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  • Works great!! I honestly have no complaints and it certainly gets the job done! Trust me, you’ll enjoy every single moment ;-)
  • Today I received my toy from WeDol and like others man was I impressed! Like a kid on Christmas I couldn’t wait to give it a spin( pun intended). Certainly satisfied! Great suction, extremely easy to clean and with the different modes and speeds it’s certainly room for a lot of fun! Thank you!
  • Just got and took it for a ride. The box it comes in is a plain black box with a name propropfit or something like that. I threw it out already to dispose of the evidence lol. I have the flesh lights and this feels by far better. Its definitely smaller then it looks. Its about inches wide but the orifices are proper sizes. Feels like the real thing. I took it for a test drive once I got it and once done it had me laughing out of pure joy which for me means a pure "wow". I had the larger pdx pipedream butts and it feels the same but more compact. I have to get a vr setup to put this to work. Closing my eyes while using this led to fireworks. I highly recommend get it.
  • I bought this for my husband and have a little fun when I am not at work. I can tell you that the toy is well made by inspecting the product in person. The main casing is opened, and the soft silicone sleeve can be easily removed and cleaned. As soon as I turned on the suction, I stuck my fingers inside, and could feel the "wall" tightly surrounding my fingers. Not very tight, but strong enough to notice that the vibration and suction functions are a good contact. After we lubricated with a water-based lubricant (Never use silicone on silicone toys), my husband slipped his masculinity into his sleeve, and his reaction was priceless. He has a real fleshlight, saying that petting is boring, but this thing is a small BJ machine! No need to stroke, just slide your penis in and let the machine serve you until it's done. There are multiple settings for vibration and suction, which will not disappoint. It is easy to clean up, and the sleeves are strong enough to be turned over and washed with mild soap and water. Some diluted rubbing alcohol may be thrown there to prevent bacterial growth. Make sure to dry completely before storing. The shell itself can be cleaned, but first remove the sponge to clean the shell by turning on the suction and allowing it to draw water into the sponge compartment. Overall, this is a great device when you need to give yourself some quick love.
  • The product is great to use together with the girlfriend in time a oral sex double.
  • This masturbator is very soft, with a realistic molded shape on the outside and many small textured pieces on the inside. The tongue can move independently. The teeth are hard and will not cause harm to your important parts! Before it comes out of the vaginal opening on the other side, it is open, which means that there will be no bubbles preventing you from being completely immersed in the water, and it can be easily cleaned with running water. The anal opening is closed. Although the material is not specified, I recommend using a water-based lubricant to ensure safety. Skin tones are not as dark as shown in the original photo. But it is a very beautiful color. I like it very much, but I think it is a bit too soft. When using it, be careful not to get the lubricating fluid everywhere, otherwise it will be very slippery.
  • A great toy! Red color and advanced designs bring me different surprises.And, actually, the perfect wrap feeling makesme feel the pleasure of oral sex, I like this. It gives me ultimate masturbation experience, other toys I already have before can't. The biggest feature is that this product is completely suitable for large-sized penis.The entrance of the channel is up to 2 in, no longer have to worry about the small size of other male masturbator cups. And, easy to clean, a little loud. It's worth buying.
  • Amazing features, a must try and must have, perfect for any time and where, quality device.
  • I have tried a lot of penis pump options because I am very self conscious of it and nothing has seemed to work in the past.After using this a few times I am throughly impressed,the suction power was a lot better than expected.I experienced thickness that I have not ever had before.
  • Quality good… something quick yet super part to abwechsel clothes.
  • This toy looks and feels amazing. The size is perfect for use and even easier to store. Cleaning is also a breeze since 2 out of 3 of the holes connect with each other.
  • this one does mostly justify the price. The quality of both the sleeve and case are top notch. The selling feature is that the sleeve is tighter than most of their line and is heavily ribbed. This combination is a perfect storm for explosive orgasms. it could be easier as it fully disassembles.