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Wearable vibrators

Wearable vibrators

Wearable Vibrators for Hands Free Pleasure

The wireless vibrator enables a lady to move about with hands-free consistent stimulation over her erogenous zone to increase sexual desire and help the body produce it's own natural lubrication.

As such, this the strap on clit vibrator is an excellent sex toy for women who have a low libido. It's also fun and playful, wearing a vibrator is is fun and free, leaving your hands ready to touch and tease your lover – or simply strut your stuff in a sexy dance!

Q. What type of wearable vibrator should I consider?

A. It depends if you are using it alone for sexual arousal or with your lover during sexual intercourse. Some types of wearable vibrators have an insertable vibrating vaginal probe. The elastic straps adjust around your thighs assuring a perfect fit. All of the strap on vibrators are adjustable for petite women up to plus size thighs.

Some types include a remote control which is truly the best type of hands free vibrator, give your partner the remote and let them control your pleasure – literally from afar!

The other style is the wearable clitoral vibrator with a dildo attached to the butterfly body that is used to penetrate your partner. These wearable butterfly dildo vibrators are the best strap ons for lesbians because the wearer enjoys clitoral stimulation while the receiver enjoys full penetration.

Even though most women purchase the wireless wearable vibrator, the corded toy still has valuable use. They are always more powerful than their remote control or wireless counterparts because the controller unit can hold more batteries. The wearer can choose from multiple speed settings and even vibrating patterns.

Q. Why do women use a hands free strap on vibrator?

A. One of the main reasons women buy a wearable vibrator is to enjoy additional clitoral stimulation during lovemaking. Most of these hands free sex toys for couples leave the vagina exposed allowing intercourse or dildo use. The constant vibration is very invigorating and adds a new touch of fun to your sex life.

Q. What was the original wearable vibrator for women?

A. The hands free vibrator trend started decades ago with the original Venus Butterfly sex toy. This is a discreet wearable vibrator with cute, feminine appeal, but it turns out that the butterfly is the best shape for sexual arousal.

The next generation of hands free vibrator features remote control operation and extra powerful wireless vibration. Thanks to these innovations however, the Venus Butterfly vibrator for couples is still a popular seller today.