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How To Use A Penis Pump

How To Use A Penis Pump

  • Sunday, 23 February 2020
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To some people, a penis pump is the tool that allows them to have an erection and enjoy sex again after a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. For others, penis pumps are fun sex toys that enhance their pleasure. No matter why you use a penis pump, make sure you’re using it correctly. No one wants an injured penis.

The Mechanics of Using a Penis Pump

If you’re new to the world of penis pumps, you may not know how they work. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions first as they may have specific instructions to use their product.

Prepare the Area

Before you use your penis pump, you may want to shave your pubic hair. This isn’t required to make your pump work properly, but some men find that the lack of hair can create a better seal around their penis.

Grab Your Lube

While also not required, lubricant is highly recommended when you use your penis pump. It reduces rubbing and friction that could easily turn painful. Most lubes are safe for most penis pumps, but always check the materials and instruction manual first. Water-based lubes are safe for any material.

Begin Pumping

The first step is to place the tube over your shaft. Depending on the type of pump you have, you’ll either turn it on or begin squeezing the bulb or other device to create a vacuum. This is what pulls blood into your penis.

Dry penis pumps: Pump enough to cause an erection, but do not use for more than 10 minutes.

Hydro penis pumps: Pump several times, wait a moment, pump again. Repeat three to five times, until you’re satisfied with your erection. Do not use for more than 15 minutes.

Put on a Cock Ring

Once you’re hard, you can put on a cock ring to maintain your erection even longer. This isn’t a required step, but some men enjoy this particular step. Look for a simple and stretchy cock ring that will fit at the base of your now-rock hard shaft. Again, add a bit of lube to keep it comfortable. If you wear a cock ring, don’t keep it on for longer than 30 minutes.

How to Use a Penis Pump for Sex and Masturbation

A penis pump can be used medicinally or as another sex toy to enhance your pleasure…or both!

Improve Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

If getting harder or staying that way is a problem for you, a penis pump will “force” an erection by pulling blood into your shaft. With the addition of the cock ring, you should be able to stay hard long enough for masturbation or sex with your partner.

Sexy Foreplay

Want to get hard in a new way and test your own limits? Making your penis pump a part of your foreplay. Let your partner control the pump — while communicating clearly if they need to stop or slow down. Watch yourself get bigger and bigger, and then take off the penis pump and let things continue.

Make Yourself (Temporarily) Larger

Size isn’t supposed to matter, and to a lot of people, it doesn’t. But sometimes you want to be bigger than you are — for better penetrative sex or for other sexy fun. Your penis pump can temporarily increase the size of your penis. Be safe with your pump and don’t overdo it just to get a bigger penis. One satisfying night of a long dong isn’t worth permanent injury to your penis.

Penis Pump Tips

To make sure you have a better experience with your penis pump, remember these tips:

  • Begin slowly. The first time you use a pump, the sensation will be new to you. Only pump for a few minutes at a time for a couple of days a week at first.
  • Don’t over pump. Pumping to the point of pain leaves you at risk for injury or permanent damage.
  • Take breaks. You can pump a few times and rest. You can also remove your pump for a few minutes and then begin again.
  • Don’t hide your penis pump. Your partner is going to notice if you’re bigger than ever. A penis pump doesn’t have to be a dirty little secret. Talk to your partner about it and maybe it can be something you enjoy together.

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