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Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable Dildos

🤔 What Exactly Are Inflatable Dildos?

Inflatable dildos are versatile pleasure products and adult novelties that enable you to pump and pump until you're filled right to the brim! So, if you love the sensation of depth, girth, and fullness, an inflatable dildo may just be the perfect toy for you.

Inflatable dildos are great for more advanced play and safely testing your limits. But before you dive right in, here's everything you need to know about inflatable dildos to help you get started, including what they are, how to use them, and the different types your dollars can buy.

An inflatable dildo is a sex toy that has the ability to inflate in size once inserted by using an attached pump to increase the size of the dildo and achieve a feeling of complete fullness and stretch.

Since vaginas differ in size and shape when aroused, inflatable dildos take advantage of the fact that arousal causes the upper two-thirds of a vagina to expand, even to the point where it can double in size, this is known as vaginal tenting.

Inflatable dildos are further useful for anal use and anal practice. Simply because they are easier to insert than a larger dildo, yet can reach the same or larger size.

If you are unsure of the size of inflatable dildos you can also try other models such as: small realisticlarge realisticvibrating realistic dildos or take a look at the wide variety of our extensive collection from realistic dildos.

💡 How To Properly Use My Inflatable Dildos?

Before use, it's recommended to practice blowing up the dildo to gauge how much it inflates with each squeeze of the bulb so you know your limits before you get started.

To use an inflatable dildo, apply a generous amount of personal water-based lubricant to the uninflated dildo to ease the stretching of delicate inner tissue. Insert it until you reach your desired insertion length, then begin inflating. For beginners, inflate slowly to lower the risk of the inflatable dildo reaching an uncomfortable size too quickly.

🌮 Pro Tips On Using Your Inflatable Dildo Vaginally

When using an inflatable dildo in your or your partner's vagina, apply a small amount of personal water-based lubricant and insert the dildo, at this point you can inflate the dildo a bit if this helps with insertion. Once inside the vagina, inflate the dildo until you feel full, some people will even inflate the dildo until it is slightly uncomfortable. Whenever it's too uncomfortable simply release some air until reaching a preferred volume.

🍑 Pro Tips On Using Your Inflatable Dildo Anally

Before insertion into your anal cavity or your partner's, it's recommended to massage the sphincter muscle, as well as a conscious mental effort to relax your muscles down there. If experiencing any discomfort upon insertion, stop for a while, let the muscles relax, and push on when you're ready. If it's not going in, don't force it! Again, once inside, inflate the dildo to a desirable length and width and deflate when it's too uncomfortable.

If you're not an experienced anal play veteran we recommend using an anal training kit and working your way up to larger-sized anal toys.

💡 Important Features to Consider When Purchasing an Inflatable Dildo

When you’re close to making an informed decision regarding the purchase of an inflatable dildo or an inflatable knot dildo, there are some factors that need considering. Because these are very different from regular dildos, the considerations might be different too.

💯 Trustworthy Domestic Brand - Proudly Made in the USA

For an inflatable dildo or an inflatable knot dildo, choose the domestic brands we've displayed in our inflatable dildos collection. With this, you'll have your peace of mind, knowing the product you've chosen has been responsibly and proudly made in the USA!

📏 Size is Important and it Matters!

Like any other pleasure toy, size matters. We've got you covered with regular-sized inflatable dildos but we also have the huge ones to fit everyone's erotic whims and fetishes. The last will undoubtedly deliver overwhelming sensations, especially if you consider yourself a well-trained lust veteran. If you're new to inflatable dildos, start by trying smaller-sized cumming dildos to assess your tolerance. The following inflatable dildo sizes are available for your pleasure:

  • 3 - 5 inches in length
  • 5 - 6 inches in length
  • 6 - 8 inches in length
  • 9 - 11 inches in length
  • 12+ inches in length

👅 What's Your Inflatable Dildo Made Of?

The materials that the inflatable dildos and inflatable knot dildos are made from are more important than most people realize. Think about when you shop for clothes – you'd go for denim because it’s hard-wearing, cotton for cool crispness, a jersey for stretch and comfort, synthetics for special properties such as water resistance, and silk for its luxury feel against the skin. And so on and so forth.

It is much the same when it comes to choosing a sex toy. Materials like silicone, plastic, rubber, and glass not only look and feel different, they perform differently too, so it’s all up to what you want from your pleasure products – and, of course, what your budget allows.

Here’s a handy round-up of the most commonly used materials for inflatable dildos along with their pros and cons:

Silicone - inflatable dildos made from pure silicone, medical silicone, or platinum silicone

Silicone is enjoying a massive surge in popularity and it’s easy to understand why. Silky smooth to the touch, it allows for gorgeous, shapely higher-end realistic dildos, pleasure products, and adult novelties that feel good to insert either vaginally or anally. It’s non-porous, too, so it’s easy to clean and long-lasting. Inflatable dildos made from silicone are phthalate and latex-free, are odorless, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and totally tasteless.


Latex is a smooth, flexible form of rubber that can be made into amazing shapes, including inflatable sex toys. It has a smooth finish that can be polished with a silicone-based lubricant to give it a glossy, wet-look shine. It does require some special care to prolong its life, and some people are put off by the slight smell, but there are plenty of die-hard latex fans too.

Jelly Rubber

One of the cheapest materials around, flexible (but rather smelly) jelly rubber is now going out of fashion for sex toys. While it can be shaped and colored to almost any specification, some jelly rubbers contain phthalates, so always check the packaging if this matters to you.

Skin-safe Rubber

This smooth, versatile material – also called TPE/TPR (thermoplastic elastomer/rubber) – is softer than hard plastics and is used to make toys with different levels of firmness and flexibility. It’s compatible with water-based lubes, but you might notice a slight ‘nail polish’ smell due to its chemical composition.

Realistic Feel Materials

This is a broad term for sex toys made with tactile materials that are designed to be natural in both look and feel, particularly toys for men such as Fleshlights. CyberSkin, Real Feel Super Skin, Better-Than-Real, Fanta Flesh… all of these, and more are names for essentially the same elastomer-based material.

Realistic feel materials are porous, so it’s important to clean them thoroughly and then use a renewer powder to keep them soft and velvety. They’re compatible with water-based lubricants, but for some people, the rubbery smell and taste and the higher level of care required can be downsides.

❤️ Are Inflatable Dildos Safe to Use?

Inflatable dildos made from pure silicone, food-grade silicone, medical silicone, platinum-cured silicone, borosilicate glass, or stainless steel are safe to use. These materials are non-porous, so bacteria won’t have any spaces to hide and thrive.

💡 All sexual wellness products, inflatable dildos, inflatable anal dildo, giant inflatable dildo, are intended for use as a novelty only. Any product use for medical purposes or for a use that has an adverse effect on the body is prohibited.

🛒 Time To Choose Your Inflatable Dildos

Indeed, inflatable dildos, and inflatable knot dildo, are great ways to explore the deepest fetishes you never knew existed, with or without a partner, and fuel the fires of your primordial desires.

🍑 Happy shopping for Inflatable Dildos with us!