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  • I highly recommend this product to everyone! ya’ll should try this out!
  • A perfect fit, would highly recommend to anyone who needs some relief.
  • This item is amazing!!! It feels very realistic and arrived in a timely matter!! Highly recommended!!
  • Despite the small sizes the holes stretch easily, and there's more detail than you would expect for the price!
  • Wow wouldn’t expecting this Product to be as awesome as it is . It has 4 settings not that you can tell by looking at it but the was a good surprise!First of all super discreet packaging, no one would know what’s inside. The suction is amazing and the vibration just shoots you over the edge. Fun to use on my own or with a few of my closest friends!!!! Definitely a must have. Can’t post pics here but I’ll definitely post some in other places ;-). Do buy, do enjoy and over all have a relaxing time all by yourself!!!!
  • Works great , it is a little noisy but works great, easy clean up and recharging is quick too.
  • After reading the review on the product i was pretty excited to get it. I was NOT disappointed. After a few uses the connection to the suction cup broke. All i had to do was reach out and they replaced it instantly. Great customer service for a great product! Highly recommend.
  • My roommate has one of these and he always told me how much fun it was to use, so of course I had to try it out for myself. Not only is this a great toy to use just for the special insert (heck you could use it just for that and a quick rinse and it’s good to go) but the actual pump part feels amazing and leaves it all looking plumper and bigger. All in all a pretty cool toy to add to the collection
  • We absolutely LOVE this toy. I got it for my husband and we’ve definitely had fun with it!! I would highly recommend especially if you enjoy pleasing your man! We have a few toys similar to this one but this is definitely my husbands favorite. He loves the feeling of it and says how realistic it feels and it is super easy to clean! Again i highly recommend!!!
  • so. After being single for a while, I decided to finally buy one of these toys for me. But after all the internet research and spent a lot of time trying to figure out what is the best, I decided to choose one of them and see what I like. I used a possible date to justify the money I spent. The mouth is very attractive to me and I can see the teeth. But it may be good for some people-not positive or negative. The vagina has good tightness and various grooves. Clearer than the open 3d mouth/vagina combination they listed, and cheaper than this mouth/vagina/anus combination. The hole is tight/looks tight, so it needs to be stretched to get in, but the material is very elastic and won't really feel tight once you put it on. I'm fairly close to 6" on average. If you push from start to finish, you can go from start to finish. So for talented people, you may not be fully covered. How does it compare to others? Then it became the best I have tried. In general, due to my reliance on suction-it may just be that I overemphasize this attribute. My evaluation of this is lower than that of another pocket vulva with only a mouth, but it does the job and the price is reasonable. I believe someone will like it.
  • All I can say. Is wow. I never really understood the need or want for one of these, but after receiving this as a gift I figured. Why not give it a try? Fellas. Using the pump. Imagine a wine bottle. Yeah. A wine bottle. I suggest doubling up and using a cock ring with this device to really take advantage of the “GAINS”. But nonetheless. Expect to be impressed. Using the included “pocket friend”, I don’t think I could ever go back to Classic Coke. It’s Wild Cherry Pepsi for me from now on. Combining these is a recipe for… I’ll leave that one for you to discover. There’s a detachable vibrating piece, the little white egg inside the pump. I’m just gonna say this. Get yourself a pack of smokes, some Barry White, and nice bottle of Sherry. You’re welcome in advance.
  • I'm typing this day 1 of having the product, so I can't say much about its long-term durability. However, this thing sure gets the job done. The material is way softer and squishier than I expected, and it feels great. Seems like it could tear easily so I'm hoping it will stay together after frequent use. The vibrations aren't incredibly strong but they're a nice touch and are relatively quiet. The suction feature is loud as hell, so use it in privacy and it works like a charm. It's a bit hard to clean the sleeve, and the USB-C port on my model only works with the cord they provided for some reason. These are relatively small issues though. Overall, this is a solid product for being under $100.