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6 Tips To Get More Pleasure From Your Fleshlight

6 Tips To Get More Pleasure From Your Fleshlight

  • Monday, 17 February 2020
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You bought a Fleshlight because it’s one of the best masturbators on the market, comes in multiple styles, and makes you feel really good. Right? But that doesn’t mean your favorite sex toy can’t feel better than it already does.

Whether you’re getting off with a new Fleshlight for the first time or you’re reaching for an old favorite, check out our tips to maximize your pleasure.

Add Lube

Add LubeBrand new Fleshlights don’t always need extra lubricant because of how soft the material is, but lube makes everything better . Even a small amount will make it easier for your stroker to glide across your shaft and make it easier to play with tempo, pacing, and thrust. For a completely new experience, try a sensation lube. You can find cool, tingling lubes and warming lubes. One that adds heat will feel more like a warm, willing body. The tingling lube may give you a jolt you’re not expecting.

Change the Tempo

There’s nothing wrong with having a standard pace, method, and routine when you masturbate. Sometimes you want to stroke, get off, and go on with your day (or fall asleep). But when you need a little bit more, change the tempo. Slowing down or speeding up creates new sensations and helps you stroke yourself in a completely new way. If you increase the speed, add more lube than usual so you don’t give yourself the equivalent of a rug burn on your dick.

Turn on Porn

This is a great trick whether you’re using a Fleshlight modeled after a specific porn star or not. Whoever it is, find some hot clips or pop in a DVD (yes, porn DVDs still exist) and put yourself in the middle of the action. Are they begging for more? Give it to them. Have they been naughty and need to be teased and denied? Slow down and draw out the pleasure. Close your eyes and listen or focus on the screen as you imagine you’re pounding your favorite adult star.

Add Attachments

Fleshlight isn’t your typical masturbation sleeve. Not only is it made of the highest quality materials and modeled after real bodies, but you can also add to the fun with attachments! The shower mount is the most popular option. The suction cups stick to your shower wall, allowing you to go hands-free while you’re under the water. Place your hands on the wall and start thrusting. Picture whoever you want, indulge in your kinkiest fantasies and make your Fleshlight experience new and exciting again.

Ask Your Partner to Drive

By “drive,” we’re suggesting that you hand over the reins and let them stroke you with your own Fleshlight. Think of it like a handjob on steroids. They don’t even have to do it until you get off, just long enough to add a new rhythm, pace, and sensation to what you’re used to. Of course, they have to be willing, so ask nicely and respect their answer. (Consent is always sexy.) And if you’re into kink and want to play with domination and submission, you might let them have all the control over what happens with your Fleshlight. Will they tease you and make you wait to get off? Or will they get you off as fast and as hard as possible?

Clean Your Fleshlight Really Well

You should always  clean your Fleshlight when you’re done using it, but it might be time for the sex toy version of spring cleaning. Instead of your typical soap, water, and air dry, take it a step further. Pull your Fleshlight apart and clean it as usual. Once it’s completely dry, use Fleshlight’s Renewing Powder. This will help the sleeve stay pliable and lifelike. If you’ve noticed it doesn’t glide as easily over your shaft as it once did, this may be all you need to do to get a better orgasm next time you play.

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