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How To Choose A Personal Lubricant

How To Choose A Personal Lubricant

  • Sunday, 20 September 2020
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What if I told you there was a simple, cheap, and easy way to make sex feel better? I'm not here to sell you some new trial or trick. Instead, it's just as simple as adding some personal lubricant to sex. Lubricant has a lot of benefits, but the most obvious is just that it adds lubrication.


Why Use Lubricant?

Contrary to popular belief (and currently, hip hop music!), not all vaginas self-lubricate at the same level. Some bodies seem to get very wet, and other bodies, even after an hour of stimulation, might only produce a bit of lubrication. Other times, various types of diseases, medications, spot in the menstrual cycle, or even menopause itself can vary the vagina's ability to produce lubrication - even on a day-to-day basis. Of course, this doesn't even include the need of personal lubricant for anal sex - which is very much a "must have". The butt doesn't lubricate itself, and it depends on you to provide external personal lubricant in order to make it safe and pleasurable.

This means that having a way to keep things slick is important because slickness means added pleasure - and personal sex lubricant is the way to do it.

How to Choose a Personal Lubricant

Choosing a personal lubricant is, as the name implies, a very personal decision. What you, in particular, need from a lubricant is just as specific as the sex you like to have. You may prefer a lube that's really water-y and easy to spread around. You might need your lube to work with sex toys - or maybe you'd prefer a long-lasting, rarely-reapplied lubricant made from oil-based ingredients. It's possible that your body chemistry is sensitive to external products, so you might need a sensitive sex lube formula.

Decide on Type

There are three main "formulations" of personal lubricant: water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. These three types are "based" on the main ingredients that the lubricant uses - either water, silicone, or oil. Each one of these types of lubricants has their own pros and cons.

Water-Based Lubricants

Water-based lubricant is compatible with all sex toys and all types of safer sex barriers (including condoms). It's safe for use everywhere on the body, and it's safe for ingesting orally too. Most water-based lubricants tend to be the base of any "sensitive sex lube" formula, and they're some of the cheapest types of sex lubes out there too. The one big downside about water-based formulas is their staying power. Water-based lubricants dry up much more-quickly than silicone-based and oil-based lubricants. You may need to reapply them on the regular during your sex session.

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone-based lubricant lasts longer than water-based lubricant, but it also is NOT compatible with any silicone sex toys you might have. Multiple types of silicone do not play well together. However, silicone-based lubricant is compatible with most peoples' bodies as well as safer sex items like latex condoms, and it's the lube of choice if you need sex lube for your shower sex scene. (Did you know? Silicone-based lubricants are also what are used to shine up latex lingerie!)

Oil-based lubricant, while one of the longest-lasting lubricants, is also very niche in its use. Oil-based lubricant can break down latex safer sex barriers (like condoms – making them unsafe), and it can be problematic if used in the vagina. Oil-based lubricant isn't compatible with any sex toys either. At the same time, it's extremely long-lasting. Most oil-based lubricants are used for anal sex (especially fisting!) or solo penis masturbation purposes. The long-lasting oil-based lubricant may not even need a reapplication during use.

Know the Clean-Up

While knowing the basic differences between the three different types of lubricant can be helpful, it's also helpful to understand how much clean-up is involved with these three different types of personal lubricant. Water-based lube is the easiest to clean-up; as it rinses off with water and hand movements, it comes off easily (or with personal wet wipes!). Silicone-based and oil-based lubricants are much harder to remove, and they require soap and scrubbing to remove them from the skin (or anywhere you spill it!). Both can be very slippery on smooth surfaces (like a shower!), so we recommend being careful when cleaning up in slippery areas. (Make sure you fully clean up your sex toy as well!  )

While very few water-based lubricants will stain fabrics (or the sheets!), some silicone-based and oil-based lubricants can stain fabric. We recommend being careful if playing with those types of lubricants.

Get Yourself Some Lube

As you can see, selecting a lubricant can be amazing for your sex life. Not only does it make things more slippery (for better sex!), but it's a reliable way to ensure sex is always pleasurable - even if your body isn't cooperating that day. Choose from some of the different types of personal lubricant and find a great fit for you!

Do you use personal lubricant in your sex life? If not, why not? 

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