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Male Sex Toys

Male Sex Toys


Men are simple creatures. Generally, when considering sex toys from a male perspective, two things come to mind: Masturbation aids and lesbian porn. So outside of fleshlights and vibrating strapons, there’s not much left to be said, right? Wrong.

Adult toys for men have enjoyed almost as much technological innovation as sextoys designed specifically for women have, which is quite a bit. Sure, there are definitely masturbation aids like fleshlights and Tenga cups , but there are also lifelike sex dolls, vibrating pussies, and a number of other delightfully designed pleasure palaces for you to get off in. Don’t discount the joys of sex toys for men just yet.

There are also couples sex toys, designed to increase the pleasure that both partners experience. Enhancement tools and supplements. Strokers, sleeves, and stimulators! While this might all seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the idea of purchasing adult toys for more than just a night in. Stick with us and we’ll break down the hottest toys designed specifically for him, her, and them.

Why Men Need Sex Toys Too

It’s no secret that the male libido works a bit differently than its female counterpart. Men are sexually charged beings, and their drive to do rarely diminishes over time. Which is one of the main reasons sex toys for boys is more than just a catchy slogan. Men masturbate on average 4x as often as females. But, this is not a shameful statistic. Science has shown us repeatedly that regular masturbation is especially important for men’s health. And twice as nice when you use sextoys.

Regular masturbation can serve to reduce pain and stress, boost immune and metabolism function, as well as improve cardiovascular health. Perhaps even more compelling, is that regular male masturbation has been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers- like that of the prostate. So as they say “self-help is the best help”, but it turns out that masturbation with adult toys can prove to be pretty beneficial for your relationship as well.

Sex toys  can help improve confidence and performance. Getting comfortable with your own body and what it is that turns you on, allows you to be more comfortable discussing your desires with your partner- which can improve intimacy and boost sexual habits. You might be surprised to hear that your partner is just as happy to use sex toys for boys as you are.

Sex Toys for Men Demystified

There are a ton of fantastic and creative sex toys for men and sexual enhancement tools to choose from, but with variety comes choice, which can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. Choosing which toys to use can be an intense experience, especially if you’re not quite sure what it is that you’re into. The beauty of sextoys is that they allow you to try out a few fantasies you might have all on your own, letting you get comfortable with the experience. Helping you to decide if that particular kink you’ve been thinking about is actually right for you.

Get ready gents, because we’re taking you on a magical and educational tour to help you figure out exactly which adult toys for men are right for you.

Solo Sex Toys for Men

Whether you’re choking the chicken or slapping the bishop, solo masturbation can be a stress-relieving, empowering, and really pleasurable experience. Especially if you have the tools you need to explore each and every fantasy you have. Choosing the right sex toys for boys can help reduce pain and friction. These toys are designed to give you the best experience with the lowest possible maintenance.

Male Masturbators

Masturbators come in all shapes, sizes, and design. Depending on what you’re looking for, things like Tenga cups and fleshlights are toys that can offer you a discreet and totally totable experience. Male Masturbators such as these are usually comprised of silicone molds held within an inconspicuous plastic shell. They’re easy to clean and you will be shocked at how good they feel.

Often, the silicone molds have a variety of different textures and suction to choose from. For the best experience, snag an approved lube and toy cleaning solution to keep your Masturbators in top condition for all your naughty needs.


Vibrating pussies and fleshlights are crafted to feel and look like the real thing, but these sex toys are specially equipped with vibratory and pulsating settings to rock your shaft better than any other product available.

Pocket pussies and pocket anuses are ideal for a realistic experience without too many bells and whistles. Simple to use and incredibly soft, these devices not only give you a realistic look, but also an incredible feel. Combine them with warming lube to really take your orgasm to the next level just by using a sex toy. Some fleshlights and pocket pussies are even molded to look identical to the picture-perfect pussies of your favorite porn stars. Turning fantasy into reality.

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have come a long way in the last few years. While the favorite blow-up style doll still exists, new models are specially designed to appear more realistic. Made out of unbelievably lifelike silicone, high-end dolls come with holes in all the right places.

Choosing just a torso is sometimes even easier than getting an entire doll. Big beautiful tits or a tight round ass are always ready and waiting for you, anytime you’re feeling naughty. Sex toys for boys are always ready to go, meaning that you don’t have to wait to masturbate. These dolls can come with different textures and a number of other pleasure promoting options.

Male Sex Toys for Couples

Now, most couples sex toys can just as easily be integrated into solo play, but hey, sometimes having a partner just makes all that fun twice as nice. Sex toys for men aren’t just for him. Consider using any specially designed toy as a mutual masturbation aid. Or let your partner become the star of your fantasy by using sex toys for boys as kinky startup for foreplay.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers  are specially designed to stimulate the prostate gland, often referred to as the male G-spot. These discrete and fun little gadgets often vibrate for an intensive and powerful orgasm.

Sex toys like buttplugs and anal beads can also provide prostate stimulation, so if you’ve already experienced the magic of a mini magician prostate vibrator, it might be time to move up a notch and try out some dedicated anal play. These toys also work for her, so they can be easily integrated into couples play.

Condom Sleeves

 Condom sleeves are simple silicone wraps that slide over the shaft of the penis, not only keeping your dirty deeds incredibly clean, but they also serve to increase pleasure and sensation. Another sex toy for boys that makes sex all the better for her!

Condom sleeves come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Grab your partner and choose a sleeve together! What you find might just pleasantly surprise you both.


Strapons can be a ton of fun. While generally thought of as a women’s sex toy, strap ons can be integrated with penis sleeves or vibrating toys designed especially for him. Once again blasting through the stereotypes that sex toys for men are just for him.

They’re also spectacular for exploration anal play. Pegging isn’t just for pirates anymore.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are a fantastic addition to the bedroom. They can not only serve to improve both performance and size, but many rings are designed to increase the sensations of their user.

Vibrating cock rings are sex toys that offer a great way to stimulate the shaft while directing blood flow towards the head, making every second of sex that much more enjoyable for everyone.

Penis Enlargement

Mechanical agents, like pumps and extenders, are an excellent way to train your wang on your own time. While these tools aren’t generally considered sex toys for boys, they are definitely part of a balanced and fun sexual routine. Used properly, these assistive devices are primed to improve the way you feel about your penis.

Lubes, lotions, and supplements are another great way to improve the size and function of your genitals. Many are designed to be used during sex with a partner, so don’t be afraid to ask for a little help when applying!