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Sex Toys for Couples

Why Couples Should Use Sex Toys Together

Why Couples Should Use Sex Toys Together

  • Wednesday, 22 April 2020
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Do you usually use your sex toys when you’re masturbating? They don’t have to be relegated to solo play. Couples of all kinds enjoy all kinds of sex toys from vibrating to kinky. If you’re not ready to share your favorite toy with a partner, you can always shop together for something new.

Why does it matter?

Because toys add spice and fun to your sex life. Sex toys benefit relationships more than most people realize. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using toys with your partner.

Get Out of a Sexual Rut

It doesn’t matter if you’re married or not, any couple can get into a sexual rut. The sex becomes routine, and you know each other’s moves so well, you could do it in your sleep. Maybe you already have. There’s nothing wrong with familiar, comfortable sex, but if you’re getting bored, it’s time to mix things up. One way is to add a sex toy. For partners with penises,  a cock ring helps sex you last longer and have a more explosive orgasm. If you both have vulvas, a double-sided dildo can be a fun way to play with penetration.

Learn Something New About Each Other

You know about that little spot on their neck and the one on their thigh that they love to be kissed and licked. But did you know their prostate was a hot button or that your partner loves both clitoral and g-spot stimulation? There are certain things you might never find out about your partner until you watch them play with a sex toy or until you try something new together. A  rabbit vibrator can hit multiple spots within the vulva. A vibrating prostate massager might make your partner have more than one orgasm. If you never try something new, you might never find out.

Explore Your Fantasies

If you’re stuck in a pattern of sex, only doing it on certain days or at certain times in very specific positions, it can be difficult to suggest trying out an erotic fantasy. It can feel a little strange to mention it. But if you’re shopping for a sex toy, that might be the perfect time to tell your partner about your bondage fantasy or your desire to be pegged . Remember to listen to and consider their sexual fantasies as well. This is a time to explore together. Don’t say no until you’ve thought about it, and if you can think of a way to make a fantasy better, suggest it.

Increase Your Intimacy

Much like masturbating together, playing with sex toys together increases your intimacy. Why? Because you’re learning something new about each other and exploring your sexual desires together. That creates a connection and a bond. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing with a clitoral stimulator to see how many orgasms you can have or you’ve pulled out the blindfold and silk scarves for some kinky fun. You’re giving and receiving a different kind of pleasure and forming a new connection with each other. Even if it goes wrong, it can be something you laugh about together later.

Have a New Kind of Fun

Sex toys are supposed to be fun. They make you orgasm, they change the way you have sex, and they’re a new way to play with each other. Even if you’re not in a rut, you’re already open about your fantasies, and you feel as intimate as possible, sometimes a new dildo or vibrator is just a great way to have fun. Get naked, pull out your favorite toys, and find out how you can give and receive pleasure with your partner. Count the orgasms or edge each other. Whatever sounds like fun to you and your partner is the perfect way to play.


If you already have a sex toy, start with what you’re familiar with and show your partner what you enjoy. Masturbate for each other with your toys or experiment by using it during sex. Once you see how much fun you can have, it’s time to start exploring and shopping together. You might be surprised at where your creativity takes you. Vibrators during penetration. A dildo as a “third” in a threesome. Toys to make penises bigger. Lubes to add sensation. No matter what you want to try with your partner, there’s a sex toy to make it possible.

Remember, sex toys are an enhancement to your pleasure. They’re a tool to use to get yourself or your partner off and to feel something amazing. No matter what you’ve heard, sex toys don’t replace you or your partner. They just add to the fun you’re already having!

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