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  • So amazing!!! Super textured and realistic thick labia brings me a wonderful experience!!! I love it! Can't wait to buy more toys.
  • I received this gift about 5 days ago and I wanted to wait and use it a few times to give a through review. In truth it really it amazing. I've tried a manual penis pump before that I feel wasn't horrible but wasn't exactly what I thought it would be, about 3.5 stars. This one however, took the cake from the beginning. When you use it for enlargement you have to treat it like a workout in order to get the most out of it, no pun intended. I wouldn't recommend doing it for that more than 20 minutes a few days out the week if that. The male masturbater/pussy pump part of it will blow you away. Again, no pun intended. You can use it with or without the vibrating egg, with or without the main engine, either way it will bring you satisfaction.
  • it came in discreet packaging which is good. it feels very very soft to the touch and is very squishy. very easy to clean! definitely recommend :))
  • First of all, as a single male working in the middle of nowhere, this is a life savor. I usually don't write many reviews, but this one brought a lot of fun to me, which makes meI have to share my user experience. It looks real out of the box, especially the inside, not just a plain hole.. the touching and texture, feels so real. For the first time you have to rinse it thourouhly inside and out, since there is some kind of power all over it, probably for protection purpose. After that, you are good to go. The hole is kinda tight, at least for me, which may not be a bad thing.. The thing i like the most is that the whole thing is made of silicon, so the weight really feels like a human butt, plus the material is very soft feels like real skin, it just feels so real. The cleaning is quite simple, just use water to rinse it inside and out, and let it dry out. So overall I am really glad with this purchase, definitely worth the money.
  • Great fleshlight!!! This product felt so great with all the different settings. Super easy to use and the packaging was great.
  • As discribed. Works good, gets to purpose.
  • Very fast delivery object compliant. Excellent seller.
  • This is a very interesting toy that can be placed in the bedroom, especially when you need to rest. There are 3 different holes and my guy likes each hole. Cleaning is also very simple. highly recommended!
  • Great male masturbator. It’s the perfect handheld size. You decide if you want mouth, vaginal or anal. I recommend all 3. The teeth are a nice addition it gives an extra bit of sensation. Cleaning is easy just run your soap and water through it. A drying stick would help with fully drying the inside. The material is soft and feels durable. The inside design makes for an amazing orgasm
  • The 3 holes on this toy are wonderful to switch back and forth between, lending it a versatility that most other sleeves don't have.
  • This 3 in 1 Male Masturbator is unbelievable. The Texture of the material is the most realistic I have felt plus it also super easy to clean. The 1st hole is the mouth with tongue and teeth inside it’s adds the perfect amount of extra stimulation. The 2nd hole is great because it is tighter around you and out it goes thru the other side of the mouth. The 3rd hole is great because it doesn't connect to the other two continuous holes so it makes it even more TIGHTER when you go deep into it. If I could give it 6 stars I would. I recommend you buy yourself one, you won't regret it.
  • Buy it! Enjoy it! Have a relaxing time all by yourself!!! Actually, wouldn’t expecting this toy to be as awesome as it is. But the first time I use it, amazing, this is what i'm looking for all the time. Beside, I like the red one, lol, gine me a differend feel. telescopic,vibration, I like all. 4 vibrating modes, 4 different felling, I like the 2 mode best. A little noise when it vibrate, normal. Easy to use, easy toclean. Do worry, buy it now. you'll love the red baby. Believe me!