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Buying Your First Sex Toy: What You Need To Know

Buying Your First Sex Toy: What You Need To Know

  • Friday, 28 June 2019
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Welcome to the lovely world of sex toys and adult toys! We know it can look a little intimidating at first - with the hundreds of thousands of options out there! - but we promise that it isn't too scary. Buying your first sex toy comes with a lot of indecision and loads of new information, but we hope this article helps break things down to make it a little easier to purchase your first adult toy. After all, the whole point of sex toys is to have a lot of fun - so let's make this as fun as possible!

Before you trying to buy your first sex toy, you need to consider a few important things. The answers to these questions will help you narrow down your first adult toy options - and will lead to a better and more satisfying experience once you get these adult toys into your hands too. So, figure out the answers to these questions, and you'll be well on your way to making a good, informed sex toy purchase that will improve your sex life.

What Area Do You Want to Pleasure?

Luckily for all of us, the body has a multitude of erogenous zones. Figuring out which erogenous zone you want to pleasure is your first stop when buying your 1st sex toy. If you don't know what you want to pleasure, it can be hard to narrow down your choices.

To figure out where you're looking to indulge, stop and think about it. What spots are most pleasurable for you to touch? What spots do you think would respond best to sex toys? Are there areas of your body that you think you could stimulate better if you had a vibrator, dildo, or other sex toy? Taking a second to imagine what spots of your body you'd pleasure if you had a sex toy will help you decide which sex toys to buy first. Common pleasure spots include the clitoris, the penis, the butt, the nipples, the g-spot, the p-spot, and more!

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

When it comes to getting your first sex toy, you can spend a little - or you can spend a lot. Sex toy prices vary just as widely as the sex toy designs themselves. Knowing your budget - and how much you can spend within it - can really help you decide what toys are feasible options for you. 

Since this is your first sex toy, you might consider purchasing a more affordable option to start. While we always recommend getting great sex toys, it's hard to recommend a large investment in a toy when you're still unsure if that type of stimulation is great for your body. Instead of worrying about a big ticket purchase, consider purchasing a few more affordable items and give all of this new type of stimulation a try! When you figure out what your body likes, you can always come back and purchase the luxury options - when you already know that you'll enjoy the pleasure that toy can provide.

Once you've answered these two basic questions about buying your first sex toy, you'll hopefully have narrowed down your options to some of the best picks for you. While purchasing your first sex toy can seem overwhelming at first, being armed with the right knowledge and right questions can really help smooth things along. Feel free to contact our support if you're still having issues deciding - or leave a comment with some of your own advice for people shopping for their first sex toy. 

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