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Top 5 Best Male Vibrators 2019

Top 5 Best Male Vibrators 2019

  • Friday, 03 January 2020
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You might be wondering: "What is a Male Vibrator?" Exactly how it sounds, a male vibrator is a vibrator designed to stimulate the penis. Instead of a woman's vibrator (which may be designed for clitoral or penetrative stimulation), a male vibrator is especially crafted to stimulate the shaft, perineum, and balls. Many male vibrators are built into male masturbation sleeves - and others may be attached to a cock ring that can rest around the base of the penis. While women's vibrators can work great as vibrators for men when pressed to the right spots, a male vibrator is especially crafted to stimulate the male anatomy.

Can a Penis Cum by Vibrations Alone?

Absolutely! While a lot of people assume that stroking and thrusting is required for a penile orgasm, it certainly isn't! Vibrations alone can cause an orgasm - especially when they're powerful vibrations (like from a wand vibrator!) applied to the most sensitive parts of the penis. However, that's no reason that you have to abandon the stroking or thrusting. Nowadays, most vibrating men's toys are designed with both in mind: a stroking male sex toy with built-in vibrations for even more stimulation during use!

Top 5 Best Male Vibrators 2019

I'm sure your interest is piqued now. A new way to explore your sexuality - and get yourself off? That's exactly what a male vibrator can provide! Consider some of these Top 5 Best Male Vibrators in 2019:

Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex Male Masturbation Cup: A great start to your journey in male vibrators, this masturbation sleeve is a tight, pleasurable chamber that you can thrust into - that just happens to have additional vibrations equipped in it. When you're done, just plug it in via the USB cord to charge, and you'll have a male vibrator that's ready to go again when you are!

TENGA SVR Smart Vibe Ring Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring: Designed for pleasure of the entire penile area, the TENGA SVR Smart Vibe Ring Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring offers a powerful vibrator attached to a ring that's simple to use. When slid onto the penis, the powerful vibrator can be placed against the testicles for added stimulation to the perineum during use.

Double O 8 Vibrating Double Cock Ring: A lovely male vibrator that helps your erection staying power, this vibrating sex toy comes equipped with two rings - one to wrap around the base of the shaft and one to wrap around the base of the testicles at the same time. With double the restriction, this male vibrator helps the penis stand at attention while the pleasurable vibrations help drive you over the edge.

Svakom Tyler Couple Vibrating Cock Ring: Equipped with a thick vibrator, this cock ring slips easily over the shaft to provide vibrations to the entire area. Not only that, but if you ever choose to use it with a partner, this vibrating cock ring is designed to pleasure your partner as well! With the textured surface to press up against the sensitive areas during intercourse, this couple's ring adds extra sensation to intercourse – or just your solo play!


Ass-Gasm Waterproof Anal Stimulation Vibrator with Cockring: Enjoy anal pleasure with your masturbation session? The Ass-Gasm might be the perfect toy for you! Equipped with multiple vibrators, this toy slips inside the butt while also wrapping around the base of the cock. Once in place, the two vibrators pleasure those two erogenous zones.


As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to add vibrations to penis pleasure. While masturbation sleeves are a great way to enjoy it, vibrating cock rings can be fantastic as well. (New to cock rings? Don't forget to read about safe ways to use your new cock ring:  ) Adding a bit of intense vibrations to your pleasure time can be a great way to change up the sensations that get you off - and make your orgasm even more satisfying!

Have you tried any male sex toys that vibrate? Did you find that the vibrations added to your experience - and helped you ejaculate faster?

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