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Butt Plugs

  • Excellent ! Not too soft, not too hard, for me it's perfect and the 13 inches fit entirely without effort. Really amazing. Thanks !
  • Also great for training gag reflex. Very satisfying
  • The goods are delivered faster than I thought and the quality of the goods is excellent. I'm glad I ordered the goods from this seller
  • Great toy. Secret packaging. I higly recomend.
  • If you are looking for a great prostate massager I would definitely give this one a go. The build quality is good, it's waterproof and the design is sure to please.
  • First time trying one of these types of toys and wasn't sure I would want to. I had no idea that It would be so exciting! The size of this toy is just right and easy for any level of experience. It' soft but strong silicone body makes it gentle to use and easy to clean. There are plenty of levels of vibration strength and patterns to select. Oh and the remote control feature makes this the perfect toy. All in all I was surprisinly very pleased with this toy.
  • It isn't loud and the thrusting motion hits perfectly. I would say if you were looking for a hands free orgasm , this is the toy for you. With the size and all the vibrating settings combined with the thrusting action. You will love this purchase. I know i did.
  • This thing feels so good, better then any cock. Cum so hard!!!
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  • Exactly what I needed Perfect size. Wild ride and Easy clean up.Quick and hassle free. Easy to understand. Love this site
  • yes she screamed yes she used it 4 times in one day they are that good the vibration is really strong it’s a great addition to the bedroom for a couple definitely
  • It is made from high-quality silicone, theirs always are, and I love the way it feels in my hand and it fits so comfortably and easily and the way it is designed it can be totally inserted and the way the ergonomically curved base hugs, it will not slip out easily during use. . It takes about an hour to two hours to fully charge and then it ran for almost a solid hour for me, so it recharges relatively quickly. I have really enjoyed using this massager and it will become a part of my regular rotation of what I use.