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  • 2 In 1 Vacuum Pump For Penis Stimulation And Enhancement Training
  • 2 In 1 Vacuum Pump For Penis Stimulation And Enhancement Training
  • 2 In 1 Vacuum Pump For Penis Stimulation And Enhancement Training
  • 2 In 1 Vacuum Pump For Penis Stimulation And Enhancement Training
  • 2 In 1 Vacuum Pump For Penis Stimulation And Enhancement Training
  • 2 In 1 Vacuum Pump For Penis Stimulation And Enhancement Training
  • 2 In 1 Vacuum Pump For Penis Stimulation And Enhancement Training

2 In 1 Vacuum Pump For Penis Stimulation And Enhancement Training

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Electric Male Masturbator Cup with Powerful Suction - 2 in 1 Vacuum Pump for Penis Stimulation and Enhancement Training, 3D Realistic Transparent Stroker for Men Masturbation


The functions of powerful sucking bring you unique excitement, so your passion is instantly triggered. The stroker is transparent and you can see your penis through it. The cylinder has a memory that allows you to see the change in size, making it easy to visually feel the growth of the penis.


Would you like to learn something new? Do you want to be a big "thing"?

Talking orgasm

Strong penis

Improve the quality of sex life!

New SEX TOY - Super Suction!

Due to the clear appearance, you can clearly see the changes in the penis. The most powerful suction pump ever!

You can choose from three levels of suction intensity: Low → Medium → High so you can use the intensity that suits you. It is recommended to start in weak mode to avoid stress on the penis.

Try the vacuum gradually from low to medium to high.

Suction is strong, so be careful.

If you find it difficult, don't forget to press the release button and enjoy the vacuum comfortably.


1 + 1> 2 masturbator cup from Fondlove offers you!

Tighter! Bigger! Climax!

This sex toy is a combined pump that integrates the "electric penis pump" and "electric suction masturbator".

Compared to a traditional penis pump, the liner is particularly thick. Oral sex can be reproduced like deep throat, and with super-strong suction, you can experience the pleasure of sucking and squeezing the penis at the same time.



The inside of the product is made of super-soft silicone, which you can easily remove or insert from the pump. It is non-toxic, odor-free. Don't worry about whether this stroker is harmful to your health. Wash the liner with lukewarm water and mild soap.


The sleeve and tube are easy to clean and the black pump doesn't get touched by lube, water, or other fluids so that doesn’t really have to be cleaned. This black part isn't waterproof. You just simply pull out the silicone sleeve and take out to wash with lukewarm water and mild soap.
Electric Male Masturbator Cup


1. Put the ring guider the open end of the cylinder, then let the ring go through the guider.

2. With the help of the guider, put the ring on the open of the cylinder.

3. Insert your cock, start to pump until it reaches a level of pressure suitable for you.

4. Move the ring to the cock' root, it will keep cock strong erection, more than one ring could be used if necessary.

Recent Reviews ( 14 )
ByZaire BoyleMonday, 07 June 2021
I ordered this pump because it seemed a bit different than most of the ones I have looked at. I've only had one in the past it is was a manual pump that didn't get much use. That is completely different than this pump. So far I am very impressed. It has a massive amount of suction. I mean massive. There are 3 settings and so far I have rarely turned it past the first setting. It also has a nice release valve, which can be used to totally release the suction, or if you hold it in for just a second it will release and then start the suction again which is an awesome feature. The sleeve is very thick and soft. Very easy to clean as it comes right out of the tube easily. The package arrived in 2 days and was professionally packaged with bubble wrap around the box and the box was sealed. It also unexpectedly came with a cock ring thing and a nice cloth bag for storage, along with the power cord. It also has measurement marks on the side of the tube in both inches and metric. If your looking for a multi suction pump with a quick release valve and easy to clean this is a very good choice. Two thumbs up!
ByjohnsonSunday, 06 June 2021
The cylinder has a memory and you can see the change in size.The product is easy to use. Very easy to clean as well.Highly recommend.
ByDavidSunday, 06 June 2021
First off, this is a penis pump with a long sleeve. It's battery run suction motor instead of a hand pump. The buttons are pretty straight forward. The suction is very strong and works well as a pump. It's kinds funny to watch your penis look allot bigger than it normally is in the tube. It's a fun toy to have in your collection.
BysteveSaturday, 05 June 2021
Holy WOW!!! This device will BLOW you away! I would give the Suction 6 stars if it allowed me. Finally us men are having toys made for us that actually do what they are suppose to do. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend to anyone. Our wives & gf’s aren’t always in the mood and when that happens this toy will take care of u! Enjoy
ByNicole HoughtonFriday, 04 June 2021
Worth every dollar. Guys you gotta get this! My male friend was extremely worked up while using this pump. We should have measured his tool first but we didn’t. However, He was super rock hard and very happy to experience this pump. I’m going to use this on all of my boyfriends. It’s super easy to clean just!
ByLouisFriday, 04 June 2021
With my disability product works somewhat but not a total failure. Am satisfied
ByleoFriday, 04 June 2021
I've used mine several times now and it shows no sign of slowing down and the textured inside make it feel realistic and closer to a Fleshlight. When using it in bed you and a partner can do some really fun creative things with this pump and the gains you will see from it WILL be appreciated trust me!
ByCaleb FletcherThursday, 03 June 2021
So I previously bought one of those vacuum pumps before but this one is WAY BETTER. You have so much more control on suctioning and venting out the air, so you could make it as enjoyable as you want. Plus it helps that you have a realistic stroker to slide in and out of. Make sure you use lots of lube. The suction power is just right, and again, it helps that it's easy to control the suction/ventilation. Also very easy to clean. I highly recommend this!!
ByJacobThursday, 03 June 2021
This is like the real thing but better! It’s like receiving a blowjob from a experienced person and someone that deffiantly knows what there doing. Deffiantly worth the value and it’s high quality material they use and very easy to wash since the hole goes right the silicon tube.
ByNicholasThursday, 03 June 2021
I found this order to be flawless. The product was not long in shipping, and it performed even better than I expected it to. It really is the best feeling pump I've ever used so far. As a survivor of a pelvic exenteration surgery due to rectal cancer I have been looking for a good vacuum pump, for total impotence due to nerve damage, and this one is the best. What else can I say? It is also a very great price being less than $100
ByRobertThursday, 03 June 2021
It's a bit clunky and maybe longer than necessary, BUT the most incredible orgasms ever. I have cum three times in a row already! The intensity lasts for hours.
ByJosh CaldwellWednesday, 02 June 2021
Holy Pump! This thing is strong! Ok from the beginning, this pump is packaged very well! It came bubble wrapped inside its own box, the USB charging cord inside the tube, and the sleeve individually wrapped. The whole thing also comes with a really nice mesh carrying bag that's just large enough to fit the pump in and has draw strings to close it. It even came with a coupon for future purchases, which was cool. One small gripe, the box says it comes with a free silicone ring but there wasn't one. No big deal for me since I wasn't expecting one anyways. Onto the function... there are 3 levels of suction. This pump is not weak at all! This sleeve fits nicely into and around the opening and it's not super tight. Overall feels really good with suction then pressure release frequently! I'm very satisfied with this product.
ByEricTuesday, 01 June 2021
I was not too crazy about it when I used it the first few times . Seemed almost too powerful . After the fourth or fifth use the insert must stretch slightly because it became more comfortable .Also you can shut it off and maintain the suction in silence . Interesting sensation . If only the woman could suck like this .
ByWilliamMonday, 31 May 2021
This is by far the best toy I've tried. I highly recommend this one. Plenty of power and variations to make a guy happy.