toys are way more than just a funny joke - they're just plain orgasmic to use! While we wait for society to catch up, why not enjoy the benefits that men's sex toys can provide? Whether you're looking at cock rings, Fleshlights, male vibrators, prostate massagers, penis pumps, or sex dolls, using a men's sex toy can be hot - and change your sex life for the better!

Now that I have you interested in men's sex toys, here's why you should be using them:

New Sensations

Ready to play with new sensations? That's a big draw of men's sex toys! It's hard to turn down getting to experience all-new, erotic sensations during your self-pleasure sessions. No matter which type of men's sex toys you use, you're going to get an experience that feels different than your standard, hands-only masturbation session. Why not try some new sensations?

Added Realism

You might be looking for something that's more realistic than your current routine - which likely just includes your hand. That's where some men's sex toys can come into play. While not all male masturbation sleeves are designed to mimic vaginal, oral, or anal sensations, most of them are. This means a much-more realistic sensation compared to just using your own hand! (Protip: If your masturbation sleeve is waterproof, allow the sleeve to soak in hot water before you plan on using it. This will make the sleeve warm and allow it to feel even more realistic!)

Different Visuals

In addition to being a bit more realistic, a lot of men's sex toys can change your usual "visual" expectations - both for the sex itself and your own penis. Not only does the visual of "entering" a sleeve look hot as hell, but cock rings can change the appearance of your penis as well. With the restriction that a ring provides, expect to see your own penis looking firmer and more erect than your usual playtime without the ring.

Explore New Erogenous Zones

Have you explored the orgasmic potential of your prostate? If not, you might be missing out! As the prostate can be hard to hit without a sex toy, many men haven't felt the sensations of prostate stimulation. Why not use men's sex toys as a great excuse to explore your erogenous zones - all of them!

Last Longer (or Shorter!) In Bed

If nothing else convinced you, maybe this will. Use of sex toys can change how long you can last when you're with another sex partner. Male masturbation sleeves designed with more-intense-than-realistic designs will train your body to last even longer when you're inside another person. Male masturbation sleeves with looser designs will help train your body away from the "deathgrip solo masturbation syndrome" to make it easier to cum when with a partner. And of course, that's not even including cock rings - which can firm your erection, help you last longer in bed, and increase your orgasm intensity when your orgasm finally happens! (Curious about cock rings? ) There are a lot of benefits of using sex toys that can blend over into when you're intimate with another person.

Try Some Men's Sex Toys

As you can see, no matter what type of men's sex toys you're looking to use, there are some amazing benefits to giving them a try! Not only can it change how you enjoy partnered sex, but it also can change your own solo masturbation session! There's really no reason not to give them a try!

What are your favorite men's sex toys? Have you noticed any other benefits while using them?

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