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  • What caught my eye with this product was the price, so I decided to give it a try. I don't know how this toy compares to others in this price range, but this one is worth the money. advantage: The build quality exceeded my expectations. Sleek look and feel like a sturdy product. The material of the sleeve itself seems to be a little denser than other products, but still has a very soft jelly feel. This is a plus because I've been ripped apart by toys in the past. Cons: Size. I sit about 6.5 inches long and average circumference for that size. The fit is very tight at first, but that's for suction. The insertable length is about 4.5 inches, but for a more natural oral experience, this is all you need. Vibration and suction are stronger than expected. I found one suction setting I liked and one vibration setting, and it was the only one that really made me happy. Final Verdict: For the price, this toy is great. It didn't surprise me, but it might make a difference for someone with less bedroom experience. If you're looking for a toy to suck your life away, this isn't for you. Actually, this toy is good for some edging. The rhythm wasn't enough to get me off in less than a few minutes, but I really enjoyed its long, slow sessions. If there was a bigger version, about 6.5-7 inches of insertable length, with more horsepower (suction and vibration strength), then I would definitely buy this one. Heck! I'm willing to pay $20 more for a product like this. All in all, I'm sure other toys have features that I prefer, but this one is worth the price.
  • This male cup is useful for solo play. It came wrapped in a white packaging with no label, delivery was really discrete. I like the design on it, it doe not appear as a sexual tool when you first see it. The charging light might not be noticed when the lighting is strong in your room but in shows in dim light. The toy itself feels really soft and gentle on you. It is deep enough to accommodate different sizes. Don't forget to use lube for a more pleasurable experience. The different vibration levels offer different experiences from regular to very intense. Cleaning is very easy by water and soap. When it says hands-free, do not confuse it the toys that can be placed on walls or smooth surfaces, this means you just put it on and let the vibration do the work.
  • I had previously tried a pump and was disappointed in how it performed. But this one exceeded expectations. Quite strong and keeps the pressure maintained where you set it. Unexpected pleasure when it senses that it needs to restore the pressure to the setting - quite pleasurable. The pump is entertaining in mixed company as is the silicone sleeve. Very much recommend this to anyone who is considering something like this.
  • This toy blew my mind. It might not do much for you if you aren’t on the thicker/girthier side, as the cup at the end is kinda wide (though you can angle it, hold it against you etc). The cup is full of little “tongues” - so it’s not like a flashlight spinning on you, but more like a bunch of fingertips. Add in the patterned back and forth rotations and oh my god did it blow my mind. Honestly best toy I’ve bought in a long while. The cup detaches for easy cleaning out too.
  • works as it should. totally different sensation s from anything else on yhe market. very highly recommended.
  • The product comes in a normal box-so transportation is cautious. After opening the Amazon box, it is in a white box, as you can see in my photos. The description in the settings and functions of the pump itself may be more detailed, but it is easy for you to figure it out by yourself. I do recommend that you use a small amount of lubricant when using the pump (and also want to use some lubricant on the "vaginal" part). I tried the first one-it worked very well. Once I was inflated, just slide the black rubber sheet down and slide the vagina into the tube and use it. Literally, it feels very good, I didn't expect this at all (even though I never tried one of them). For me it's 100% value for money.
  • Don't hesitate buy it I blew such a big load into this felt like heaven !!!! fking A+++++
  • This is by far one of the best toys I have ever purchased. Feels incredible, and very good quality. I looked at some of the higher priced similar toys, but they all had mixed reviews. This toy is priced very reasonably, and is fantastic. Very highly recommend!
  • this toy was amazing! it’s the perfect size, not too big or too small. the texture feels amazing on your “rod”. i’ve used it everyday since it came and i’ll definitely be using this a lot more!
  • The product feels very nice and very squishy and its pretty good in its size
  • Arrived in a timely manner in discreet packaging. The product itself has a nice weight to it and feels incredibly soft to touch. It feels great to use and is very easy to clean.This product has such a lifelike feel to it, very sturdy and easy to clean! Was shipped and delivered exceptionally quick, so satisfied. Cannot wait to order more products from you guys. Despite the small sizes the holes stretch easily, and there's more detail than you would expect for the price!
  • I wasn't sure what to expect from product when I ordered it. However that completely changed once the product arrived. Not only was it of very high quality materials but it was just the right amount of softness. My partner and were blown away with how it felt and had a wonderful time with it. Cant recommended this product enough. Best part is you don't have to worry about charging it or batteries dying. 5 star in my book.