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  • Automatic Rechargeable Electric Penis Water Pump
  • Automatic Rechargeable Electric Penis Water Pump
  • Automatic Rechargeable Electric Penis Water Pump
  • Automatic Rechargeable Electric Penis Water Pump
  • Automatic Rechargeable Electric Penis Water Pump
  • Automatic Rechargeable Electric Penis Water Pump
  • Automatic Rechargeable Electric Penis Water Pump
  • Automatic Rechargeable Electric Penis Water Pump

Automatic Rechargeable Electric Penis Water Pump

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Do you want to have a "little brother" who is more powerful and stronger? The Super Powerful Vacuum Penis Pump can help you achieve this dream! This is a professional male enlargement pump that uses advanced vacuum negative pressure technology to effectively increase the size of the penis and enhance sexual ability. This pump is made of medical grade materials, lightweight and durable. It can produce stronger vacuum suction to stimulate the spongy body and smooth muscle tissue of the penis to grow rapidly by 30-50%! It only takes 15 minutes each time to dredge blood vessels, enhance hardness, and bring a thicker, longer and harder penis. With this male pump, you can realize the honeymoon journey from ordinary to extreme! It is completely non-invasive and safe to use. The vacuum boost design is more humanized and easily realizes your size dream! Whether you want to increase the pleasure of sex, improve sexual apathy, or reshape sexual confidence, the Super Powerful Vacuum Penis Pump is your best choice! This new generation of vacuum male pump , professional quality, excellent experience, all-purpose, and trustworthy! Take action now! Let us escort your sexual happiness! This enlarger is selling hot, inquire as soon as possible, sell out immediately!

Model/Name: TYUE LOVING Helper

English classification:

Sucking function or not: Yes

Main materials: ABS+TPE

Color: Black

Battery capacity: 600mah

Weight: 410g

Size: 60*71*282mm

Sucking mode: 7 frequency sucking(strong water absorption)

Charging time: 3 hours

Working time: 1 hour

Charging mode: USB-dc3.5*1.35

Maximum noise: 60 dB or less

Waterproof performance: 7 grade waterproof

Product package size: 310*68*60mm

Net weight: 410g

Gross weight (with color box) : 520g

Include: Example: color box + data cable + instruction manual

Privacy Guarantee:

Your privacy is very important to us. We promise to send your product in a secret state, without any relevant pictures and text in the package.

The negative pressure suction device expands the corpus cavernosum under vacuum.Stimulate the corpus cavernosum and smooth muscle, activate thecorpus cavernosumEnjoy enlarging TrilogyUnderwater negativepressure sucking Have you actually played?Prelude: Whirlpool enjoy massageNegative pressure makes the local capillary permeability change blood into the tissue spaceBubble bath stimulates the sensitive spot of the root and stem, strengthens the man's hardness and endurance, prolongs the man's fighting time and solves the problem of hardness.Enjoy spongy body by negative pressure 360° all-round package sucking, adhere to use not only masturbation, but also to meet the double needs of exercise hardening and desensitization.Negative pressure makes the water whirlpool harden and expand the corpus cavernosum. The water whirlpool beats and massaging, enjoying the refreshing feeling of explosion, and enjoying the tall and straight.Train to make love like everyone else negative pressure wrap full dimension sucking pleasure self pressure value visual adjust yourselfPump size:60*71*282mm

An expanded pump for water trainingElectric Penis Water Pump Rechargeable Automatic Male Enlargement Erection Extend Men Cock sucking Penis Enlarge Pressure Device

Sexually Suggestive:
Obscene Picture:
Model Number:
Brand Name:
Mainland China
Number of Pieces:
One Unit
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