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Online vs. In-Person: Which Is Better When Shopping At An Adult Store?

Online vs. In-Person: Which Is Better When Shopping At An Adult Store?

  • Friday, 21 February 2020
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When you’re ready to buy a new sex toy, you have so many choices to make.

What kind of sex toy? Which brand? What material? Is it for you alone or will you use it with a partner? Do you want a specific color?

And, if you’re new to buying sex toys, there’s another choice to make — one that can stop some people in their tracks. Where will you buy your new toy?

Shopping at an online adult store has definite benefits, but so does going to a sex toy shop in your local area. If you’re ready to buy, but not sure where to go, maybe this will help you decide.

Online Sex Toy Shopping

For many people, their default is to shop online for everything. There are a lot of good reasons for this like saving time. But when you’re choosing between online and in-store sex toy shopping, here are two things to consider.


Shopping from home, on your personal Wifi connection, in your pajamas (or naked) — that’s the level of privacy that you get when shop at an online sex toy store. No one knows what you’re doing, and no one cares, because you’re at home. One of the biggest selling points of online shopping is the privacy it allows, and that’s especially true for sex toys. Good online sex toy shops should also guarantee discreet shipping so your privacy extends to your mail carrier and your neighbors, too.

There is one caveat to that: the internet connection you use. Public Wifi spots might not even let you connect to an online adult shop. But when they do, make sure you’re on an internet connection you trust. Don’t connect to a random option because you don’t know if a hacker set it up to see everything you’re doing — including that credit card you just entered to buy a sex toy.


Even the largest sex toy shops can’t compete with the internet. For sheer selection alone, online sex toy shopping offers the absolute most to choose from. Stores like ours have thousands of  sex toys to choose from. You’re not going to want all toys, but it means you’re guaranteed to find something you love. Although, you’ll do a lot of looking first.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of your options — online or in a store. This is where online sex toy shopping wins the day. Search fields are your friend when you shop. Curious about a brand? Want a specific type of sex toy? Looking for a certain color? Online shopping lets you narrow your options down to the smallest detail which makes it easier to comb through the big selection.

Buying Sex Toys Locally

If you’re thinking of stopping by a sex toy shop in your local area, that’s great! A lot of people get nervous , but there are good reasons to choose the store over the online option.


Online sex toy shops that care about shoppers, like Supor Adult Product, try to answer your questions before you have to ask. We offer frequently asked questions, share blog posts (like this one!), and try to provide as much information online as possible. The goal is to help you make a decision when you’re shopping online.

But this has its limitations. Going into a sex toy shop in person gives you access to people who know plenty about sex toys — and have been asked stranger questions than you can imagine. Good sales staff also understand the importance of being discreet. They want to help you find the right toy for you and avoid getting one that doesn’t feel good or works the way you want.

Getting a Closer Look at a Sex Toy

The limitation with online shopping is that you can’t hold it in your hand, feel it, turn it on, and know if you’ll love it or not. There’s a reason most good online stores try to make returns easy. We know how difficult it is to find the perfect sex toy (or any item) when you can’t touch it first.

Shopping in person gives you the opportunity to really decide if this vibrator or that masturbation stroker is the perfect one for you. No, you can’t test drive it in the store. But with a sales person’s help, they can take let you hold it. They may also be able to put batteries in or plug it in, so you can feel how powerful it is or what kind of settings are available before you buy.


When you buy a sex toy, choosing online or in-person is about what’s most important to you. Do you want to talk to real people and hold a product in your hand before you buy it? A good adult store might become your new favorite place to go. But if you’re strapped for time, worried about privacy, and do all your other shopping online, there’s an entire world of sex toys online waiting to be found. There is no right or wrong way to buy your next favorite sex toy — only 

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