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Expensive VS Cheap Sex Toys: What’s The Difference?

Expensive VS Cheap Sex Toys: What’s The Difference?

  • Tuesday, 14 January 2020
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How do you know which sex toy to buy? One costs $200 but has bad reviews. The other costs $20 and is extremely basic, but some people love it. When you’re buying sex toys, the expensive one isn’t automatically the best choice because of cost, and a basic, cheap toy isn’t automatically the worst option.

Not sure which toy to buy? We’ve got a few tips for you.

Expensive Sex Toys

What constitutes “expensive” will depend on your income, your budget, and your personal threshold for spending money. For the sake of argument, let’s say anything $100 or more is expensive, although for some people, $50 would be too much. If you look at the price tag and think, “That is TOO much to spend on orgasms” then that sex toy is “expensive” in whatever way that means to you.

So what makes expensive sex toys so great?

Newer technology

If your sex toy works off your mobile phone , has 25 vibrations settings and counting, or does things most sex toys can’t, it’s likely made of newer sex technology. Until that technology becomes more common, those toys will cost more. And if you like having a vibrator that does tricks and always surprises you with something new, you probably want a more expensive toy.

Better quality materials

While this isn’t a guarantee with every expensive sex toy on the market, most are made with better materials than their cheap counterpart. This usually means medical-grade, body safe silicone. But other materials like metal and glass may also be a higher-priced option. The good news for these materials is that they can be easily sterilized and cleaned.

Last Longer

Again, this isn’t true for every expensive sex toy but many are made to last. Some companies like LELO and Hot Octopuss offer a one-year warranty for their products. These toys are meant to last, but if something happens, you can often get it replaced at no extra charge to you.

Cons of Expensive Toys

Nothing is perfect, so we definitely want to mention a few of the downsides of buying expensive sex toys.

  • Some sex toys are all hype and no delivery.
  • Spending more money isn’t a guarantee of getting better quality.
  • You might hate how it feels when you use it.

The price tag of a sex toy isn’t a guarantee that it’s the best one for you.

Cheap Sex Toys

Cheap sex toys get a bad reputation for not being very good. Unfortunately, some cheaply made products suck, but that doesn’t mean they’re all awful.

Simpler design

Not interested in a bunch of bells, whistles, and infinite vibration patterns? Less expensive toys are often made with a simpler design. Think of a vibrator with a single button and a few settings or a stretchy cock ring. It has one job, and it does it well.

Fits your budget

If you have a small budget, you deserve sexual pleasure as much as anyone else. Less expensive sex toys may feel like the only option you’ve got. As there are no guarantees with any sex toy, you have just as much chance of finding something you love as someone with a larger budget has.

Experiment with less risk

Anyone who’s ever laid out a lot of cash for a sex toy that didn’t do what you wanted knows the disappointment. Looking at less expensive sex toys lets you experiment with pleasure with less financial risk. Once you know what you like, you may want to invest in more expensive options.

Cons of Cheap Toys

Cheap toys have their own cons, even when it’s your favorite sex toy that you never want to give up.

  • Not all sex toy materials are safe. Cheap sex toys may contain phthalates which are especially dangerous to your health.
  • Cheaper sex toys are often made of porous materials like TPR/TPE, rubber, and other materials that can’t be sterilized.
  • Some inexpensive toys fall apart more easily and have to be thrown away — especially if bacteria or mold grow on them.


Ultimately the right sex toy for you is one you can afford that makes you feel good. Before you buy anything, it’s important to do your research. Expensive doesn’t always mean better, and cheap doesn’t automatically mean bad. Check the materials . Read reviews. Look for a warranty or return policy. Basically, spend some time thinking about your sex toy purchase to increase the chances of finding something you’ll love.

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