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New Sex Toys

  • Came packaged very well. Cool lights, it’s like living in the future. With cyberpunk being recalled it’s really holding over.
  • It's really great, I think it's cheap, it will be small, but it's by no means completely feminine size! ! Kind of like the big ass of a short gym chick! It is so weighty. Honestly, don’t even bother other people and grab one of the TPEs. It’s like the skin is soft and realistic. I like that the pores on the butt look very real. I put my brother on it for comparison although that’s a bigger brother if you take care of it Well it, this toy will last a long time. Don't forget the water lubricant! Cornstarch keeps the skin’s real feel and appearance, I recommend using a clean cloth to wipe the inside and don’t release it to avoid accidental doll pregnancy. There is nothing worse than your wife or girlfriend discovering that you have a doll baby behind you. Besides, have fun crushing this thing, it’s worth it
  • Wow... I got this for my fiancé and I’m just going to say it’s so realistic I got a little jealous while I was watching him use it! He said it’s the closest thing to “the real thing” he has ever used. But for real... so much fun!! The detail of each ... part... is crazy accurate. Just buy it you won’t regret!
  • We absolutely LOVE this toy. I got it for my husband and we’ve definitely had fun with it!! I would highly recommend especially if you enjoy pleasing your man! We have a few toys similar to this one but this is definitely my husbands favorite. He loves the feeling of it and says how realistic it feels and it is super easy to clean! Again i highly recommend!!!
  • Well made with excellent weight too it. I was truly impressed on how real it felt. Will definitely recommend this to others!!! The weight to it is a real plus. Water based products should be used for long life~
  • Very happy with this product! It's got a great weight to it, which is perfect for some hands free action. The textures of both holes feel tremendous, and they have a little suction to them to keep you coming in for more.
  • This 3 in 1 Male Masturbator is unbelievable. The Texture of the material is the most realistic I have felt plus it also super easy to clean. The 1st hole is the mouth with tongue and teeth inside it’s adds the perfect amount of extra stimulation. The 2nd hole is great because it is tighter around you and out it goes thru the other side of the mouth. The 3rd hole is great because it doesn't connect to the other two continuous holes so it makes it even more TIGHTER when you go deep into it. If I could give it 6 stars I would. I recommend you buy yourself one, you won't regret it.
  • Arrived in a timely manner in discreet packaging. The product itself has a nice weight to it and feels incredibly soft to touch. It feels great to use and is very easy to clean. Overall a good choice.
  • First of all this material is flexible but can stand a rough ride. I'm a rough user and on the first solo session I was surprised to see no tears for a $18 toy. The material feels great to the touch. Is is a good idea though to have extra lube though since the internal design is complex. I used to a simple rigged ringed design like a real women, so it was harder to come to this toy but I did reach a good ending to it. Great toy!!! Will love it for a long time to come I'm pretty sure.
  • The mouth's tightness can be adjusted by squeezing the cheeks to open it and the teeth are stiff enough to gently rake along the shaft without scratching or causing discomfort. The tongue moves around nicely when used and the ridged roof of the mouth adds a great texture. The vaginal entrance has the most detailed vulva I've seen on a toy and it is tighter than the mouth. The internal textures are varied between bumpy and smooth and are very pleasant. The anus is very tight and, unlike other toys that have a closed entrance, doesn't form and air bubble when you enter it. This is important because other toys negate their own textures when the air bubble forms and reduce sensation. This one is lets you experience all the texture without sacrificing the tightness.
  • I had previously tried a pump and was disappointed in how it performed. But this one exceeded expectations. Quite strong and keeps the pressure maintained where you set it. Unexpected pleasure when it senses that it needs to restore the pressure to the setting - quite pleasurable. The pump is entertaining in mixed company as is the silicone sleeve. Very much recommend this to anyone who is considering something like this.
  • The product comes in a normal box-so transportation is cautious. After opening the Amazon box, it is in a white box, as you can see in my photos. The description in the settings and functions of the pump itself may be more detailed, but it is easy for you to figure it out by yourself. I do recommend that you use a small amount of lubricant when using the pump (and also want to use some lubricant on the "vaginal" part). I tried the first one-it worked very well. Once I was inflated, just slide the black rubber sheet down and slide the vagina into the tube and use it. Literally, it feels very good, I didn't expect this at all (even though I never tried one of them). For me it's 100% value for money.