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7 Ways To Keep Your Sex Life Hot And Healthy

7 Ways To Keep Your Sex Life Hot And Healthy

  • Tuesday, 27 August 2019
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Sex is an integral part of the relationship and bonding experience for a lot of couples out there. While it isn't necessary for a happy and healthy relationship when both parties are on the same page, when sex isn't happening and one person really wants it, it's likely to cause arguments, rifts, and general resentment that can break down the relationship over time. And nobody wants that!

Is It Normal for Passion to Fizzle Out?

As we settle into our relationships, it's entirely normal for the passion to fizzle out. After all, part of what makes us feel secure and comfortable within our relationships is part of what makes sex feel less predictable and exciting. It's totally normal!

What Can I Do?

Luckily for all of us, keeping your sex life hot and healthy is something you can do. It requires a bit of upkeep – like other things within your life - but with some effort, creativity, and playful fun, you can start to add some of the passion back into your bedroom life. 

Here are 7 ways to keep your sex life hot and healthy:

Flirt Often: Flirting and a playful spirit are the backbone of a lot of passionate sex drives. Regular flirting keeps your brain in a pleasant, sexual mood that makes the passion even hotter when you act on it later in the day. Not every day and every activity may be ready for flirting, but try to start paying attention to spots in your day where flirting would work. Could you gently put your hand on your lover's back while shopping? What about a couple whispered, sensual words in their ear while they're making dinner?

Schedule Date Night: Consider stress-free couple's time the lifeblood of passionate sex. If you aren't getting stress-free couple's time - where the scheduling and chore lists are put away - it's going to be really, really hard to have passionate sex. Make it a priority to have date night - and stick to it.

Be Vulnerable: A lot of us, as we get to know our partners, tend to enjoy some of the routine and stability that comes with intimately knowing another human being. You tell them the same things you usually tell them - and you don't tell them the same things you've always left out. However, part of what breeds that passion and intimacy in sex is vulnerability - and discovering new things about your partner. To bring out those intense feelings of passion - like we're falling in love with our partner and sex with them all over again - your brain needs to see your partner in a new way. Sharing new activities together, expressing feelings you wouldn't normally express, and trying new sexual activities can all be ways to let our your vulnerable side.

Try Adult Games: Want something a little more structured to express your vulnerable side? Adult board games might be a great choice. Adult board games will provide the structure for your vulnerability. Giving you new activities to try, questions to answer about yourselves, and new foreplay to explore, adult games offer an easy way to try new things with your partner.

Try Something Non-Sexually New: Like we've talked about, sometimes all your sex life needs is to see your partner in a "new" light - even if that isn't with a new sex activity. Consider going out and doing something new together - or learning a new hobby together. Check out the local arts center for classes or a social media network to see what events are happening in the near future. Head to coupon websites if you're looking for a cheap way to experience something new.

Try Something Sexually New: Of course, trying something new in the bedroom counts as "added novelty" too! Luckily for all of us, there are tons of pleasurable sexual activities to try. Consider new sex toys, new places to have sex, different ways to switch up your foreplay, or maybe even trying out some fun kinky activities! New to sex toys? Read our article about What is The Best Starting Vibrator

Challenge Yourselves: Instead of trying to come up with new things to do regularly, consider coming up with a challenge list - or a set of sexy and non-sexy things the two of you want to accomplish together. Consider it a "Sexy Bucket List" if you will. One day, sit down and brainstorm sexual and non-sexual things you'd like to do together - and write up a list of all of these activities. When you're feeling a lull in your passion, dedicate some time to figuring out how to make one of these items come true - and then make it come true! You don't have to have the creative energy and juice to come up with a new thing to do - just enough creativity to figure out how to make something you both already wanted happen!

As you can see, having a passionate and healthy sex life isn't too far out of your reach - with a good bit of effort. It can take time and energy to keep your sex life passionate and fresh, but keep in mind that it doesn't always have to be novel either! Once in awhile, a know-what-to-expect sex session can be just what you need after a long day!


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