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7 Tips On How To Use A Butt Plug Safely

7 Tips On How To Use A Butt Plug Safely

  • Tuesday, 14 January 2020
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Does using a butt plug sound kinky to you? Are you excited at the idea of it? Ready to bend over and stick in your new plug right now?

Before you stick anything anywhere, make sure you know how to keep yourself safe. Doing so will make sure the experience is a good one, instead of one that requires a trip to the emergency room. Here’s what 7 Tips On How To Use A Butt Plug Safely.

Pick the Right Size

Pick the Right SizeWhen you’re a total newbie to butt plugs , smaller is better. This isn’t the time to overestimate what you can handle. When you’ve never had anything up your butt or only the tip of a finger, anything bigger will feel overwhelming at first. If you pick a too big size, you will definitely feel pain and you could tear the delicate tissue in your rectum. Believe it or not, your butt is much more delicate than you realize. Start small when you’re new.

Transition Slowly to Bigger Sizes

If you’re tired of your small butt plug, you might think you’re ready for something bigger and thicker. Take your time, and slowly transition to a larger size. You can  use an anal training kit for this, as it will have multiple sizes to try. Going from the smallest butt plug to the biggest at one time is a recipe for disaster (see above). This isn’t a race, and there’s no prize for using a giant butt plug. The whole point is to experience pleasure, and there’s plenty of amazing things to feel when you’re patient with your body.

Pick the Right Shape

Butt plugs and other anal toys come in all shapes and sizes, but for the best experience, stick with the basics. The safest shape for a butt plug is one with a tapered end for easy entry. This allows your anus to gradually adjust to the insertion of the plug. Most butt toys have a narrow stem after the widest part. This makes for a much more comfortable experience because you’ll get a full feeling without stretching your delicate sphincter muscles.

Pick a Butt Plug with a Wide Base

The tapered end and narrow stem are just the beginning. Staying safe while you play with a butt plug means it needs to have a wide base at the end. This prevents your sex toy from traveling into your rectum and getting stuck. Yes, that really happens, and yes, it requires a trip to the emergency room to extract it. It might be “fun” to find out what you can stick up your butt or how it will feel, but without a base wider than the toy, the rectum will try to pull that object further into your body. And that won’t be fun for you or the ER doctor you see.

Always Use Lube

Always Use LubeRemember that delicate rectum that needs the right size butt plug? It also needs plenty of lubrication. But your butt won’t make any on its own. This means you must  add lube. It prevents tearing of the tissue in and around your anus, and it decreases the potential for discomfort and pain. If your only experience with anal involved fiery, mind-numbing, searing pain, a few things went wrong — including not using enough lube. Add some to the butt plug and to your butt. Then add more. You might feel like you’re swimming in it, but that’s okay.

Take Your Time

Porn might talk about “tearing up that ass” during anal sex and show a massive penis thrusting in and out of a gaping anus, but this is the real world. If you come at anyone’s butt (including your own) with that kind of force or speed — even with a butt plug — someone could get hurt. The adult stars you’re watching have a lot of experience and practice, and you don’t. Don’t compare yourself to them, and take your time easing the plug into your body — and anything else you stick up your butt.

Don’t Wear a Butt Plug Too Long

There’s not a lot of medical information about how long you can or should wear a butt plug. For most people, the recommendation is to remove it after two or three hours . Even if you’re not feeling discomfort, the pressure against the tissue in the rectum could lead to ulcerations and circulation issues if you wear it too long. That being said, always remove your butt plug if it becomes uncomfortable, you begin to bleed, or something doesn’t feel right to you.

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