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Female Sex Toys

Female Sex Toys


As more and more women are becoming comfortable with their bodies and empowered with their own brand of beauty and sexuality, sextoys are here to stay.

Being a woman  means that it’s your body and your choice, and we’re here to help in any way we can, specifically when it comes to sex toys for girls and how to use them. We’ll explore all of the different products and toys that help you own your orgasm. No shame. No guilt.

Erotic pleasures are something that everyone deserves to enjoy. Exploring your mind and body can help improve many aspects of your life- from lowering stress to improving your mental and physical health. Promoting sex positivity and improving communication are the fundamental foundations to taking control of your sexual wellbeing, and sex toys for women are the way forward. We’ve got the guide you need to answer your most burning questions.

All About the O With Sex Toys For Women

There’s no time like the present to become the CEO of the bedroom. Whether it’s solo play, or a naughty night in with your partner, sex toys can help to evolve your sex life and take your pleasure to new heights.

Studies have shown that women who masturbate regularly are privy to a number of different health benefits. Things like better cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, reduction of chronic pain, and even an enhanced libido. Women who masturbate generally have better sex, as they are familiar with all of the things that turn them on. They know what it takes to bring themselves to orgasm and are often more confident in the bedroom because of it. Sex toys for women who masturbate can help eliminate associated pains, like arthritis flair ups during manual stimulation. Sextoys also help protect women from the injuries or infections that using sex toy substitutes can cause.

Adult toys are a fantastic way to aid in self exploration and improve intimacy between partners, often taking away the pressure to perform perfectly. Bringing sex toys for girls and women into your relationship can make these items even more useful and better value. Helping you learn how to enjoy one another in a fun and intimate environment, allowing couples to become more comfortable being vulnerable with one another. Regularly reaching orgasm on your own through masturbation can help reduce performance anxiety and help you relax when you find yourself between the sheets with that special someone. 

Intro to Sex Toys For Women

If you’re just getting started and haven’t yet purchased a sex toy of your own, sometimes the sheer volume of choice can seem pretty overwhelming. Do you dare get a fancy dildo that twists and vibrates? Or would a mini-bullet work best? Of all the sex toys for women in mind, how do you know which one is best suited for you?

If you’re considering taking the plunge to play with a partner, how do you choose which toy best fits your particular situation? Which sextoys are best for couples play? How do you convince your partner to try adult toys? Are sex toys for girls also useful for men?

There are a lot of great questions to be asked, so for now, we’ll start slow.

Essentially, sex toys are a spectacular way to help aid you in living out your most intimate fantasies. Exploring your body, while at the same time indulging in your imagination is a great way to become comfortable with your own sexual preferences. These toys also help you become more familiar with how your body feels and looks.

If you’re considering asking a friend to play along, remember that consent is everything. Everyone has a fundamental right to feel comfortable in their own bodies. As long as no one is getting hurt, exploring fantasies is something that couples should be able to do together, without feeling rejected or insecure. Before you introduce sex toys to your partner, make sure to discuss your desire to do so first. That way no one is surprised when you bring out your favorite toy.

The best ways to integrate sextoys into your routine is to buy, try, and talk about them.

Best Sex Toys for Women

Exploring your own body and figuring out what it is that turns you on does more than just improve your big O prowess. Becoming familiar with how your body looks and feels has actually been shown to improve body positivity and decrease the risk of certain cancers going unnoticed. Using adult toys for women helps you to get comfortable with the normal contours of your body, making it much more obvious should something seem abnormal. No wonder masturbation feels so good!

Perhaps the greatest thing about almost any sex toy designed for women, is that what makes for good masturbation material, also can function as a really great couples toy. It’s basically two toys in one. Making sex toys for girls easily double up as a sex toy for all!


Vibrators are definitely the best tool for any girl to have in her drawer. Designed for clitoral stimulation, these buzzing beauties also have many hidden health benefits. Especially if your post menopausal. Generally thought of as just a young persons sextoy, vibrators can help improve blood flow and lubrication to your most intimate areas.

Bullet vibrators are an ideal sex toy when you’re looking for discreet packaging and portable pleasure. Some are even cleverly disguised as lipstick. Big or small, vibrators are a must have for any girl who gets hers.


Massagers are the ideal multipurpose tool. Once you’re done working out the kinks in your neck, you can then start exploring the kinks in your bedroom. Massagers are perfect for those of us with a less than specific knowledge of our favorite erogenous zones. With large wand heads and easy to hold design, massagers are the perfect sex toy for girls and adventurers.


Depending on what your fantasy entails - there is definitely a dildo to help make it happen. From ultra realistic, to fun and fanciful, dildos can offer many different types of stimulation.

To really improve your orgasm, consider choosing a dildo that offers clitoral stimulation as well as penetrative power. Giving the go to sex toy for women an extra pop! Pulsating beads and oscillating heads can help you find that elusive G spot.

Women Sex Toys for Couple Foreplay

Partners who play together, stay together. This is especially true of relationships where either partner is comfortable sharing in their vulnerabilities and desires. Toys are only a great addition to the bedroom when both parties are willing to discuss and embrace their naughty notions.

Foreplay occasionally gets a bad rep, but it’s an important part of passionate sex. Good foreplay is not only assured to up your O factor, but also extend the time spent with your partner, boost confidence, and well- it’s just a whole lot of fun. One of the best ways to improve foreplay for couples is to introduce sex toys for women, and let your partner see exactly why they’re made with girls in mind.

Bondage Sex Toys

Bondage has gotten quite a bit of press in the last few years, igniting the imaginations of people all around the world. Handcuffs, nipple clamps, and even feather wands are all sex toys for women specifically designed to ease into the world of BDSM without fear of injury. Explore your Dom side and spice up the bedroom with lustful desire. Always remember to have a safe word!


Perhaps the one sextoy designed for women in India that is best used with a partner, strapons allow women to explore their powerful curiosities. Great for anal and vaginal play, many Strapons come equipped with pulsating or vibratory designed to stimulate the wearer while pleasing your partner.

Remote Vibrators

Remote vibrators are ideal for those couples that want to be a little wild. While these clever little devices are also great for solo play, remote vibrators are even better when you give the control to your partner. Spruce up date night by handing them the remote and telling them all about the naughty little secret hidden in your panties. Giving the power of your passion, and your sex toy, to be used when you least expect it! Prepare to skip dessert, because you’ll both want to be home before the dates end.