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5 Clitoral Suction Vibrators That Will Make You Scream in Pleasure

5 Clitoral Suction Vibrators That Will Make You Scream in Pleasure

  • Friday, 08 May 2020
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What Is a Clitoral Suction Vibrator?

Most vibrators rely on, well, vibrations! A motor inside of the toy will move back and forth inside the toy - causing the toy itself to move in very, very small movements. That's what we call "vibrations". Instead of relying on just vibrations, a clitoral suction vibrator does something entirely different! The hollow tip of this vibrator is pressed up against the clitoris - and surrounds the clitoris. Once this tip is pressed firmly enough against the body (to create a temporary, semi-air-tight "seal" around the clit), the toy is turned on. With this "seal" created, the vibrator is able to gently "suck" through the tip which provides gentle (or powerful, depending on your setting!) suction to the clitoris. It's a very, very different sensation than vibrations! (Do you know about the other 7 types of vibrators?  )


5 Clitoral Suction Vibrators That Will Make You Scream in Pleasure

Now that you know what clitoral suction vibrators are, we're pretty sure you want to try one of your own. And why shouldn't you? They're powerful, easily-orgasmic, and very, very potent! We know it can be hard to pick out a clit suction vibe with so many options out there, so we've compiled a simple list to make it easier. These 5 toys offer a great place to start!


Vagina Sucking Vibrator Sex Toy for Woman: Welcome to the original clitoral sucking vibrator design! A clitoral sucking tip that's attached to a long, easy-to-hold handle, this clitoral sucking vibrator is the standard vibrator from where all of the other clitoral sucking vibrator designs were born. Enjoy its powerful suction that gets straight to the point - and if that isn't enough, the handle is an insertable dildo that also vibrates!


Oral Sex Dildo Licking Tongue Vibrator: Add even more sensation to your clitoral sucking sensations! This dual stimulation suction vibrator hits so many of your pleasure zones at once. Not only does the clitoral suction area provide suction, but it also has a small "tongue" within the suction area for added stimulation. Partnered with the fact that this vibrator slides inside the body for simultaneous g-spot stimulation, you have a lot of pleasure on your hands!


IKOKY Squirrel Sculpt 10-Frequency Vibration Tongue Vibrator: If you love your sex toys on the playful side, this adorable vibe has you covered! In a "surprised squirrel" design, the "mouth" of the squirrel is the clitoral suction area. When pressed against the clitoris, this area offers the pleasure clitoral suction you've come to know and love. The squirrel's tail offers an easy-to-use handle too!


OLO Tongue Vibrating Clit Sucker Vibrator: Pleasure multiple erogenous zones at once with this dual stimulation vibe. It's a clitoral suction vibrator - but with a small, mini dildo attached! Slide the mini dildo into the body and allow the clit sucker to match up to your own anatomy. Turn on both ends to experience clitoral suction and internal vibration - all at the same time!


VATINE Telescopic Rotation Dildo: Take dual stimulation to the next level with the VATINE Telescopic Rotation Dildo! This full-length dildo slides into the body while the handle includes a suction toy for the clit built right in! Once the VATINE is fully inside the body, turn on the pumping, and the interior dildo will thrust itself in and out of the body while you enjoy the powerful suctions from the opposite end. Talk about a lot of stimulation at once!


Despite being new, the world of clitoral sucking vibrators has exploded! Not only can you find basic sucking vibrators, but you can find fully-featured toys now too. We know it might seem overwhelming at first, but by checking out these 5 clitoral suction vibrators that will make you scream in pleasure, you have a great start for exploring the world of clit suction vibrators.

What features do you look for in a clitoral suction vibrator? Do you have a favorite clitoral suction vibrator?

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