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Nipple Toys

Nipple Toys

Buy Nipple Toys for Better Orgasms

Our nipple toys category is a uniquely designed combination of popular and exciting pumps, clamps, suckers, stimulators, vibrators and arousal gels for couples who want to experiment and play in the bedroom together.

Nipple clamps are ideal for couples to increase sexual pleasure during lovemaking, not to mention they look devilishly sexy when clips are dangling freely from your lover's breasts. Not just for women, you'd be surprised how many men are jumping on the vibrating clamps bandwagon too. Discover what are nipple clamps if you're brand new to the whole concept of breast play.

Vibrating Nipple Toys
Vibration + suction = pure erotic joy.

Amazing Nipple Clamps that Vibrate!

Vibrating nipple clamps add the extra touch of stimulation that is often enough to bring on an orgasm. Some are wireless and self contained while some are corded and have an extra powerful motor similar to what you would find in an ordinary vibrator. Check out the best nipple vibrator  here for some unique and trendy ideas to try.

If you're new to nipple clamps, you may want to consider the adjustable tweezers or clover style first because you can adjust the tightness to keep it light and mild, or tight and extreme. Often you'll start easy and work your way up as they get used to the pinch!

Boost Orgsams with Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers are the best choice for foreplay because the pumping and suction helps the mind to get in the mood for sex by stimulating one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on the body. Small suckers offer a light tease whereas large suckers produce a more powerful vacuum and create intense stimulation. Find out about  using nipple suckers here to learn how they work!

Guys benefit from nipple sex toys just as much as ladies because the fierce suction enhances orgasm strength while masturbating alone. A vibrating vacuum pump simulates sucking action, these toys are unrelenting in their erotic enhancement, most will stay stuck to your body until you release the air vacuum. They can stay on your body for the duration of lovemaking too.

Nipple creams & arousal gels are a thick and viscous tingling gel that encourages blood flow to the area which makes it become more erect and look bigger than normal. Tingling cream also increases sensitivity so when your partner licks, sucks or nibbles, it's WAY more intense! Combine arousal gel with nipple pumps for a ferocious boost to sexual stimulation. Pro Tip: Just be careful not to get the gel on the rubber or silicone tipped clamps because they may slip off.