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Sex Toys for Men

What Are The Best Sex Toys For Men?

What Are The Best Sex Toys For Men?

  • Friday, 06 March 2020
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Any sex toy that feels good against or in your body is a great sex toy for men. But if you’re looking for something more specific, you’ve got more options than you realize.

Check out some of the best sex toys for men and the top-rated sex toy in each category that our customers love enough to give five stars!

Note: We recognize that not all men have a penis. In this post we’re focusing specifically on sex toys that men with a penis can use. You can find all types of sex toys on our shop.

Butt Plugs

If you have a butt, you can play with a butt plug. They’re an equal opportunity sex toy that knows no gender or sexuality. The anus is filled with nerve endings that, for many people, feel amazing when stimulated. A butt plug is a great way to enjoy anal play alone or with a partner.

Look for a butt plug that has a wide base or handle at the end. It should also be tapered at the top for easy entry. If you want a little oomph, check out the Booty Rocket. It’s made of body-safe silicone and has all the features you want in a good plug. Plus, it vibrates for extra stimulation and more pleasure.

Cock Rings

Cocks rings have plenty of uses: extra stimulation, bigger orgasms, and help for those who have erectile dysfunction. But for some guys and their partners, they’re simply a lot of fun. Do you want to last even longer or tease yourself by prolonging your orgasm?  The right cock ring gives you that and more.

You can go as simple as you want with a cock ring. A basic rubber ring  can be just as effective as the more complicated styles that include vibrations. Put it on before you get hard and let it sit at the base of your shaft or your testicles, whichever you prefer. As you become erect, the blood will flow in but it won’t easily flow back out.

Prostate Massagers

The prostate, also known as the p-spot, is thought to be the equivalent of the g-spot in women and other people with vulvas. When you hit it just right, you can experience some of the biggest, most mind-blowing orgasms of your life. Prostate massage is also good for your health, helping you prevent erectile dysfunction and even prostate cancer.

While you can put your finger up your butt and tap that p-spot, you can also use sex toys, too. The Ass-Gasm is a manual prostate massager that requires no batteries, while the Pinpoint Probe gives you feel good vibes with the push of a button. Once you discover how good prostate massage can feel, you’ll might be hooked.

Strokers and Sleeves

Masturbation strokers and sleeves are a great way to add sensation and give your hand a break. While most people think of these as solo sex toys, they can also be used with a partner. Mutual masturbation, kinky play, or simply using it during foreplay are all legitimate options to have fun with a stroker.

 Pocket pussies and Fleshlight are the two most popular type of strokers. Don’t let the name “pocket pussy” fool you — these can be shaped like a pussy, mouth, or anus. Fleshlights are an amazing brand that focuses on comfort and texture. Even better, you can usually find your favorite porn star has a Fleshlight modeled on their body.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are mostly thought of as penis enlargers, and they’re definitely used that way by many men. But they’re also another way to get and stay erect while also experiencing new sensations. Use it to look bigger, feel great, or both. No shame or judgment here.

Not all penis pumps are the same, and if you’re looking for top quality, check out the Hydromax X30. It offers 35 percent more suction than other penis pumps and is made for single hand use even in the shower. It temporarily makes your penis bigger and adds amazing stimulation and sensation while you use it.


All of the toys we’ve talked about need one thing to make them feel amazing and work well — lubricant. Without lube, you’ll get nothing but friction and pain when you try to use your new sex toy. Every time you stick something up your butt, apply lube. When you stick your penis in something, use lube. Make lube your new best friend, and your sex toy experience will be much better.

What kind do you need? It depends on the material of your toy. If you’re using a jelly, rubber, CyberSkin, or silicone sex toy, choose Supor Adult Product water-based lube

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