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Couples Vibrators

Couples Vibrators

Couple Vibrators

Couples vibrators are a great way to share an orgasmic experience with your partner or partners, adding adventure to romance and exploring each others' desires with these great vibrators for two!

What we offer

While this category sounds narrow and straightforward, it’s actually full of toys of a different type, size, and price. You can find anything from a simple cock ring to more complex units like the strapless strap or dual vibrators. It all comes d own to your own preferences and expectations, but one thing that we can guarantee is that you’ll definitely find something that’s going to open up a bunch of doors that lead to a completely new world of passion and horniness.

As far as our recommendations go, the Pipedream Wet and Wild Pleasure Collection kits include more or less everything you’ll ever need for a steamy night of ridiculously intense orgasms. The kit includes a cock sleeve, ring, massager, pleasure ring, G-spot sleeve, beaded pleasure ring, real feel sleeve, and a couple of premium lotions. In other words, it’s safe to say that you don’t have to worry about the lack of anything in case you opt to purchase this kit in particular. It comes in a cute and well-designed box, meaning it can be quite an anniversary gift for your significant other.

In case you lean more towards standalone toys, the Screaming-O Rechargeable Monarch Butterfly Ring is a product worth considering. It has 10 functions as well as firm and flexible wings that are designed to stimulate the clitoris by vibrating while also keeping the penis fully erect. As you can tell, this model is beneficial for both partners as it simultaneously stimulates the clitoris as well as the penis. Unlike some other battery-powered mechanisms, this one isn’t as complex and it doesn’t require any special setup procedures. It’s one of the simplest around, especially because it’s easily rechargeable via USB and doesn’t require an incredible amount of maintenance.

The ladies who would like to bring their man to the verge of incredibleness would be definitely interested in our newest arrival the Nasstoys Surenda Enhanced Oral Vibe. This oral vibe ring fits snuggly on the side of your mouth while you’re working the lollipop. The idea behind this concept is pretty simple – the ring stimulates the penis thanks to its 5 functions and thus enhances the experience. It’s important to add that it’s compatible only with water-based lubricants and it should be cleaned before and after every use.

Advantages and shortcomings

The benefits of vibrators are pretty obvious; they are designed to spark your curiosity and take you on a journey that you’ll never forget. However, playing with yourself can sometimes turn into a monotonous process and you’ll need a partner in crime sooner rather than later. The general consensus among the users of sex toys is that it’s much more fun to do when there’s someone who’s willing to share that moment with you. After all, synchronized orgasms are something most couples strive for.

As for the disadvantages, there truly aren’t many. Some would argue that there are much better ways to pursue the feeling of ultimate pleasure, but that’s more a matter of personal preferences than it is a written rule. Some couples that are on a more extreme side of the spectrum have complained about not being able to find an appropriate toy within this category, but there’s no need to worry about that because our BDSM page has you covered. While it’s not a downside per se, regular maintenance is crucial for both hygiene and sanitary reasons, meaning you have to take special care of your precious toys, or else you risk jeopardizing your and your partner’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these toys beginner-friendly?

A: Most of them are quite simple and easy to use. While we do offer some things for more experienced couples, we also have a bunch of beginner-friendly models as well as kits. If you’re an absolute beginner and are looking to spice up the bedroom adventures with your partner, we would recommend looking into classic vibrators.

Q: Are they shipped in discrete packages?

A: Yes, every product we ship arrives in an unmarked plain box. Many people are concerned about this due to potential embarrassment upon the arrival of the package. But don’t worry, all of our products are shipped in plain boxes.

Q: How Do Couples’ Vibrators Differ From Typical Toys?

A: Most frequently, something branded as a “couples’ vibrator” revolves around using the toy with a partner. You can usually use these toys on your own as well if you would rather do that. However, its ability to invite a partner into the bedroom is what typically sets it apart, you can also choose among many options of vibrator accessories or finger vibrators that also work great with a partner.

Q: Can My Partner and I Use the Same Toy?

A: Some people worry about hygiene issues when it comes to sharing a sex toy. If you’re in a committed relationship with one person, you can typically share your toy. Otherwise, you’re going to want to put a condom on the toy or discard it after sex. With so many different products at different price points, you can choose one that works perfectly for whatever you’re planning.

Q: What Are the Advantages of Different Control Types?

A: Most frequently, couples’ vibrators either use a wired or wireless remote to facilitate couple play. Bluetooth couples’ toys are moving further and further into the future, and many of them utilize app control now instead of coming with a dedicated remote. This makes it much easier to play no matter how far apart you are and if this interests you, you should definitely browse an entire collection with Bluetooth Vibrators options.

Q: Do I Need Any Special Cleaning for Couples’ Vibrators?

A: You should clean a couples’ vibrator just as you would any other sex toy. If you’re using a single toy with multiple people, you definitely need to use a condom to keep it safe. You should also clean every toy with a gentle toy cleaner regularly.