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Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps

Vacuum Penis Pumps for Firm Erections

We offer a great range of inexpensive yet effective vacuum penis pumps for men with ED. These are also suitable for men who have soft erections or a semi flaccid penis before sexual intercourse with their partner. Use the penis pump to get a hard erection that lasts for the duration of sex, read what to expect from a penis pump before you buy!

Penis pumps are also used as male toys for sexual satisfaction. The vacuum suction that you feel while getting an erection is arousing, and it puts you in the mood for sex both physically and mentally! Vibrating penis pump sex toys are used as a masturbation device, the vibration of the cylinder radiates through your dick and brings you to an orgasm very quickly. It is safe to ejaculate inside the cylinder as they are easy to clean.

Squeeze the bulb or press the trigger until the penis becomes erect, but operate the device past the point where you feel pain because it's possible to erupt blood vessels if the vacuum suction is too strong. You should feel a tingle and some pressure, but never pain. We want to make sure your erection pump is being used safely so if you have additional question we are happy to assist!

All penile vacuum pumps include a sleeve, but we have an option that is a nice upgrade compared to the basic latex sleeve that comes included with most devices. The silicone sleeve is much softer and provides a better air seal. We recommence it as an upgrade to your penis vacuum pump purchase.

Also be sure to use lubricant because you'll want to make sure that all air gaps are sealed. Using an erection pump dry does not work nearly as well as one with a good layer of lubrication around the bottom of the cylinder.

Even though these penis pump sex toys have different features, they'll accomplish the same task, so the decision on which one to purchase comes down to personal preference of the style you'd like to have. The bulb is the cheapest option but not necessarily as strong. A small cylinder is good for men with a small or short dick. Also longer cylinder are better for guys with a big dick who want a stronger erection. The trigger handle produces powerful suction and creates a nice, hard erection for either masturbation or sexual intercourse.

Please note these do not enlarge your dick, they are sex toys for erotic enjoyment and tools for men with ED. You'll never get a bigger erection by using a penis pump, it's simply not possible, so we won't mislead you with incorrect information and false promises! They are a worthy sex toy purchase for guys who want a pump to masturbate with and this is an excellent toy you'll enjoy as it feels different than masturbating with a regular stroker sleeve or male sex toy.